Thursday, September 30, 2010

Setting Some Painting Goals

So I haven't had much painting time this week, and all I've gotten done is the brown base coat on the next 5 horrors.  I use the brown as a base coat for the bone and the gold bits.  It is so slow going, but that's what I get when I have 4-5 layers per color I suppose.

It has been just over a year since I started in on this Thousand Sons army and it is nowhere near being done.  At one point I had hoped to have it done by this past summer.  There have been plenty of distractions.  I spent a ton of time 'redoing' my Templar to be a drop pod force.  I've revamped a bit of my orks as well.  I even painted a bit of Tau along the way.  But now I feel like I need to get serious.  I really want to dig into my Lizards, but before I do I am going to FORCE myself to get an 1850 list painted first.

This means I basically have to finish my horrors, the DP, 3 Rhinos, 2 Preds, 3 oblits, and 5 Termies.  Damn that looks like a lot.  Let me see if I can set some reasonable goals.

October- Finish the horrors.  The first 6 should be wrapped up this weekend.  That leave 12 more for my 2x9 squads.  I'd like to think now that I've got a process going I can finish them.  I also have my 8 Bolters that I've replaced for my 2nd squad of sons that I need to knock out here as well.

November- Rhinos, Predators.  These already have the 'bulk' painted with the airbrush.  So really what I need to do here is get all the details flushed out and figure out exactly how to make these look nice and tight.  I think I can do that all in Nov.

December- Daemon Prince, Oblits.  The Daemon Prince also has been hit by the Airbrush.  I'd like to think I can knock out this model in 2 or 3 solid sittings but we'll see.

The oblits are something I'm still chewing on as well.  I really now am regretting buying the 3 metal oblits.  Instead I really am liking the idea I have seen other 1ksons players do which is use the Termie Lord/Sorc to model unique Sorcerers as Oblits.  Cost ends up about the same but I already have these models.  I suppose I could ebay them but that's kind of a pain too.  So we'll see how I roll with that.

January- Terminators.  5 guys, lots of details but should be ok to get done in a month period.

I think that looks reasonable.  I'll have to force myself to not get distracted but there is some room for some fudging in there as well.  If I can keep myself from starting on the Lizards or going back to paint up stuff for other armies this would be great to have ready for 1850 games (even though it might still suck).

Once that's done I can start on the Lizards.  They'll hopefully be much faster as I plan on using Army Painter so while it will look good it shouldn't (emphasis on shouldn't) take nearly as long.  It would be nice to get those both wrapped up before what sounds like a Tau August release.

Of course this could all be scratched for new plans tomorrow...

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