Monday, September 13, 2010

A Solid 40k Weekend with Orks

So I decided to take the previously posted 1850 Ork list out for the long weekend of gaming.  I figured for the sake of not looking like a fool it was best to take my strongest list.  It did not disapoint.

Originally we were going to try to play every other player, meaning 7 games, but about midday on Sat and we realized this was crazy talk.  But with those intentions in mind we set off for random set ups and a healthy dose of wild mission/scenarios to start our weekend of gaming.

Game 1
First up for me was Han's IG.  His IG list is heavy mech with PSB, 2x3 of sentinals (one scout type and one of the other), 3 LRBT, and I think 3 vet squads in chims and one penal legion squad.  We had to deploy 1/2 our army into 1/6 of the board and another 1/2 in the other 1/6 on that long table edge.  The game was a single objective game where a comet would randomly come down and you were supposed to claim it.  In addition ALL movement was counted as difficult terrain.  Wild stuff.

He won the roll off and the game was stiff fighting from the get go as his first round of shooting was brutal, but every turn it seemed to ease up (and not because I was laying waste to units).  By the time the comet came down it had randomly landed in a good postion for me, so from that point on the game swung my way.  For one I had some boyz on his position, and two I could play defence around the comet.  So this became a win for me.

Game 2
The next game was up against Jason's bugs.  His list was something like an Tyrant with Gaurd, 3 Hive Gaurd, Swarmlord with 5 or 6 warriors, 3 Zoes in pod, 30 gaunts, 20 gaunts, Tervigon, 2 Venomtrhopes.  We played on a board that was PACKED with city type terrain.  The mission was 'Its a Trap' where you have to start one troop in the enemy deployment zone and the rest goes in Reserve.  The trapped unit is worth 3 kp and everything else was worth 1.  The deployment was a Triangle type deployment.  He won the roll and put up his 30 bugs, and I put up the shoota boyz.

I had lousy reserve rolls and he did not (the +1 for the Tyrant helped of course).  My lootas did nothing all game.  I didn't think I'd ever make it across the table to him and I was trying my damdest to not be the pouty poop head I wanted to be with how the cards seemed stacked.  I finally made contact on turn 4 and for the following two turns I did my damdest to stay in the game.  Had the game ended on turn 5 I would have won due to some amazing saves from Ghaz.  The game went to 6 and Ghaz and another unit went down, but I killed off one last unit (I think the Zoes) and I think the Venomthropes just barely eeked out alive.  This made the game a tie.

Game 3
I got a chance to play Andy's BA next.  Andy had super stars Meph AND the Sanguinor, 10 shooty Termies with all kinds of toys, 10 tacts combat squaded with a razor with Twin Heavy Bolters, 2 Assault squads, and one Sanguinary Priest (if I recall).   The game was 6 objectives that you simply had to touch with a scoring unit once to claim (then they could be claimed back by the enemy), but only fast attacl could start on the board.  I can't remember if there where any other whacky rules.  His termies and one assault squad got the red thirst.

This game kinda went south in the bell shape for Andy.  I got lots of reserves in and he came in far more piecemeal.  I actually had better long range shooting capability, and could probably have just squatted on three objectives and hoped for a tie.  But the game really took the worst turn when his 10 Assault Marines barely put a dent in the 20 shoota boyz on the charge.  I think the boyz were still over 1/2 strength when that combat final concluded 2 rounds later.  From there I moped up all his troops and even though he had termies and his heroes that could have probably raped most of my army he was never going to flip the 5 objectives I had already claimed.  Win for orks.

Game 4
Another Nid game but this one with Eric.  Eric's was only a bit different than Jasons.  Tyrant with Gaurd, 2x3 Hive Gaurd, 2 Zoes, 2 Tervigons, 2x 30 gaunts, Mawloc.  The game was kp but killing all the troops was worth 3 and killing all the HQs was worth 3.  The game was otherwise pretty normal with a Dawn of War deployment.  I went first and set up my 30 boyz forward on one flank and 20 shootas in cover in some ruins on another.  He put nothing out and let everything walk on turn one.

The first round was pretty meh as we both advanced.  On turn 2 my 30 boyz were able to engage with one of his 30 bugs squad and it was going ok.  He popped out some more bugs but one Tervigon doubled out.  His Mawloc went under.  Stuff advanced, and I think the Tyrant popped the Ard boyz wagon.

