Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Damn Damn Damn

Closing in on days before 'Ard Boyz and I'm farther away from settling on a list, and even army, than I was a week ago.

Anthony came over Friday and just murdered Podding Templar with Blood Angels.  Twice.  Sure a few thing I now know I could have done different would have helped a little, but overall I just don't think I can compete with their raw CC power.  It really is the first time I've looked at two armies that should have similar 'feels' and thought the BT codex age was really showing through.

Beyond that the missions came out on Friday.  Of course the interwebz is all aflutter over mission 3 where anything that can potentially move over 6" in any phase is worth 3 kp.  There is online debate about if drop pods do or do not.
1) The turn Drop Pods deep strike they are said to be struck in combat 'as if they had moved at cruising speed.'  The though being that cuising speed means over 6".

1) That rules states 'as if' not 'they have' moved at combat speed.
2) It has been argued that the mission means the unit can move on its own through consecutive phases.  Like a rhino can always move 12" but the tactical squad can only do so when boarded, so they are not.  Since the drop pod is immobile immediately upon landing it really has no movement.
3) Fluff wise this is about getting the fast moving units.  Its hard to imagine lumbering Monoliths and immobile Drop pods as 3 points.

So that's a big wonder for my podding Templar.  33 kp vs 51 kp.  33 would be managable, but there is still the issue of getting whooped by BA (and now I'm wondering about SW as well).

On the flip side there are my orks which up until a few weeks ago I thought would be my Ard Boyz choice.  Without changing a thing they are only 22 kp.  Damn.  Can they compete with BA and SW?  I think so.  At least I have the opportunity to shoot a few things.  Lootas will make Stormravens cry.  Ghaz will pwn anything (for at least two rounds).  The army is weaker against mech over all though, and I'm not sure how many people will really shy away just because of one mission.  I wouldn't call it a totally optimized army either, but I don't think it is uncompetitive in any way.

So we'll see.  They might get a FAQ out before the weekend like they did last year.  Collins is coming up tonight and we'll see how that works out for us.

3 more days and I'll have to show up with something.

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