Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What 1850 Army to Play

So the next thing on my gaming calender is a 1850 get together with friends.  It looks like we should have 6-8 people so we should be able to get a good run of games in over the course of the afternoon/evening.  So the question is what army do I take?

Thousand Sons- I'd kind of like take 1ksons since I haven't put them on the table in quite awhile.  The downside is my Terminators are still under construction, and one squad of sons is in mid painting with no bases.  I'm sure I could get it together if I really pushed in the next two weeks, but that's kind of what I'm against doing for this army.  I could also just fake it a bit (use just the bases, proxy with templar) and since it's just with friends that would be fine I'm sure.

**Another hilarious bit I just thought of, there could potentially be 4 chaos marine armies, and we could actually pull off each of the themed armies if Liam chose to run Khrone heavy, as Pat usually runs Nurgle and David usually runs Slaneesh themed.  haha

Tau- I just played them and got my ass handed to me on a plate.  I'm not sure I wouldn't just see a repeat.  However I play them so rarely that I never really can apply the lessons learned from said ass whopping to the next games.  I'm tempted to bring them out again and see if I can have a little momentum with them.  Sure a few units would be unpainted but not a tournament so who cares.

Orks-  Certainly my most competitive army I think.  Orks have seen play in the recent Capitol Punishment tournament and Ard Boyz but I've also had them out for a few friendly games as well.  They are pretty much ready to go, or I can try to go Loota crazy and that might be a nice to try out, but it also may make my friend punch me in the face.  Repeatedly.

Templar- I'm a little burned on Templar since I ran them pretty solid for 6 months.  The drop pod strategy was fun, but I think it kind of gets less effective at 1850, plus the last 3 codecs really are not the best match ups for BT, in particular SW and BA basically can do what Templar do but better.  I could try a few new tricks out, but as my other 'tournament ready' army I might prefer to save them for a day where being fully painted and WYSIWYG counts for something.

So I guess I'll just keep plugging away at my 1ksons, and draw up a few lists for the armies and just see how I feel before heading over in two weeks!


  1. I'm planning to bring Daemons this time, actually - whatever units I can get painted in time.


  2. Ok very cool! I think Liam and I are the only ones who have played Daemons before, so that will be nice for our little group to get some exposure to them. :)