Monday, May 24, 2010

Ork Buggy Conversion

So after getting done with 'Ard Boyz I had put a 'what if' list together that included 6 buggies.  Of course I don't need 6 buggies for anything but 'Ard boyz (I think) but I was thinking of maybe running 2x2 in some 2k lists.

The only problem is the old buggy models are kinda crap and I imagine at some point they will get an update  So looking at my junk box I have 3 unpainted old trukk models. 
A bit of chopping and some rokkit bits and we have:

I like it because it looks like a buggy should imho.  It still has a flimsy feel like the old buggies but it looks nice and fast.  Size wise I was able to cut out a bit of the length, and the width is still the old trukk size which isn't much bigger than the old buggy.  The wartrak (which I use as my current 3rd buggy) is a little thinner but about as long as the trukk.
Old Trukk, Converted Buggy, Old Buggy

I also got a couple of games with my drop pod Templar 1850 on Friday.  I had a fun game with Dave D's Wolves.  He had a 50 marine list with transport and I was really worried about it.  He had some deployment issues which helped me contest his objective with a flat out speeder and claim mine as the game ended on turn 5.  If the game had gone to turn 6 it would have easily been a draw.  If his deployment had been a bit better lots of CC marines are always going to be trouble for my podding Templar.

I also got in a game with Collins Chaos.  It turns out he left out about 250 pts (lash sorc and Dread) so the game could have gone very different (either way) with those pieces.  I still had a few reminders of 'oh ya don't do that' so it was still good practice for me.

There was one combat round that is worth mentioning only because of the amazing dice rolling.   He has a Daemon Prince and 6 Zerkers (one is champ with PW) in combat with the Emperor's Champ and one remaining Marine.  The EC makes and amazing 4 Invul saves and 3 2+ saves and the marine make 2 saves as well.  Meanwhile the EC kills off 3 zerkers, so already I'm feeling incredibly lucky.  BUT THEN he has to roll 3 fearless saves for both his prince and his zerkers and he loses a zerker (which is avg) but he fails all three saves for his prince (which already had a wound) to kill him.  I guess that EC making all his saves really scarred the bejebus out of him!

Anyway we all had fun and it was good to get back into the Podding Templar mindset before Kublacon this weekend.

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