Thursday, June 24, 2010

CP Game 4

So after an evening of rest I return to GeG starbucks in hand and ready to roll.  I pretty much knew what my match up would be as it was kinda clear who was on the bottom tables at the end of the last day.

Game 4: Nick's Orks

Warboss, Evy Armor
Big Mek, Burna, KF, Evy Armor

12 Burna boyz (1 Mek upgrade)
10 Ard Boyz w/ 1 rokkit w/ Nob PK in Trukk w/ Red Paint, Grot Riggers, Rokkit, Armor, Stik Bombs
10 Boyz w/ 1 rokkit
10 Boyz w/ 1 rokkit
10 Nobz w/ Waagh Banner, 1 PK, 1 uge Choppa in BW w/ Deffrolla, Kannon, red Paint, Grot Riggas, Armor Plates, Stikk bombs
Deff Dread, 4 CC arms, Grot Riggers, Armor

5 Koptas w/ rokkits

Looted Wagon, boom gun, Red paint, grot riggers
Looted Wagon, BS, Red Paint, Grot Riggers, Armor
3 Kans w/ Grotzookas

So Nick admits that he's been out of the game for a few years and is just getting back into it.  Afterward we talk about his list a bit, and I wish I had his email to talk more about it.  I think there are lot of upgrades that can be cut right out of the gate, and some upgrades missing.  The nobs could be tooled out better, as can the warboss.  Some choices aren't maybe the 'best', but there can be arguments for burna boyz and Koptas if you really want to run them.

Board: Hey back on the city board. :p
Deployment: Pitched Battle (Standard)
Mission: Capture and Control (Standard)
Special Rules: Minefields!  After Deployment zones have been chosen and objectives placed but before forces are deployed each player may place 3 minefields represented by a 25mm base.  They may not be placed in deployment zones.  Minefields extend 3" from the marker in all directions and count as difficult and dangerous terrain.  Any unit suffering casualties from minefield must test for pinning.

I win rolloff and chose my side.  We both place objectives in opposite corners of the board.  We both place our minefields right in front of the objective.

I set up with my buggies, kans, and KFF BW to head off toward his objective.  Lootas in both corners where they have good LOS tho almost everything gets cover.  Slugga boys in the center, shootas on the objective in the far right with Ghaz wagon nearby.

Nick decides to go for broke and lines up everything to move across to my objective, just hoping for the tie.

Turn 1:  Before my move the Deffcoptas scout and make a beeline for my lootas by the right objective.  I decide to unload Loota fire onto them but am not as lucky as last game and manage one kill and 1 W, but not enough to take a LD test.  My left flank advances but has no targets.  Ghaz's wagon tast test to scale a wall and move on forward.  Shootas BS fail to wound the koptas.  My sluggas just keep their heads down.
Nik Advances his Koptas right up to the Lootas.  At this point I snapped a few pics.

Here is my left flank with not much to do but head up to the objective.  

Here are the Koptas about to mob the lootas and before Nick moves the rest of his army.
Most of his army advances up.  He looses one buggie to imobilized squadron death in terrain checks. His Looted wagons are fine, and one fires the Boom Gun to kill a few shootas.  His Kans are out of range and a few rokkits fail to do anything to Ghaz's wagon.  The Koptas kill 2 Lootas and charge.  They take a 1W death and kill 2 more Lootas but they actually make their LD.

Turn 2: Snikrot still likes to not show up early.  My left flank advances, the buggies being able to shoot at his Boss trukk and manage to pop it.  The lootas at the left take side shots BW and pop a weapon and shake it round.  The lootas on the right shoot on the Looted Wagon but between 1 shot only and lots of cover fails to do anything impressive.    My sluggas charge the koptas and kill them off but he strikes the Lootas leaving a whole one left.

On his turn he takes more shots at Ghaz's wagon with the buggies but is unable to do anything.  His Looted Wagon w/ Boom gun goes to fast and blast forward and can't shoot.  His BW with Nobs blast forward, leap out and charge into my boys.  His boss leaves the squad of ard boys to join another sluggas squad, but his burnas in wagon and 2nd boyz squad are all kind of hemmed in behind slowly advancing Kans.  The kans shoot the the shootas and whittle about 1/2 the squad down.  In combat the fighting is brutal with him killing probably a dozen boys, but I still kill about 4 nobs off and take a few more fearless deaths.

Turn 3: Snikrot comes in, goes to those hemmed in boys and flames one squad killing several, who he would then kill in CC.  My left flank advances getting the wagon on the objective (though Immobilized from the minefield), the Kans and buggies still being out of range of stuff.  The lootas take side shots at his wagon and pop it.  My remaining Loota is starting down a Deff Dread but only manages to shake it (armor ftw).  My BW is able to ram both buggies squadron and when you auto pen and destroy them on a 3+ I destroyed both squads.  Ghaz gets out, calls the waagh, and jumps into the ardboyz.  I get some wiffs and only kill 4 and he manages 2 Ws on the manz with Klaws, but that ties combat and we all stick.  His Nobz contine to kill more boyz, but I kill another 3 nobz, but now more fearless saves.  He's got 3 Nobs to about 5 boys on my side.

His turn he moves his burnas a bit and the burn Snikrot to the ground.  My 195 pts squad killed 70pts of boys and died.  Huge. :p

His boss and boys squad move up and the single rokkit pops a buggie.  His looted wagon shoots and scatters.  His Kans are now advancing into the minefield and I think he loses one to dangerous terrain.  His remaining two shoot at the shootas and I go to ground and make all my saves (if not most).  His Dread charges my last lootas and kills him (gasp).  The last manz and Ghaz kill another 3 ard boyz, but his PK kill the manz and a weedy ard boy does a wound to Ghaz, for yet another tie.  His nobz kill of 3 boyz, but my PK kills one nob.  I take a fearless save but put it on the nob who fails and has one wound left.

Turn 4:  I keep walking my kanz up to try to be useful.  I ram the Looted wagon and kill it, the explosion ends up killing a few of the boyz with his Warboss.  The lootas on the left pop the dread.  Ghaz manages to finish off the Ardboyz but this time he take 1 Ws from the Klaw.  He moves toward the Kanz.

His turn 4 he advances the Kans through the minefield and the die to mulitple dangerous terrain tests for being in the squadron.  The burnas blast up 12 in their wagon.  His Warboss and boyz waagh thru the crater of the looted wagon and charge Ghaz.  Due to terrain we all swing together,  Ghaz kills an impressive 5 boyz, but even with now PK/PW he takes the 1 W needed to bring him down.  Nick takes his moral victory. :)

His last non PK nob kills my last slugga and are Klaws swing at the same time.  We both kill 1, meaning he is down to just his PK nob and I am out of guys.

Turn 5:  The lootas kill his last Nob who couldn't consolidate enough to hide.  The kanz and last buggie all shoot at the burna wagon but with a cover save nothing useful happens.  My shootas unload onto the Warboss and two boyz and end up killing the two boyz.

In his turn the looted wagon slides up and unloads the burnas to join the warboss.  The Mek has a KMB and makes an amazing side shot to pop my BW.

Time is about out.  At this point he has no troops left, and even if the burnas and warboss do survive shooting to charge and beat the shootas (which they very well could have) he would only be contesting.  I still have the BW full of Ard boyz sitting on his objective.  I finally snag a win and 3 bonus points.

It was a fun game, and as I mentioned we talked about some things his list really needs.  I think he had a really fun game and I did too.  I can say I had enough of that board now, but it still wasn't as frustrating as some of those GK boards.

Here is the aftermath:

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