Thursday, June 24, 2010

CP Game 3

Game 3: John's Orks
Mega Armored Warboss, Cybork, Bosspole
Mega Armored Big Mek, Cybork, Bosspole

5 Lootas

3 Nob Bikers, 1 Painboy, Waagh Battner, Cyborks, 1 PK, 1 Kombi Skorcha
30 Ard Boys, Nob PK/Pole
30 Sluggas, Nob PK/Pole
20 Shootas, 2 BS, Nob PK/Pole
20 Gretchin, 3 Runtherds

10 Storm boyz w/ Boss Zagstrukk

4x Deff Dreads w/ Rokkit, Skorcha, Grot Riggers (one is Troop choice)

So my first ork on ork battle.  He's loaded up on Dreads in favor of vehicles,  his HQs are less expensive and efficient, he has bodies, a small nob biker squad, and a different flavored special guy.  I've got uber Ghaz, BWs to help me pick my fights, and more long range shooting.

Board: I'm back on the desert Board!  All these beautiful boards and I get to double up on terrain.  Oh well.
Deployment: Spearhead (Standard)
Mission: Seize Ground (Modified)- The table is divided into 3 equal zones, each 24" across and 48" long.  The side zones are worth 1 additional objective point and the center is worth 2.  In order to control the zone you must have more scoring units than your opponent in that zone.  Units may only count to control one zone.  Zones may not be contested by non-scoring units.

We roll and only get 1 extra objective.  So we place one right in the center, and the other 2 in the center of each zone.

He set's up and goes first.  I think this picture is just as he starts advancing.
This is me on the other corner. 
Turn 1:  He advances everything forward, and the nob bikers move up along the top of his table edge.  He shoots but there isn't a whole lot of action.

I make some modes advancements, and focus fire on the nob bikers.  Amazingly enough I able to drop enough shot on them manage to kill one of the guys, and they fail the LD twice (bosspole) and flee the table.

Turn 2: His Zag stays in reserve.  He moves up more but keeps enough of most of his boys in cover for shooting purposes.  He does more shooting, I think shaking a kan and a wagon, maybe killing a few lootas.

My turn Snikrot stays in reserve also.  I make some more modest advancement and keep shooting.  My failing is pretty dismal also, managing some shaken and weapon destroyed on a few dreads.  Not impressive.
Turn 3: Zag is still in reserve hanging out with Snikrot somewhere.  More advancement, more shooting.  I think this turn he manages to loota down one of the kans and rokkit one of my buggies.  One deff dread is able to assault a wagon and destroy it, making Ghaz and the manz get out.

My turn and Snikrot get's tired of waiting and comes on the board.  He comes on his rear table edge to deal with his 2x30 boys squads that have lingering lads in cover.  He flamers about 7, and then charges in cover killing another 10.  In return the boyz that can fight back kill 6 boys.  He takes 11 fearless saves on both squads and both squads end up about 1/2 there original strength (sluggas being a bit worse of than the shootas).

My second wagon rams the Dread that killed my other BW but manage to destroy 3 weapons and immobilize it.

Ghaz  is able to move up a bit and call the waagh to move into the Ard boyz and warboss.  The warboss is too far away to get to combat,  I kill still only manage to kill about 8 ard boyz, but his PK kill 2 manz.  He takes some fearless saves but makes most.

Turn 4:  Zag comes in and lands a bit off but close enough to one of my loota squads, who they end up charging and killing.  His lootas shoot down another kan.  His dreads continue to advance, the green one is able to assault my other BW and destroy it, the explosion kills a few ard boyz.  In combat his big squads take a few more wounds from Snik before destroying him utterly.  He kills my last manz, the warboss still not in CC with Ghaz so Ghaz kills a few more ard boyz.

On my turn the 30 man sluggas turn the attention to Zag and kill him off.  My shootas realize they should be shooting at gretchin but only manage to kill 1.  My lootas down one dread.  The 'Ard boyz don't have lots of choices so they assault his near dead Dread and the other 'healthy' one.  They lose a few boys but actually manage to PK the green Dread dead.  Ghaz manages to pop the Warboss finally, but dies to Pks in return.

Turn 5:  His boys do some shuffling in the back.  I think his lootas again shake my kan.  His 'Ard boyz waagh into the shootas and do some serious damage but hey hold.  His deff dread manages a few kills on my ard boyz and I fail to kill it.

My lootas only shake his last moving deff dread and the Kan fail to his and ends up out of charge range.  My shootas die to his 'ard boyz and they move toward our other Dread/Ardboyz combat.  There the 'Ard boyz finally manage to klaw down the dread.

Turn 6: He advnaces both boys squads to be in the 'middle' zone.  His sluggas may or may not be close enought to the center objective, but his gretchin hold the left zone and objective easily.  His dread is able to charge my boys and kill a few while they fail to kill it.  His 'Ard boyz charge my ard boyz, but due to cover I swing first.  I do a bit more damage to him but we all stick around.

I charge my Kan into his dread and they kill each other gloriously.  I move my last buggie up to the center objective to contest it.  I shoot my lootas at his depleted Shoota squad but he has 2 guys left and they make their LD save.  My 'Ard boyz end up killing his ard boyz and consolidating, but not enough to move to the second objective.

We're out of time but the game ends anyway.
Walkers are Wrecks

He's got the far left objective and zone, plus he has his shootas and sluggas in the middle zone while I only have my 'Ard boyz.  I've got the right most zone and objective.  The center objective is contested.  John wins 3-2.

This was a real fun game and we both joked how people complain playing orks is slow when we got through 6 full turns in two hours.  :)  I don't really know what I could have done better.  Killing the nobs early was great, and I got to pick and chose most of my assaults.  Some lackluster shooting in the end was a little disappointing but that cut both ways.  Snikrot was moderately useful in tying up those squads, but maybe he should have really focused on killing just one of them.  I guess that's the only thing I can really see that I could have probably done that might have swung something, but just as easily might not have at all.

Sill a fun game and a fun day despite y losses.  I'm on the very bottom of the pile, and it is a little bit of a bummer because I felt all 3 games were very close, but 3 Losses is still 3 Losses.

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