Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ard Boyz Practice: Orks vs Chaos

Collins came over last night for us to both practice for 'Ard Boyz.  I think both our lists suffer a little from 'this is what I have to make 2500 pt' syndrome, but that's not to say they can't be nasty.  I'm just not sure either can deal with some of the uber you can see at that point level.

Terminator Sorcerer, MoS, Lash
Sorcerer, MoS, Lash
6 Chosen, 4 melta in rhino w/ dozer
4 terminators, various upgrades, MoK, in Landraider
9 Khorne zerkers, Champ w/ fist, rhino
9 Noise marines, 5 Sonic blasters, Champ w/ Doom Siren, PW in rhino
8 Noise marines, 5 Sonic blasters, Champ in rhino
10 Marines, Melta, Lascannon, MoN
3 Oblits
Vindi, Daemonic Possession
TriLas Pred


Big Mek, KFF, Evy Armor, Cybork, PK
12 kommandos, 2 burnas, Snikrot
13 Lootas
19 Shoota boyz, 2 BS, Nob PK/BP
29 Slugga boyz, 3 rokkits, Nob PK/BP
29 Slugga boyz, 3 rokkits, Nob PK/BP
18 'Ard boyz, Nob PK/BP
4 Manz, 3 combiguns in BW, Armor, Grot Riggers, Deffrolla, Red Paint
Dread, BS, Scorcha, Armor, Riggers
3 Rokkit Buggies
3 Kans, KMB
BW, Amor, Grot Riggers, Deffrolla, Red Paint, Stikk bomb Chucka

This was a fun game that was close the whole time and could have gone either way.  It seemed like we had some very polar rolling,  3s & 4s seemed to be on holiday.

In the end it came down to a noise marine squad, Vindicator, and 5 chosen shooting at 18 boyz.  The chosen were on an objective and the 18 boyz were conga lined across two objectives.  Ghaz, a BW, and lootas had cleaned out the other side of the field but with no scoring units they were just hanging out over there.  This final turn ended up being math hammer perfect with Dave killing 7 guys, and my 11 boyz held the two objectives.  Close enough where it could have gone either way though.

For me it was a good chance to get into the ork warboss mentality.  There were a few things I messed up/forgot/could have done better.

1) I got greedy thinking I would advance with a slugga squad to try to get a lucky glance with the rokkits on the LR.  Thing is they didn't (shockingly) and then I was close enough to be charged. DOH!

2) I started my Mek BW in cover, and rolled double 1s turn 1.  Great.  What's worse even with mek tools AND Grot riggers the BW didn't repair until turn 4.  Sure it is unlikely, but really that was an unnecessary risk I paid dearly for taking.

3) I charge a LR moving over 6 with two squads, hoping 12 Klaw attacks at Str 9 would do something.  I should have thought more about the math as NO it did not, and my two squads were both chargeable by zerkers (and routed/killed).  I would have been better to move them away and apart so that only one squad could be charged.

4) Sniky actually did great against Dave's marines, but we forgot they were Mark of Nurgle.  Had I know/Dave remembered I might have been better off going after rear armor vehicles.  Such is life.

5) I forgot I had red paint.  I would have been able to ram his LR turn 5 when I was 1/2 inch short.  It wasn't a game changer as I rammed/killed it turn 6, but still I need to remember that.

6) My lootas were not in the best position.  I have to remember that 48" range does not mean the whole table, and with 2 games being cornerish deployment I have to consider moving them to little more 'central' spot if I want to get shots out there.

Overall the list did what it does.  The 5 objective mission works out pretty well for me.  With 5 scoring units and 3 of them being big enough to often take 2.  I also put one large squad in reserve as the diagonal deployment does limit the room I have to deploy, but allows me to come in across my whole table edge.  That worked out pretty well.

The dread was useless.  He can't shoot for shit (he didn't try) and he got jammed up behind other vehicles.   He got dealt with about turn 4 when Dave could basically 'get around to it.'  At GK it might be different with all the LOS cover, or if I can keep my damn KFF up and moving, but still I think he is the weakest part of the list.

Aside from that I'm feeling good about the orks.  Even if Drop Pods are ruled 1 kp I think I'm just feeling more comfortable with them.  They have a lot of tricks, and while they might not all be useful against all armies, DP BT have one trick only.  As we saw with the BA if that one trick doesn't work they're toast.

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