Friday, June 25, 2010

CP Game 5

Game 5:  Ed's Space Wolves

Wolf Lord, Frost Blade, Plasma Pistol, Belt of Russ
Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Jump Pack, Paired Wolf Claws, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Melta Bombs

5 Wolf Gaurd, Terminators, 1 TH/SS, 1 PF, 1 Chainfist, 1 PW/Asscannon, 1 Paired Wolf Claws
Venerable Dread, Plasma Cannon, EA
Wolf Guard Pack Leader, Combi Melta, PF
Wolf Guard Pack Leader, Combi Plasma, PW
Wolf Gaurd Pack Leader, PW

9 Grey Hunters, Melta, PW in Rhino
9 Grey Hunters, Plasma, PF in Rhino
9 Blood Claws PW
5 Skyclaws, PW, Mark of the Wulfen

5 Long Fangs, 2 HB, 1 Plasma Cannon, 1 Lascannon in Razorback w/ TL Lascannon

So I haven't had a lot of practice against SWs and I see lots of equipment I'm not familiar with at all.  It's a good clip of marines and I know Counter Assault is going to hurt, but this is kind of the marine force I had been looking to play all weekend.

Board:  Eldar webway board.  It has lots of open terrain with bits of 4+ cover terrain and a few los blocking webways and hills.
Deployment:  Dawn of War (Standard)
Mission: Annihlation (Modified), Everything is 1 normal KP.  Your 'commander' is worth 2 KP.  If the you killed the enemy commander (with him, his squad, or seeping advance) it is 3 KP.

Ok so the board is good, the deployment works ok for me, and the mission is pretty straight forward.  Not counting the whole 'commander' bit he has 15 kp to my 14 so no huge advantage there.

I win the roll off and go first.  I set up my 20 man shootas and 30 sluggas up on the 24 inch line.  I leave a trail of boys from the 30 back so a KFF can rush up just in case they need the save, but by in large their should be saves from terrain (plus night fighting).

He decides to roll everything on turn 1.

Turn 1:  I keep all my boys in position.  I roll up the wagons, and keep the buggies and kans near the KFF.  I run one lootas up to some trees, and the other I make a long line on the far right flank.

Here's what it looks like as Ed starts rolling on the board.

Ed rolls everything on the left flank.  He pops his two Grey hunters out of the rhino with some clever movement is able to be only 10" away from me so they see/shoot/kill 10 of my shootas.  The long fangs also get out of the Razorback and I think they fail to see anything.

Turn 2: Snikrot amazes me and shows upon turn 2, so he comes on the left flank.  The shootas get a strong move through cover to get out of cover (5").  Ghaz's wagon shoots forward and he gets out.  The sluggas advance up toward the long fangs.  The buggies advance near the KFF and the Kans move around the right of the center terrain.  In shooting the Lootas on the left pop a rhino and the lootas on the right pop the razorback.  I call the waagh.  The Sluggas move up to one Grey Hunter Pack, Ghaz moves to the other, and the sluggas are onto the long fangs.  Snikrot figures what the hell and charges the jump troops with that HQ.

Ghaz and manz are Kill off the Grey Hunters and Wolf Gaurd but a fist downa manz.
Snikrots squad kills two jump troops, but the squad is killed by attacks and fearless saves leaving Snikrot by himself.
The shootas kill one or two  Grey Hunters, but are wiped and they consolidate forward.
The sluggas kill only 3 Long fangs (not many could make it to combat including no fist) and they kill a few boyz.

His turn he backs his rhino up and positions it and his LRC to protect the Snikrot/Jump Pack combat.  His Blood Claws and Wolf lord jump out and shoot at Ghaz and I think they actually manage two wound both Manz.  I think maybe he shot from the Dread too but Ghaz 2++ saved it.  His terminator move up to mix up with the sluggas.  His last Grey Hunters shoot of Melta at Ghaz's wagon but miss.

His HQ/Claws assault Ghaz, but with Ghaz's 2+ up the Frost blade only manages 1 W, and the Claws do nothing.  In retaliation Ghaz 1 shots the HQ for 3 kp, and the Manz also kill 4 Claws.  His Grey Hunters assault Ghaz's HQ and immobilize it.  His jump troops easily kill Snikrot and they hide.  The terminators assault and kill off a number of boyz, but I'm thowing too many attacks and I kill off the two Long Fangs as well as two Termies.
Turn 3:  Buggies score a lucky immobilize on his LRC.  The lootas don't have much to shoot at but I think they get one immobilize on his other rhino.  The Ard boyz deffolla the immobilized rhino to pop explode it  (killing a few nearby boys) and hop out to move toward his Grey Hunters. 
I think this is right after Ghaz and co finish of the Blood Claws and consolodate toward his vehicles.  The Ard boyz crash are in it with the Grey hunters and we both drop a few and everyone sticks around.  I think the Sluggas pop off one or two termies and lose a few more, but still easily fearless.

His turn 3 and the jump pack and HQ jump over the vehicles to take on Ghaz.  They shoot inefectively and charge with the 3 jump troops and the Wolf Gaurd.  All the PWs go after Ghaz, and they do manage to ice him out, but the manz come up cluth and kill all 3 Assault guys as well as the HQ.  His Dread assaults one BW and pops it.  The last terminator(s) die to the sluggas.  The Ard boyz and Grey Hunters trade more shots, and we're both whittling each other down but I've still got more guys and his PF isn't near my KFF mek either.

We have plenty of time but we tally up the KPs.

I've killed his Commander (3), his 2nd HQ (1), Termies (1), 2 of the Wolf Gaurd (2), Grey Hunters (1) and a rhino (1), the Blood Claws (1), the Skyclaws (1), the Long Fangs (1) and their Razorback (1) = 13 kp

He's killed Ghaz (1), Kommandos (1), the Shootas (1) and a BW (1). 4 kp.

In even a best case scenario of keeping everything alive he would have to wipe me for the 4 full KP.  As it was on my turn I had two manz to go after a immobilized rhino and/or LRC, Lottas, buggies and Kans to all shoot at a dread, sluggas that could always assault it just in case, and ard boyz still locked with his last unit.  It wasn't going to be pretty so we called it a game.

Pretty much this game was all going my way from the get go.  I got to set up first, the board worked out well for me, and I had some pretty nice rolling at key times.  Sometimes things go your way, and sometimes (as I saw the day before first hand) they don't.

I tried to make the game light and fun but it is hard when sometimes the game is turning into a route.  This is the only game that really really seemed to slant drastically one way, all other four felt close.

Anyway it was a great time, I was pleased as punch to walk out with that Sportsman award, and was middle of that pack overall.  I certainly enjoyed myself and hope I can get back up to GeG for some more tournament action!

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