Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ard Boyz Missions v2 posted

GW clarified the whole KP issue for mission 3 for deep striking units.  Pods are now worth 1 kp, though the Monolith is still 3 for it's ability to move units. /shrug

So pods become viable again for that mission.  Sadly I'm not sold on their ability to deal with BA and SW, in particularly at that point level.  So I think I'm still leaning orks.

2 days and closing...


  1. I'm running 4 LRC's, 3 HQ's, 1 elite and 3 troops. too bad we won't play eachother. I'll lose, no doubt, but it will be fun not to have cry babies whining about 4LRC's. YAY!

  2. you need assault terminators... without those you're just playing Space Marines ;)

  3. The funny thing is I WAS running a unit of Assault terminators in a pod. Unfortunately since they can't launch an assault they either get shot up or can never catch the opponent.

    I'm still in army debate about what to bring...