Monday, June 21, 2010

Capitol Punishment 2010

So I went up to Sac this weekend for two days of 40k at Great Escape Games.  It was my first time up to the store and it really is a nice gaming store.  The front of the store is clean and well organized, and the back warehouse is huge.  I think they had about 20 gaming tables up but there is easily room for another 20.

The tables were everything I hoped they would be.  About 1/2 the tables were flocked boards with random terrain, but everything was themed.  The other 1/2 of the boards had some amount of terrain features worked in to them (trenches, rivers, etc) with more themed terrain.  So there were some excellent opportunities to be on some heavier or lighter terrain boards.

Unfortunately there were only 12 of us for the event.  In talking to the organizers we had 3 strikes going against us. 1) Father's day 2) Cost (prereg was $40, $50 after that) 3) competition with their normal monthly tournament, Conquest of Champions.  Their CoC events rotate between Fantasy and 40k but pull 60ish people and it seems most people would rather make that their 'one game this month' then jumping on to the Capitol Punishment.

Still we had a cool group of 12 guys.  The army breakdown was: 3 orks (including myself), 2 SWs, 1 BA, 1 Marine, 1 Chaos, 1 IG, 1 Eldar, 1 DE, and 1 Nid.  Definitely and interesting mix and with this few players it seemed like everyone was going to get at least one ork game. :)

Only the bug player had a 'freshly modeled no paint' army.  I took pictures of all the other armies but one ork player, but I have some pics of a game against him I'll post later.  All of the armies were nicely done, but some really stood out with their conversions, paint, and incredible display boards.

This Sanguinary Gaurd BA army is all modeled to look like Iron Man.  He took the players choice award.
This ork army had a 'Cult of Godzilla' theme going.  It ran 4 Deff Dreads that were modeled to look like t-rex/zilla creations, plus lots of conversions to make them look 'lizardy'.  The Display table itself was amazing and built to kind of look like a drive in movie theater.  Yes that is a working LCS player that was playing the original Godzilla movie for the boys!

This Eldar army was just exquisite. The display board itself had just an incredible feel to it with the holographic portal and cool water/metal material of the base.  The army itself had extensive freehand and even the etchwork done to the hulls of the Fire Prisms.
I had seen docs female IG army at Kubla and it is still impressive.
This Dark Eldar was also at Kubla and is really cool looking as well.
Here is all slogging SW army packed with a ton of Missiles!  He would go on to be undefeated and take home the best Overall.

Another SW player with a really unique look that was very detailed.
This was the vanilla marine player.  I didn't get a good chance to really see the army as I was now rushing to get through pictures, nor did I play him, but it looked complete and cohesive. 
This Alpha Legion army was also gorgeous, but it was painted by the TO and there was a -5 pt to paint if it wasn't painted by you which I think is pretty fair.  Still the blending and highlights were really incredible as well as nice freehand work.  There is really a lot here that I see that I want my Thousands Sons to be like when they are done.  A very clean and impressive army.
I need to wrap up this post and get going so I'll try to do some mini reports on my games later.

Overall my games went like this.
Game 1: Bugs- Loss
Game 2: Chaos- Loss
Game 3: Orks- Loss
Game 4: Orks- Win
Game 5: SWs- Win

So day one I took a beating but the games were fun and closer than the L can ever describe.  Still with my paint and sportsman I ended in the middle at 7th overall.  However I did get a perfect 50 on my Sportsman and 3 of my opponents gave me Favorite Opponent of the weekend so that gave me Best Sportsman award!  I was shocked!
That meant a $75 gift card which I promptly spent with $.58 of my own coin. :)
It was really a great event that ran so smooth I really have no complaints.  I'll work on some reports in the next few days and talk about what's next for orks.

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