Thursday, May 6, 2010

Waiting for 'Ard Boyz Missions

I'm a little surprised the 'Ard boyz missions aren't yet up on the site.  Usually they put them up two weeks or so before hand, this year it looks like they want to get it up with just one week.

I suppose I understand, they want to keep people from building all out forces built around the missions.  I can't say I don't agree, but of course at the same time would like to 'tune up' my lists based around whatever wackiness they put out there.

I'm torn between armies again, which isn't surprising really.  It has been nice to know I was doing BT these last few tournaments because it got rid of this panic attack I normally go through before an event.  Now I'm going through all the same doubts for each of my proposed lists.

Does it have enough ability to keep scoring units alive?
Is it too many kill points?
Are there too many eggs in too few baskets?
Can it kill enough tanks consistently?
Can it deal with a large horde?
How will it handle the Uber units in the game?
How will the heavy terrain at the LGS affect this army?

Then comes the crazier thoughts associated with 'Ard Boyz as it is a new and higher point level:
Is this a good army, or just an army of 'what I have'?
If I could blow another $XX what could I get to make this more competitive?

And that is of course where the tuning the list comes in to play.  I have lists built around all 4 armies, but each one has needs ranging from 'could tweak this' to 'I would absolutely need to buy this'.

However it's kinda pointless until missions get posted so for now I'm just looking at army builder and wondering.

Well that is not ALL I'm doing, there just isn't much else going down right now.  I basically finished up the Terradons.  I left the riders off them to make it easy to airbrush them.  I also picked up Anthony's two drop pods and started getting them together.  If I go with Templar I'll go all out Drop pods, so borrowing a few will help me cut down the 'to buy list' considerably.

Hopefully we'll see those missions this weekend and next week will be the mad dash to 'Ard boyz.


  1. ouch, that 3rd mission could really hurt you. 6 drop pods and 2 land speeders = 24 kill points UGH!

  2. Yep, the last army I ran for practice would be a whopping 53 kp if DP are 3 points. Not so worth it imho.