Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun Times Sat

So 10 of us got together at Liam's house for a big game night.  What a blast!  I'm a bit wiped out today so I'm not going to really reflect on the games/list I had and just put up some pics.

Before the games started I snapped a few pics of a few armies that were ready to roll.
Liam's army for the day.  Sister's are always fun and I think they had a pretty good night.
Here's Jason's bugs, who I would play in my last game.  It did not go well for me. :)
Ryan's Eldar are coming together nicely.  I think he's just got more work on the Seer bikes but it is looking great.
Dave's Space Wolves now with reduced model count. :)
Here's a shot of David's SWs getting swarmed by Jason's bugs.
Collin's also played bugs and here he's up against Pat's Nurgly Daemons.
Ryan's started the night with Hank's DE.  Having not played them before I think he got a taste of what the pain they can bring.
Liam's sisters running up with Andy's BA.
A few shot's of my game with Josh.
Josh's Podding Libby Dread popped both my Pred's turn 1.  Then the pred was mauled by the DP.
Then the DP mauled the terminators (and lived with 1 wound).
Other random shots, but cool to see one of Jason's table's all set up.  It was nice to play on some new terrain.
The only shot of my game with Jason.  I deployed poorly and made some bad choices this game, but either way I just don't think this army can deal with bugs.

I was thinking I would get more pictures but of course once we got under way I sorta blanked out (as per normal).  I didn't get a single pic of my game with Hank's DE.

It was a great time and most people got 2-3 games and got to hang out with pizza and beer.  Fun times.

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