Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Bit of Chaos

So trying to ease back into doing some painting and modeling this week.  However there's two oth things that are keeping my 'hobby time' from getting a ton done.  First:

I've already beat the campaign on normal, but I felt it needed another play through on hard.  I haven't even tried to get online with friends yet.

The second:

In 6 days I've finished the first two 'books' of this Omnibus.  I can just not put it down.  It took me over two months to motivate myself to get through Mechanicum.  I couldn't get into it, and I have liked everything else from McNeil.  But Gaunt and his ghosts have me burning through the chapters.  I know the opinion of the back half of the book has been set low by a few friends but the first half was fantastic.

That not withstanding I've found a little time to get back to the 1ksons.  This is the second set of 8 with the final touch up work.

So I"m feeling pretty good and like I've made another big landmark.  Of course somethings still missing...
Yes the bolters are off them still.  I left them off to make them easier to paint.  I've already primered and basecoated the bolters.  Then I set them... aside... somewhere.  DOH.  Now I can't find them anywhere.  I've gone through every hobby bag, every desk, every place I can possibly think, and I'm still coming up empty.  The only thing I can think is maybe when I was cleaning a work area I dumped them.  I've done stupid things like this before but it seems like a stretch but I have no other ideas.

Of course it isn't the end of the world.  6 of the bolters are normal chaos bolters and 2 are metal that are kinda neat with some tzeentch/sons icon on them.  So I'll keep my eyes open for a few weeks around but likely I'm just going to eventually pick up some bitz to finish these guys off.  Not like I'm taking the whole army off to a tournament any time soon.

I also put together the 20 horrors I picked up when they came out a few weeks ago finally.

The models are quite nice.  The arms can pretty much fit on any body so you are bound to have lots of different looking guys.  The plastic itself has lots of detail and I think these had the most minor mold lines of plastics I've seen so far.  It was a real pleasure to put these guys together.

I debated whether I would put them on these bases as I still want to use the same resin bases on them as well.  However, like with my terminators, I've decided I'll paint them on these bases them pop 'em off and hope that doesn't chip off too much paint.

I also seriously thought about dipping these guys (as I plan on getting Army Painter stuff shortly for my lizardmen) but I think instead I'll do my best to work on a good wash/blend going on them instead.

Tomorrow I'll probably try to paint up the icons I have for the 1ksons, then hit those guys up with some clear coat, and maybe I'll get a base coat of paint down on the horrors.


  1. damn put some guns on those guys already.

  2. The first 2 books in lost are so good, they make the last seem bad. They are not bad just not as good.