Sunday, July 18, 2010

I've been busy working on my 1ksons this week and weekend.  Most of the time during the week I've been slowly plugging away at my 8 guys for the 2nd squad.  Right now I've got the blue done and the base of the yellow.  Here are some crappy pictures. :P

I also spent some time with the airbrush this weekend.  I wanted to get all the stuff I had primered white hit with some blues.  So I brought out my Belakor model, did a couple of shades of blue, and gave it a heavy dose of my Asurmen blue wash.  I think the wash was super concentrated because he came out really dark. 
I also went to town on the tanks.  I've never done more than a base coat on a vehicle before, so this was a big learning event for how to try different shades to create some contrast.
I think they came out pretty good, if not a bit too light.  I think I'll go over a bit of them with some new (less concentrated) blue wash to try to blend a little and darken a few bits, but overall I'm pretty happy.  It will be better than looking at white tanks on Sat.

I also hit the terminators with a solid blue.  There are little bits I see I've missed, none really matter though as I'll eventually do lots of layers on these guys anyway.
So I feel like I got a lot done.  I'm going to try to get that 2nd Troop squad at least all base coated so I can put them on their resin bases.  They'll be gunless but at least they'll be usable.  I was hoping to get a bit more work on the DP as well so I could glue him to the base but I doubt that will happen.  I'll just have to muddle with him on Sat unattached.  Good thing he always dies in the opening turns anyway! :p

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