Monday, August 30, 2010

Some painting, modeling, and a vacation

So the lack of posts aren't just because I've been incredibly lazy.  It's also because I was on an 8 day vacation which I just returned from yesterday (and where I was also incredibly lazy).

However before I left I did get a handful of things done on the hobby side of things.

My 2nd squad of sons is pretty much ready to be touched up, and of course the bolters need to be done and added.

I also have a bucket-o-lootas clipped and flashed and ready to be put together.  I'm not sure if/when I'll run more than 18 but at least they are on the wings ready to go.

I also completed a few more Sauri so I can run two blocks of 20.

In addition I built another 2 Temple Gaurd so as to run a block of 18.

I also put together my 2 salamanders and bitz together some extra handlers.

I'm not sure exactly if I'll get any games in the next week, but I'll probably try to get a little painting done on the sons at least.

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