Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CP Game 1

So day 1 of the tournament and we get our mission packs.  I look through them all and they look pretty good.  A few things I would like to have seen different but certainly after Kubla a big step up I'd say.

Game 1: Bryan's Nids
Hive Tyrant w/ Adrenal Glands, 2x TL Devourers w/ BL Worms, Old Adversary, Armored Shell, Regen, Paroxysm, Leech Essence
-3 Tyrant Guard w/ Lash Whips
Tyranid Prime w/ Pair Boneswords, Regen, Deathspitter

2 Hive Gaurd
2 Hive Gaurd
3x Zoanthropes

10 Termagants
10 Termagants
7 Genestealers w/ Toxin Sacks
Tervigon w/ Stinger Salvo, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacks, Catalyst, Onslaught
Tervigon w/ Stinger Salveo, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacks, Catalyst


So he's got the uber deatherstar HQ selection which I figure I'll either send ghaz after or ignore (I chose the wrong one).  He's got a lot of troops and can generate even more.  He's got big bugs.  I already know I'm looking up a hill, then there's the mission.

The Board:  It's a pretty open Desert board with a few hills, some ruins/area terrain, a few low hills and a dry riverbed.  There is not much LOS blockers.

Setup: Dawn of War (standard)
Mission: Seize Ground (Modified), one objective is placed in the center and is worth 3 points, the other four are placed by the players and are worth 1.
He wins roll off and go first.  Bryan puts up a 10 man gant squad having cover saves from terrain.  I decide to put my boys on the board with a good amount of cover.  
Turn 1 He moves everything up and does some run rolls.  Some shooting kills a min amount of boys.

I roll up my Mek, rokkits and kans up the middle, and send Ghaz around the far right.  Lootas come on and run slowly.  My furthers front squad I try to pull into cover thinking I will be out of assault range.  the shoot boys throw down some shots on the gants and kill a few.

Turn 2 He brings his units up a bit further, but most importantly his Tervs spit out more troops, and I learn they can be placed 6" away from the mama bug.  This means his new troops are actually in charge range and I had sloppily left a few guys around the rear of cover thinking I was well out of range.  

 Pre-movement as he generates more gants

Well with a 6" move and a 6" assault they were able to move in and get stuck in with the boys.  He kills lots, I kill some and they are stuck in combat.  In addition to all this something manages to shoot the wagon and destroy it (can't remember now what it was).

Snik fails to arrive for the first of many times over the weekend.  My left flank advances on foot as does Ghaz's wagon. Lootas unload on the far right Tervigon but he lives.  Some rokkits put a few wounds on the second.  Ghaz hops out of the wagon and calls the waagh.  He fleets into the uber death HQ unit and one manz is touching the Tervigon.  The 'Ard boyz cruise into the Zoes and his original gant squad.  They mow through that combat, but Ghazs squad is obliterated by the HQs and Ghaz works on killing off a few of the Gaurd.  Sadly the Tervigon doesn't get killed and now is free to move off and spawn more bugs. :(

Turn 3 and it all goes ugly.  More bugs spawned but one Tervi taps out with doubles.  My second BW is popped as does one buggy.  The Trygons fleet into my ard boyz and destroy them.  Small bugs that charge my shoot boys.  Ghaz kills of the rest of the hive gaurd but both HQ are still left in combat with him.

My turn and Snikrot again fails to come on the table.  One rokkit buggie moves to contest one objective as time is running out already.  The lootas still fail to kill the tervigon they are working on with his 1 W.  I manage to keep one boy and nob fighting with bugs on one objective with a lucky LD save.   Ghaz gets mowed down by the two HQs.

There is about 10-15 minutes left and he is more or less has one objective with both gants and a Tervi on it.   Looking at what would happen in turn 4 it would move quick and there is no way it gets better for me.  Had Snikrot come in I could have charged the small bugs and got stuck in on that objective, and that extra time taken would have brought us to 'too short to play a full turn' probably, but alas it was not to be this game.  I take the loss and he gets all the bonus points as well, so 20-5 against me.

Bryan was a really cool guys and we ended up talking quite a bit over the two days.  I think we kinda had a chatty game and were just happy to get out and play so I don't think we were fully into 'ok 2 hours lets get cracking' mode quite yet.  It was a fun game and though more time would have probably only led to a total wipe it felt like it was a game that was in my reach but for a few details.
I misplayed putting my guys so far forward.  I really should have played back more and taken advantage of the Lootas range.  I could/should have been able to kill off the Tervigons, and hopefully could then choose some better charges on weaker small bugs.  Snikrot not coming in at all was a disappointment, and as I mentioned it would not be the last time wonder where he had was (perhaps the corner bar having a beer).

Still a fun game and I figured loosing game 1 was not really a bad thing and hoped I could turn things around the rest of the days games.

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