Monday, October 18, 2010

1ksons Friday Fight Night 10/15/10 Part 1

So I got a few games on Friday night once the office cleared out for the day.  Anthony was going to bring his marines over so I set the table up and got my Thousand Sons ready.
Nothing horribly new, pretty much the same as last week.  I figured I'd give that a go and see how they did for a few more games.

As it turns out Anthony's marines have been lost in the warp.  Seriously he can't find them anywhere.  So the army that was easiest packed was Necrons.  He doesn't really like to play them but since it was just me and my 'I like to nerf my nerfed codec' thousand sons why they heck not.

Destroy Lord w/ Res Orb
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
3 Destroyers
3 Destroyers
3 Wraiths
3 Heavy Destroyers

We rolled single objective and corner deployment.  I got to go first and set up ready to start my advance.  Anthony kept one Monolith off the board as well as 2 squads that would portal in later.
My turn one and I advance.  I decide to put my DP in front of a rhino thinking that I can give the rhino a cover save and then save my smoke for later.  Everything but the preds move forward.  I think I even manage to immobilize the Monolith and kill one heavy destroyer.
On Anthony's turn I get my first reminder of 'oh ya they can do that can't they' when he portals up his Lord and Wraiths.  This leads to the being able to assault the oblits, killing one and I kill nothing back.  Meanwhile he gets his destroyers to light up the DP and he goes down in a torrent of fire.  The two heavy destroyers manage to wreck my rhino that wasn't smoked.
My turn 2 and I think I had one squad of horrors come down.  I send them over to mix it up with the lord and wraiths.  I advance my lone rhino and squad, keeping my 3rd rhino back for my objective.  I think I manage to shoot dead one heavy destroyer and in combat he continues to work down one oblit and a few lesser daemons, I think I managed 1 W on the lord.

His turn 2 and the Monolith comes down and comes down a bit outside my objective.  His shooting isn't too great (or rather some of my saves were great), I think he immobilized a pred and popped my other advancing rhino.  In combat he wins again and I think I'm just holding on with a handful of horrors.

My turn 3 and now my termies come in but 2nd horrors stay out.  The termies come down and are close enough to blast one squad of 3 destroyers and kill them with the combi meltas.  My sons advance unable to wound his last Heavy Destroyer.  I turn my mobile dread and am able to again immobilize the 2nd mono.  In combat he finally wipes out my horrors.

On his turn he gets his second squad of warriors and pops them on the 2nd mono.  They shoot at the pred and I think don't manage a single glance.  The wraiths assault my second pred but I think pop a gun.  The lord is vacumed up to go assault my termies.  In assault he only manages one wound but it lands on my chainfist!  In shooting he's manage to shoot out both my icons out of my advancing sons.

My turn 4.  I'm really hoping to get my horrors down so that they could probably assault his warriors on his objective.  They might not win combat, but they could possibly pull him off and tie him up for 2 turns.  Alas its a no go, and I know my termies Icon wont make it two more turns.  Indeed 2 more guys go down and my sons advance.  I try to jocky my units around my objective for defence and shoot down a wraith (one must have been killed in combat early 'cause he only had the two now).

His turn 4 I think he pops my pred with his last heavy destroyer finally.  His 3rd squad of warriors advance on my own objective.  I think he shoots down my leading sons squad.  The lord only manages to kill one more termie so I can't shoot him, but he's killed my icon. He vaccums up the wraith but the one stays down.

Turn 5 and the horrors come down and I get them locked in on my objective.  My guys advance.  The lord kills my last terminator.  I can't kill a thing.

His turn and the lord gets vaccumed up to advance on my objecitve.  The lone wraith is able to contest.
I think the Lord advances and works down some of the sons.

The game goes to 6 but there's not much I can do.  My advancing squad rolls horrible for Slow and purposeful.  The other sons are killed by the lord.

His turn 6 and the horrors are shot to bits, then assaulted and totally creamed.  My vehicles are in bad shape.
My second squad continues to survive but are miles off his objectve as he put it in the back corner.

The game ends.  I think that's pretty much how it rolled.
Anthony has since pointed out my two big mistakes.  #1 was advancing the oblits so they could be charged from the portal.  If I had just sat back it would have maybe given myself and extra turn to shoot that would have helped.  #2  It turns out you can block the portal!  DOH!  I didn't think it actually worked like a vehicle but I had a rhino floating around in the back and I could have blocked off that portal.  That's probably not game changing but good to keep in mind for the future.

You know, for when I play Necrons next year sometime maybe. :)

Other than that a few other things didn't work out quite like I would have liked.  I perhaps should have kept my DP behind the rhino and just smoked the second rhino.  Getting that extra turn to advance would have been really helpful, even if the DP just got shot to bits anyway.

The 'when things Deepstrike' has been all over the place.  It just lends to having more units but smaller, not surprisingly very similar to what I've seen with the Templar Drop Pods.

So that was game 1.  Liam showed up for a game 2 which I'll write up tomorrow.

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