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Kublacon Golden Gargnet Summary

I know it has been over a week since Kublacon and I've been quiet on the blog.  I haven't been JUST licking my wounds (though I have been doing that too), I've been reflecting on the event and actually been busy with more 40k.  I'll post on that tomorrow.

But today I'll address my Kublacon Golden Gargnet showing, which I have already mentioned was disappointing.  There are a few reasons for this, and I'll try to keep it short but they are as follows.

1) Last year I had no expectations as it was my first 'out of the pond' Competition.  I was excited, didn't know what to expect, and in the end did well overall.  This year I had high hopes (despite reminding myself often not to) and of course nothing panned out like I was hoping.

2) The missions were not great.  I don't envy tournament organizers and I know these guys put a lot of work in to holding a tournament of this size.  I'm not going to through my hands in the air and claim that the world is burning down because of missions.  But at the same time I wasn't the only one who said 'mission fail' so I know I'm not alone.  There were 2 variant KP missions (because everyone loves those!) and a 6 (that's right 6) objective based mission.  To make matters worse you could only Win/Lose/Tie in those, and with things like the 6 (that's right 6) objective you needed to have 2 objectives MORE than your opponent.  Really.  Of the 5 friends that went 4 of us tied that mission (and the Win went to bugs over necrons).  /gasp

3) I was really hoping to see a good paint score for my Templar, but alas they were not as highly pointed as I would have thought.  They scored 30 out of 46 possible, which put them about 22 out of 56.  I don't feel like it was 22nd best painted army.  I'm not saying its at the top, but there were plenty of 35-40pt scoring armies i thought it was on par with at the event.  Maybe they think painting white and black is easy which is kind of what I was wondering.   Not like I can ask for a second opinion, but I do wonder how they came up with the paint scores.

4) I pulled 3 Meq armies, all of them plenty of CC oriented.  Just what I didn't want to see.  It is just dumb luck but it still made the day one uphill battle.

5) Horrible reserve and scatter rolls.  Game 1 and 2 had literally the worst reserve rolls I could have asked.  Along the same line of 24 Deepstrikes only 1 'hit' and everything else scattered, most often over 6".  Of my 6 speeder deepstrikes (game 2 I started them on the board) one managed to land on another unit and be destroyed.  All I can think is this must be Karma for all the awesome these guys have been every other tournament.

So with that here's the basic breakdown of my 3 games.

Game 1: Peter's Pedro Marines
Terminator Librarian, Null Zone, Smite
5 Assault Terminators, 4 TH/SS, 1 Sgt Pair of Claws
5 Shooty Terminators, 1 Chainfist, Cyclone Missile
5 Sterngaurd in Las/Plas Razorback, 2 Combi Melta, 1 Combi Plas, 1 Claw
10 Tac Marines, Flamer, Missile, Fist w/ Las/Plas Razorback
10 Tac Marines, Melta, Multi Melta, Fist w/ Las/Plas Razorback
Pred Linked Las and HB sponsoons
Mission: Modified Kp where Troops, Transports, Fast, Heavy, and Elites are worth 1.  Your 'Army Commander' is worth 3 and all other HQs are 2.
Deploytment: Pitched Battle, Night fighting turn 1

Funny enough Peter and I played game 1 last year as well so we had a laugh there.  He had a possible 16 kp to my 22 kp so already I'm shaking my hands at the gods.  Peter keeps his guys bunched together in the center so that Pedro is most effective, and that his termies can threaten any place I pod too closely.  Of course I get all of my HQ pods in where I would have liked them to come in later and nothing else.  Everything scatters.  The game goes on with me trying to pick things out and him counter charging with Termies with Pedro giving bonus attacks.  I have issues wiping his sterngaurd (1 survives) and popping tanks.  I come in one unit at a time the next 3 turns with 3 units auto-arriving turn 5.  At the bottom of 6 before I go we count up the points.  I have 7 to his 14 (thanks 3 HQ choices coming in right away).  At best we see I can pick up 3 (assuming it all goes well) but I need to be within 3 to manage a tie, so a solid loss.  A tough game for me, but Peter had a tough game with me last year so I figure hey it happens.  "Hopefully the next 2 games with be more forgiving" I remember hoping.

Here's some shots of turn 3 unfolding.

