Monday, June 14, 2010

Display Board and Lootas Complete

So this weekend I finished up the display board.  You can see it is a three level board with different textures.  Here is a few shots of it empty.

And here are a few shots with it loaded with the 2k ork waagh.  

As you can see I've finished up the 5 needed Lootas as well.
I've had 4 practice games now so I'm in the swing of the army I suppose.  Against IG I had a lucky steal turn 1 move which helped turn that into a route.  I played a game with Eldar that we called a draw at the end of 4, with the slim chance of going either way I suppose.  (You can see an actual report of that game here) I played against two different Chaos lists and pulled one draw on single objective mission (shock) and a decent win on multiple objectives.  So the army is doing pretty well and it is looking pretty good.  Hopefully I wont be totally disappointed by the painting scores on this next tournament.

Ghaz is ready to lead the Waagh to Victory (at least that is the plan)!

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