Turn 3 I took more shots and killed more small bugs, but I called the waagh and Ghaz assaulted the HT and Gaurd, Manz assaulted a Tervigon, and the Ardboyz were able to make it up to the big combat on the right flank dead.  haz was killing off Gaurd, and the boyz almost wiped the two bug squads on the flank.  On his turn his Hive Gaurd moved away and I think popped Ghaz's wagon, and the Mawloc scattered away from lootas doing no damage.  Ghaz remained in combat and the boyz wiped out the two bug squads.

On my turn lootas, kans, and buggies focused on the Mawloc but only did 2 wounds.  The shootas shot more small bugs.  The manz assaulted one Hive Gaurd squad and wiped them, the 8 or so boyz with nob assaulted the Zoes killing them, and the Ard Boyz assaulted the Tervigon and got tied up with them.  Ghaz started to take a few wounds now that he wasn't uber invulnerable.  On his turn his Mawloc charged the lootas but they stuck around, Ghaz held on with one wound, and the Tervigon and boys traded more swings.

Turn 5 for me and the lootas and shootas brought his second big bug squad down to 1 guy but couldn't kill him off.  The manz assaulted the secound Hive Gaurd and killed them.  The Tervigon held on and so did my lootas.  Ghaz finally died.  On his turn the Mawloc finally killed the Lootas and the HT walked up to start killing Ard Boyz, but I think the Ard boyz killed the Tervigon here also.

In the end he had 1 gaunt, his HT with one Gaurd, and the Mawloc, and I had killed both hive gaurd squads, both Tervigons, 3 spawned bug squads, 1 gaunt squad, and the Zoanthropes.  Somewhere in there he had killed my KFF Mek, Ghaz, 1 Lootas squad, and both BW.  Even with the bonus points for killing all my HQs it was 9-8.  I don't think we even realized how close it was, or maybe my memory is hazy on the game... lord knows there was enough booze consumed.  Maybe it was only 2 points for killing the HQs for 9-7, or maybe one wagon lived. I thought it was a fun game, but I know there was some rounds where Erics rolls were totally amazingly bad ('oh look 5 ones, again') and it certainly FELT like it had been the rape of the bugs.  Had the game gone on he might have routed my Ard boyz, but I would have easily killed his last Gaunt giving me a bigger win for killing all the troops (even if the Mawloc could have reached something which I don't think it could have).  Either way it was a win for the orks, that much was clear.

By this point people were wiped out from all the 40k.  Looking at the totals for each player (3 pts for wins, 2 pts for ties, 1 pt for losses) we realized even if we squeezed one more game out Jason and I would be first and second and we were tied for points and 3 points over everyone else.  So the group decided we had to play AGAIN and on top of that they pulled all the mission and rules for us.

Game 5
At least this time we had a good board, pretty much a mixed up version of the first board I had played.  The depoyment was the one were you draw the line from oppistie corners and have a 24" dead zone in the middle.  The game was kill points but you got 2 kp for each scoring unit that ended in your opponents zone.  You also got 3 'fate dice' that you could use to reroll any single dice, but then your opponent could name any of your unit on the table and they would become a 2 kp unit.

It was long.  It was brutal.  It was full of mistakes on both our parts as we were exhausted and, well, pretty much inebriated also.  Jason forgot to fire at least 5 times, and also ran a unit he once meant to charge.  I horrendously moved up Ghaz's wagon thinking I would do an awesome combi flame (going so far as rolling and making Jason pull bugs) only to realize the wagon had suffered a shaken result the turn before and having to have him put bugs back and leaving the wagon in horrible position.

The game went on and on to the say the least.  A few people left, a few went to play kill teams and on it went.  All the way to the end of 7.  In the end all he had left was hit Tyrant, Gaurd, and Hive Gaurd.  I had lost my shootas, 1 lootas, both wagons, the Manz, and Ghaz.  That alone would have been a win for me at 8-6.  Jason had also used 2 of his fate dice (they both happend to FAIL on him also for extra insult) and I had gotten two bonus points for his Zoes and Pod.  Lastly I had conga lined my sluggas into his deployment zone.  We weren't really sure if the unit was supposed to be all the way in the deployment zone of if it just worked like an objective where a single guy would do.  Either way it would be a win 12 or 10 -6.

It was just about as tiring to write that all as it was to play it.  Or maybe I'm just recovering.  I did squeeze a kill team game in with Han.  I'd never played and just taken lots of boyz, he used Daemons.  He killed them bad.  So the orks did take a loss this weekend, but it seems pretty minor compared to the 5 games of slaugher that put them on top for the weekend.

The next day we played a huge 3000 pt planetstrike game (another first for me) but I'll save that for another post.

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