Monday, July 26, 2010

Lessons from Sat

So here's where my second squad of sons ended up before the game on Sat.  I finished the base of the gold and got them on the bases.  I still need to finish the last of the base colors (green eyes and boltgun metal) and then can get to work on the shading/highlighting of the non blue.  Then of course the Bolters themselves.  So still a good clip of work that probably takes another two weeks.

In the meantime I get to reflect on my 1ksons list.  Here's what I took on Sat.

Prince, Wings, Warptime
5 Terminators, 3 CombiMelta, 1 Chainfist, 1 Heavy Flamer, IoT
8 Thousand sons, 1 Sorc w/ Warptime, Melta Bombs, Icon
Rhino, EA
8 Thousand sons, 1 Sorc w/ Warptime, Melta Bombs, Icon
Rhino, EA
8 Thousand sons, 1 Sorc w/ Warptime, Melta Bombs, Icon
Rhino, EA
Predator Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsoons
Predator Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsoons
3x Oblits

Here's how it worked out for me by unit.

Game 1:  Killed the Podding Libby dread, then killed off Assault termies, then popped a rhino but lost his last wound to the explosion (hilarious I know).
Game 2: Flew around, popped a raider, stayed close to routing DE jetbikes so they ran, got shot to pieces.
Game 3: Charged some Hive Gaurd and creamed them, then died in the counter charge of Trygon and Stealers

All in all pretty solid for the points.  Even kept cheap (no mark and no 2nd power) he adds in that combat ability and extra tank hunting.  You know he's going to always die, its just about getting as much as you can out of him.  Really as much as I don't want to run dual princes it is hard to argue why you wouldn't at 2k or higher.

Game 1: Came down and popped a Razorback, killed some marines, and moved off to contest and objecitve.
Game 2: Came down and took a number of wounds off the Talos by combi melta, Heavy flamed a squad of warriors, kept one other unit of warriors routing, and died in a hail of bullets.
Game 3: Started on the board, took some shots and gaunts, only managed 1 W on the Trygon with Meltas and totally died without wounding the Trygon in CC.

So game 3 I think I misplaced them and misused them, but the other two games they did great.  The Icon itself was useful, but oddly he ended up being the first guy to die in random rolls of 1s to fail armor in the first two games.  The chainfist was never used so it might be overkill.  The Flamer was actually useful in game 2, but I'm not sure if losing it would be heartbreaking or not since even with out it frying 6 warriors I would have charged and probably done enough to get the same result.  I'm also considering changing one Combi Melta to Combi Plasma.  That would make all 5 guys something different but also lend to shooting MCs which I had to do in 2 of 3 games.  That may be coincidence but I'm considering it anyway.

1ksons squads
Game 1:  Warptime worked great and the Hood failed most of the time, meaning they held their own in combat.  With all those rerolls the squad could hold up the BAs in combat and that let me hold on to two objectives.
Game 2: Well they really did a number on the DE jetbike squad, and I felt bad because I made some assumptions that Hank new what he was walking into by moving up to two squads.  (Oh Ap3 bolters, Oh 4+ Invul save, Oh Fearless, OH Warptime Foreceweapons... are you making this all up as we go?)  So yes they saw 600 pts of bikes/hqs off with 600 pts of sons... granted I didn't take any losses.  Anywho from there the two squads advanced and killed some warriors, but by turn 7 were whittled away and unable to hold the objective.  The third squad sat on my rear objective and did nothing all game.
Game 3: One squad did kill 3 Zoanthropes, another died in combat with Gaunts.  We called the game on turn 3 when we realized I couldn't do anything from that point onward.

So they were good and they continue to surprise me, and my opponents, in what they CAN do.  However it's a lot of points when they 'don't' do what you paid for.  320 pts to sit on an objective is a waste.  Warptime not working certainly hurts.  Everybody getting cover hurts.  Etc.  

A note on the rhinos- EA never paid off once.  They died or were immobilized.  That was it.  So there is 45 points that didn't make a damn bit of difference, and while I might rely on icons more in the future I think I'll save those points.

Game 1: Blood Lanced to death (both of them) on Turn 1 by drop pod libby dread.
Game 2: They lasted a good clip of time, shooting to kill off a Talos and work on some skimmers (can't recall if they killed one or two but certainly lots of 1-4 results).
Game 3: They added firepower focused on the Tyrant and Gaurd, eventually killing the Gaurd but Tyrant lived with 1 W when we called it.  One Pred died to Stealer assault, the other turrent-less one would have died to the Stealers shortly.

So meh, not the worlds greatest performance overall.  However for the points they do put out a good clip of firepower.  However that firepower didn't really do me 'much' good.  So the verdict is kinda still out on these two.  Better deployment in Game 1 and 3 might have helped, so I'll need to do some more runs with these.

Game 1: I think they shot one Terminator, and they killed a Razorback, and even eventually charged into a Sarg and Priest that were about to finish off a squad of sons to save their bacon.
Game 2: I forgot to shoot them turn 1 (they were too camoflauged in terrain!) and they eventually downed a Ravager.
Game 3: Assisted Predators in wound Tyrant/Gaurd, charged by Gaunts in turn 3 (one died, two remained in CC)

Were they useful?  Yes.  Were they the end all be all?  Not really.  Were they 225 pts of awesome?  I'm going with no on these games.  But they lived (game 3 would have seen them eventually die) where the predators certainly had more issues with that department.

Really I'm mostly torn about my heavy support.  It's hard to imagine not having long range support but I have to wonder if 500 pts of more DP/Troop/Terminators couldn't actually be more useful.

So now I'm going to sit down and have a think about what to try next for these guys at 1850.

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