Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Painting New Pink Horrors

I'm working on the horrors slowly.  I'm motivated to do them and while I should probably work on other bits I know when its better to just let the motivation take me when it comes.

So I figure I take a few pics of how I'm doing the flesh.  It's pretty simple, but it's also the first time I've actually mixed new pots of paint instead of just using the wet pallete.  Here are 5 different models in each different step.  I thought I could get a nice pic of them together to show the differences but the best I could do was the above and sadly it just looks more muted than they do in person.

After primering them white I hit it with Dwarf Flesh from the Airbrush.

Then it gets a wash of Baal Red.  My Baal Red is a little 'thick' from age, so it might be darker then if you cracked a new pot.
Now I've mixed a bit of Red Gore into one pot of Dwarf flesh.  This gives a dark pink that is lighter then the washed model.  I'm not drybrushing this, but instead just trying to paint anything that isn't recessed much.
Now I give a layer of straight Dwarf Flesh.  Obviously I'm trying to focus on the ridges and the like, but on bigger spots like the arms I'm trying to get it to blend with the darker tones.
Now I final mix of Dwarf Flesh with a bit of white.  This is supposed to be to brighten the final model up a bit.

So there you have it, not so bad right?  I figure I'll do up 6 guys flesh, then move on to the gold armor, black/purple tongue, eyes, feathers and flames.  That should keep them moving and intersting, and in 3 'sets' I'll have my 18 done.

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