Monday, July 5, 2010

Vote for Pedro

Josh made this custom Pedro awhile ago and I told him I would paint it.  It's been several months and I hadn't made any progress, but I was determined to do it this weekend since I don't have any 'must get models painted by X tournament' on the horizon.

It was fun to paint something new and work on blending.  I can already see a few things I now want to go touch up a little after looking at these pics.  Josh doesn't have his basing theme picked out yet so I couldn't 'finish' the model.

Josh had made his ammo chain out of green stuff, but it was just a strip.  I tried to paint it to make it look like it had some depth.

Josh had given me a few other guys so I could try to match them together.  Overall I think it came out pretty well.
Man I have got to build myself a light box... these pictures are so meh it hurts. :p

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