Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tweaking 1ksons 1850

So I've been toying around with my 1ksons list and looking at ways to squeeze some more out of it.  Now I know that by playing thousands sons, purist or otherwise, I'm already kind of shooting myself from having 'uber competitive' list either way.  Still they've been fun and I think they will be a great army to play for fun once they're all done.

So first I have to look at what I think the army could use.
-Cheaper Troop Option
-Anti Horde help
-Anti MC help

Tall orders I know.  I know I probably need more anti tank also to beat the heavy mech armies, but I just don't think I can get it all but I'm trying to keep that in mind.

So what can I cut?  Options would be:
-Rhino EA- 45 pts cut that did little, and really is probably just better used on other things.
-Cut the terminators, or shave them down to just 3 guys with Combi Meltas.  I really enjoyed using them, and the 3 Combi Meltas are pretty nice anti tank so I'd rather lean to cutting a few guys and the IoT if I really need to do so.
-Cut the 3rd 1ksons squad, and put in other troops.

Now the last option there is bitter sweet.  I'm playing 1ksons, so the whole point is that they're you're only 'marine' variant.  However it's clear as day why something else is needed in the troop department.  The first thought is Lesser Daemons.  They're cheap, they're scoring, and they can tie up units I want to stay away from.  Just cutting 1 squad of sons and the EA from two remaining rhinos would let me add 3x9 lesser daemons.  Very tempting...

But then I only have two icons to start on the table (3 if I include the IoT on terminators assuming I keep them).  Now the 1ksons really don't 'poof' like other troop choices so you would think 2 might be enough, but I'm not entirely sold  on that idea either.

So if I get a little less stringent on the purist 1ksons army I could add some regular CSMs.  My biggest question here would be what to do with them.  I could use them as objective squatters and put something like a 10 man las/plas squad out there.  Or I could do the more usual 2 melta squad in a rhino, though again I'm not sure it make sense either as I more have the 'rearguard' type unit in mind.

So now I'm wondering if I take 2 Plasma guns in a unit of 10.  That would be good for shooting MCs and terminators which could also be a problem.  Plus if it has to be a sitting on an objective it could still have a 24" threat for light armor.  Plus I'll definitely need the Icon of glory at the very least.

Ideally I'd like to add a champ with a fist, but I think I've run out of points.  Let's take a look.

Prince, Wings, Warptime- 155
5 Terminators, 3 CombiMelta, 1 Powerfist, 1 Heavy Flamer, IoT- 215
8 Thousand sons, 1 Sorc w/ Warptime, Melta Bombs, Icon, Rhino- 314
8 Thousand sons, 1 Sorc w/ Warptime, Melta Bombs, Icon, Rhino- 314
9 Marines w 2 Plasmaguns, IoG, Champ w/ Fist, Rhino- 265
9 Lesser Daemons- 117
Predator Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsoon- 130
Predator Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsoons- 130
3x Oblits- 225

Total 1865

So damn, where to cut?  
Cheap options would be: 
Melta Bombs off Sorcs- Hope they never get charged by dreads.
Fist off of terminators- Ditto, but since they are tank hunting I think that is foolish.
HF off of terminators- Probably not a bad cut right there for 5 points.
Icon of Glory off of CSMs- Well I could live without the reroll, but now I loose that Icon I might need.
Cut fist off of the Champ- Go with a PW to save 10 pts, or just go with a MB and save 20.

Any thoughts out there?  The good news is these are all options so I can go pick up some new toys and so long as I continue to magnet arms on a Champ and Plasma/Melta guys I could do some trial and error.


  1. Trim out the 'sons squad as you suggested and pop in the 3 Lesser Demon units. If you are worried you don't have enough icons then drop it down to two units of Lesser Demons of 13 each, using any extra points to give you umph someplace else.

    Your Anti Tank, although no IG level is not bad, and can be enough if you focus it. What you really lack is that anti horde, and summoned demons can provide that HTH support you need without sacrificing the terminators of the 'sons. I think you will see the Prince lasting longer as a result as well.

  2. I'd suggest a single, large unit of daemons. They need to be a hammer wherever they land.