Game 2: Chaos Marines
I've already forgotten my oppenent's name and have managed to lose the list.  Here's what it looked like from memory.
Sorcerer, MoS, Lash
Daemon Prince, Wings, Warptime
5 Terminators, various Combis, Reaper Autocannon
10 Zerkers in rhino
10 CSMs in rhino
10 Lesser Daemons
5 Bikes with mark of Nurgle
3 Oblits
1 Defiler

Mission: 6 Objectives

Deployment: Dawn of War, additionally Dusk (night fighting) Turn 5 and 6

So I'm looking at the fact I have a Troop advantage and hoping this game will be better.  He wins the roll off and makes me go first.  I figure with DoW I'll just move my speeders on and they'll get saves plus night fighting.  He actually then puts everything in reserve.  Not a bad move at all, so I just hope most of my pods stay out.
Nope, of course not.
5 of 6 pods come down.  I decide to play aggressive hoping that most of his units also stay out and he can't bring enough in to cripple me.
Nope, of course not.
He make 8 of 9 reserve rolls.  The only upside for me is his lesser Daemons were destroyed due to no icon on the table.  But regardless it was a fight and it was bloody.  There is some fun combat with the Marshal standing toe to toe with his DP who had raped a Dread, and some lash/oblit fun on the other side of the table.  On turn 6 I conga lined my last troop squad to take two objectives where he had nothing on the table, and rushed over two speeders on to the two objectives his one troop was holding.  Alas he had plenty of bolter fire to bring the speeders down, but even if he had only killed one you needed 2 objectives MORE than the other person for the win.  Two objectives each for the tie.

Here's the shots from the end of the game, for some reason the second pic refuses to update the correct angle.  /shrug
Game 3: Chris's Blood Angels
Reclusiarch, Jump Pack, PF
6 Sterngaurd in Drop Pod, 3 Combi Melta, PF
10 Assault Squad with jump packs, 2 flamers, PF Sgt
10 Assault Squad with jump packs, 2 plasma pistols, a Plasma pistol/PW Sgt
10 Assault Squad (no packs) in Rhino with Hunter Killer Missile, 2 Plasma Guns, a Plasma Pistol/PW Sgt
Land Speeder Assault Cannon, HB
Land Speeder Assault Cannon, HB
2 Attack Bikes with Multi Melta
Tri Las Pred

Mission:  More kill points!  This time everything is worth 1 but transports under 100 pts are 0.  In addition there are two objectives and each are worth 3 objectives.

Deployment: Spearhead, but everything is 'Committed.'  This means no units may be held in reserve unless they are scouting, infiltrations or deepstriking.

So he has 10 kp to my 12 kp so I'm hoping for something, but it was another game of chunders for me.  Everything scattered wildly, I had a hard time connecting with tanks.  He was of course always able to get the charge and overall was better in CC.  My marshal popped his Reclusiarch before going down in a hail of attacks (and I think fearless wounds).  My Chaplain was also the man soloing thru 3 or 4 rounds of combat with one of his assault squads.  However in the end I had once again given up two many kps by the time my top of 6 came (I think 4 to 8) and we both contested objectives, plus he would have a whole bottom 1/2 to go.  So a second loss of the day.

Here's his end of two, with once again a pic that wont 'right' itself.

So two losses and a draw with a few battle points picked up during the games put me at 25 battle points.  My opponents gave me a full 15/15 for comp but the judge only gave me 10/15 (and I wish they gave out some kind of sheet to let us know why).  So those total make your 'Best General' score which put me near bottom at 50/90.  I already mentioned my somewhat disappointing 30/46 paint score.  On the upside there was a 7 way tie for sportsman, of which I was one.  They gave the prize to the best battle points/favorite opponent which is fair.  So there I got 32/30 which is horribly confusing.

All of my opponents were nice and I DID really have fun games.  So I have nothing against them or in anyway saying that the day wasn't a fun day of gaming.

So yes 112/166 was not as high as I would have liked but really I can get over that.  The real disappointment came from the bullet points I mentioned at the start of this post.

I also think this is the definitive 'Templar Pod become ineffective past 1500 pts' for me.  The last GK tourny and this one were both 1850 and I found similar problems.  So I think podding will be capped at that for tournaments.

This of course means I have 2k coming up and am now going with orks, which is what I have been working on this past week and gotten some practice games, but I'll post on that later.

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