Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy as hell, just not with Warhammer

Almost two weeks with no post is kind of sad, but hey... them's the breaks.

I've been busy largely with work and family, but also trying a new gym routine which means early nights and early mornings.  So this has kind of put a hard stop on prime painting time.

In addition I sat down to take a look at my 2nd squad of 1ksons and realized I did these 8 with a darker base coat on the gold. 

DOH!  Now the color is fine as it matches the Base + Wash, so really now I just need to layer up the old Base as a strong highlight and then continue on with the final two highlights.  It just means more painting to an already long paint process and that has kind of taken some wind out of my sails.

I did place an order for two boxes of Pink Horrors.  I'm going to do some playing around with 2 small squads and one big squad and maybe run a CSM squad in the next game with the sons.

Unfortunately there isn't any 40k on this months calendar.  I skipped the LGS tournament for the month, and I've got a week of vacation at the end of the month.  I was hoping to score a game night with friend sometime but that seems unlikely, so at best maybe I'll squeeze a random weekend game in if the stars line up just right (ie family is busy and friend is free).

I did manage to sneak out for a first try of 8th ed fantasy.  There's lots to like in the rule set, though as total Fantasy neophytes we had lots of rules looking up and confusion that made playing very slow.  I like the way terrain is done, and I like the way the turn progresses.  The winds of magic change seems like it's going in the right place (adding a bit of random to the power of magic) but it pained me to roll snake eyes twice and 6 and 1 once (meaning I got 7 power dice and the opponent gets 6 base dispell dice = not good).  So 1/2 of my magic phase as going to be useless thanks to crap rolls but, again, them's the breaks.

The fact that I'm playing HE w/ Teclis vs Lizardmen also makes it hard to know exactly how my army is working.  Teclis single handedly shuts down my Slann and there goes the whole cornerstone of my army.  Other powerful wizard can do the same, but their is a bit of randomness and is what makes that a 'can' and not just a total given like Teclis brings, in addition to being almost unstoppable in his own casting.  Add in misunderstanding how Vortexs work and suddenly he's killing 1/2 the lizardman army in one turn.

Even without Teclis I don't know how much I can take away from the games for army building purposes.  The slann ends up being horrible, but Stegadons seem to be a bane to them.  In the overall game I suspect the exact opposite is true, and I don't want to run out to buy a bunch of $50 models just to fare 'better' in games where we are learning.  People also rave about skink skirmishers but they don't do crap against blocks of HE.  If he put out a dragon maybe they'd be ok at taking a few wounds off but he doesn't so... meh.   There's only so much I'm going to learn playing the same army against the same army.

But I think the system is fun and I do hope to get some games in at some point just to better learn the rules but who knows.  This may be a great army that's fun to play that I just never get to use.

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