Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Painting, A Quick Game

Just a bit of 40k action over the weekend.

First I spent some more time painting and have now completed all the layers of gold on the 2nd 1ksons squad.
And some more crappy picture taking by me. :)

So I'm inching my way along on these guys.  Now I know how Ryan feels about painting Eldar, the level of details and the multiple layers are just time consuming.  While I feel like I'm 'over the hump' on these guys there's just still so much more to do it is almost madening. 

I also got in a quick game with Liam in Orks vs Chaos part 20 bajilion.  For this 1850 game I pretty much took my 2k list from the last tourny and pulled out Snikrot & Co.  Liam tried a few new things like 2x10 lesser daemons.

Of course why would we be surprised when both lesser daemons squads came down turn 2 when they really had nothing to charge except fast moving BWs.  So they got mowed down pretty handly.  Also Liam learned a hard lesson in 'why to alway give one Chaos Termie a chain/power fist' as they were whittled away by Kans in CC after they got tied up chewing down my 'Ard boyz.  The game went to turn 7 but in a multiple objective game he pretty much just had a single PM holding down an objective in a LR and I had boyz on 3 (I think) in the end.

Really this was a game of my list which has pretty much been worked out vs a list Liam was trying several different things (that didn't all work together).  That's not to say I don't like the ork list.  I think it does well, I know how to use it, and it is probably my most competitive army/list at 1850.

Still I keep looking of over at Tau and Templar almost 'wishing' them to show my the list that would make them just as good at 1850.  I feel like they're close... but not close enough.

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