Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CP Game 2

Game 2: Josh's Chaos Alpha Legion

Prince, Wings, MoS, Warptime
Prince, Wings, MoS, Warptime

8 Beserkers including Champ w/ Fist
6 Noise Marines w/ 4 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blast Master, Champ with Sonic Blaster and Fist; Rhino Havoc Launcher
7 Plague Marines w/ 2 Plasmaguns, Champ w/ Fist; Rhino
7 Plague Marines w/ 2 Plasmaguns, Champ w/ Fist; Rhino

3 Bikers, Icon of Glory, 2 Meltas
2 Oblits
2 Oblits
Land Raider w/ Armor (for Zerkers)

It's a great looking army and a nicely balanced list imho.  Chaos is always a challenge for orks because they aren't shabby at CC so despite me having numbers I'm not sure how it will go.

The Board: So the board is a city ruin that gives lots of cover everywhere.  More importantly there are recessed trench/streets that are barely the width of a Land Raider.  To get 'up' to each section where the terrain is requires a difficult terrain check unless you are near a ramp, of which there is generally only 1.  So I'm a little concerned about being able to navigate the board but at least I'll get some cover.

Setup: Pitched Battle (Standard)
Mission: Annihilation (Modified); Each HQ is worth 1 KP for every 50 pts or fraction thereof.  Elite, Fast, and Heavy is 1 KP for every 100.  Each Troops is 1 KP for every 200.  Dedicated Transports are not counted individually but are part of the squad and must be killed to gain ANY kill points.

So I read the mission and I look at his list and shout to the skies 'DOH' as this just got 10 times harder.  In a normal KP game he would have 13 kp and I would have 14 kp making it a nice tight game.
Instead he has 25 and I have 26, but more importantly I have to kill his blasted rhinos to get a good clip of his troops.

I win the roll off and decide to go first.  I put lootas in cover in each corner to get lines of firing that are unavoidable.  The shootas and sluggas take the center.  Ghaz is in the far left trench, and the KFF BW, Buggies, and Kans are in the far right trench.

He puts a rhino of PM in front of the LR of zerkers, has his other two rhinos on the other side.  Both flanks are supported by a prince and two oblits.  His bikes are on the right flank.

Turn 1:  Everything moves up as far as it can.  I shoot at the rhino in front of the LR and pop it spilling out PMs.  On the right I shoot at the DP and land two wounds.

His LR is now a bit stuck behind the rhino.  He advances up everything he can.  In the shooting he manages to pop Ghaz's wagon so he pops out front.  He kills off 2 Lootas with various firing but can't get that 3rd to make a LD check.

Turn 2: Snikrot stays out this turn.  Ghaz gets a good S&P roll and moves up.  The sluggas make haste toward the oblits.  The BW of 'Ard boys goes to tank shock the bikers.  This was probably a mistake on my part.  He death or glories the BW dead, and in the explosion manages to kill off 6 Ard boyz which is just poor luck on my part.  Despite getting 2d6 hits on the bikes I only manage to kill one biker.  The various rokkits stun up some rhinos, and I think the lootas bring both princes down to one wound but can't manage to kill them.

I call the Waagh.  Gaz slams into the PMs and kills them, but they manage to kill off one or two manz.  The Sluggas get to the oblits and kill them off with the PK.  The Ard boyz get whacking and assault the DP, the Oblits, and the bikers.  The PK kills off the Oblits, I kill one biker, but still can't kill the prince.  In return he kills off half the Ard boyz and I take enough fearless put stick in combat.

His turn and he advances his prince to be able to charge my sluggas.  Most of the other side is in combat or the rhinos are stunned.  He shoots with his LR at Ghaz and Ghaz makes his save but the last Manz goes down.  In combat the prince kills a few boys before getting dragged down with attacks.  The 'Ard boyz are pretty much finished off by the prince and fearless saves.

Turn 3: Snikrot stays out AGAIN.  Ghaz moves up toward the LR of zerkers.  In the end I should have hid him.  Going after a possible 4 points with my 5 pt HQ was not really worth it.  My buggies swing around for shots on his two squads of rhinos and continue the stun/shake fest.  The lootas go for the bikes and manage to only kill one.  The kans shoot the DP thinking he only has 1 W left but alas he makes his saves.  I did a poor job of shooting and target selection this turn and it cost me dearly.

Ghaz charges the LR and manages to pop it and the Zerkers pop out.  My sluggas have to assault a rhino and again can't kill it.  The kans assault the Prince (another poor choice) and they all die horribly (damn squadron rules).

His turn the Zerkers charge Ghaz and do two wounds while Ghaz kills off 3.  His noise marines and plague marines  get out to shoot the boyz and whittle them down, the noise marines charge and kill more boys and take wounds.  The biker shoots then charges the lootas and are tied up in combat.

Turn 4:  Snikrot FAILS to arrive.  Ghaz kills 2 more zerkers before dying.  The buggies shoot at rhinos doing nothing.  The boyz kill off the noise marines.

He advances up the Zerkers,  The PMs finish off the boyz squad, and their rhino goes to tank shock and immobilize one buggie.  The biker sees the lootas off.

Turn 5: My last lootas and Shootas open up on the zerkers and bring them down to 2.  One buggie shoots at the rhino that rammed to immobilize it, and the biker makes a cover save from the other.  Snikrot  has by default arrived goes to chase after the noise marine rhino but can't get in range to do anything.

His Zerkers now move to hide out of LOS behind a trench.  The PM move up and take a weapon off of the buggie that isn't immobilized.  The biker goes and hides as does the noise marine rhino.

Time is winding down, we roll for a turn 6 and it would occur, but we decide to tally it up to see where it stands.

He's killed Ghaz (5 points), KFF Mek (2), 1 Loota squad (2), Sluggas (2), Manz and Wagon (2), Ard Boyz (2), BW (2), and Kans (2) for a total of 19.

I've killed both princes (8), one PM squad and rhino (2), both oblit squads (4), and the LR (3) for a total of 17.

Unforutantely for me I couldn't kill his Noise Marine rhino and because of the mission that meant denying me 2 pts for the tie.

Even with turn 6 I would not be able to catch him.  The zerkers were out of LoS.  The Noise Marine rhinos was too far away from Snikrot and out of LOS of the Lootas.  One buggie was no weapon, and the one with a weapon was immobilized with the surviving PM rhino in front of it.  Killing it gains me nothing since the PM are still alive.   Furthermore he could easily have killed both buggies for 2 more kp.

It was indeed a close game, but I made some really poor choices in reflection.  Snikrot has once again a total failure.  The mission didn't help me with this particular army to play against.  Still is was a fun game and nice to play a tough battle.

Here's what the table looked like in the end.

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