Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1ksons Friday Fight Night 10/15/10 Part 2

So Liam showed up right when Anthony and I finished our game, almost like it had been planned that way (which it more or less was).  So he brought out his sisters for an epic battle with the once defeated thousand sons.

His list was just a slight variant of lists he's run before, this time opting for two squads of girls on foot.
It looked vaguely like:
3 Celestian Squads in Immolators
3 Battle Sister Squads in rhinos
2 Battle Sister Squad on Food
3 Exorcists

We rolled and got the exact same mission and deployment I had just played, so we rerolled and got multiple objectives with Dawn of War deployment.  I got to place two objectives, then Liam won the roll off but let me go first.

I opted to take the opposite side of the table from my first game, and deployed the DP and one rhino with 1ksons as far up as I could.  I put the rhino behind a LOS building in case he stole turn 1.

Liam left everything to roll in on turn 1.

I advance everything in my turn and pop smoke on the advanced rhino.

Liam starts to roll on the board his turn 1.

He torrents fire on to the DP and manages two wounds.  One exorcist rolled very poorly for night fight.  He pops smoke on some of his vehicles on the right flank.

On my turn 2 I get my Warptime off on the prince and get one horror squad and the termies.  The termies comes down and shoot one exorcist dead.  The DP advances to tackle the other one (and downs it also).  My pred on the left flank pops a rhino, and the explosion manages to kill a generic terminator.  My rhino hussles back a bit, and the rest of my shooting is pretty ineffective, maybe I managed a stunned on his 3rd exorcist.  My horrors charge his slogging girls and kill a few in combat.

On his turn 2 and he starts advancing up the rhinos.
He also unloads all of his girls from various rhinos in the mid table.  He opens up on the terminators with two squads and brings it down to one guy.  He pops my advanced rhino and I think kills one son.  In combat my horrors kill a few more girls.

My turn 3 and my 2nd horror squad comes down.  My sons start shooting one squad of Celestians and prepare to charge tying them up. The rest of my shooting is meh.  My 2nd horror squad charges a girl squad to tie them up as well.  DP assaults another squad, last terminator gets into another squad.  Combat goes in my favor but not enough to clean anybody out yet.

His turn 3 and on the right flank he is ready to open up on my rhino despite my smoke popping goodness.
He pops it anyway and the sons pop out.  My first squad of horrors finish off the last of those girls.  The terminator is tied up in combat,  the prince kills more girls and the 2nd squad of horrors kill more girls.

My turn 4.  First of all my sons in CC lose the sorcerer to failed warptime/perils.  My sons shoot and advance on the second slogging troop girls that are advancing.  They make combat and tie those girls up while the DP clears out his squad of girls and the first squad of horrors assist on killing the last the girls engaged with the terminator.  My sons are just duking out with a small celestian squad.

Things are looking grim for Liam.  I think his last exorcists finally pops my pred on that flank.  His two celestian squad hop in their rides and head off toward my closes objective.  In CC his girls I think are actually able to see of my right flank 1ksons.  The other squad north of the objective continues to whiff.

My turn 5.  DP attacks an empty immolater and pops it.  My last termie and horrors are attacking a rhino that went fast and whiff.  My second squad of horrors are able to charge his squad of girls tie them up in combat.  My 2 oblits are still around (haven't done much all game but miss his exorcist) now have to advance to melta one of his immolators but they just destroy the weapon.   My squad of sons is still trading whiffs with his celestians.

His turn 5 and his exorcist is able to down the oblits.  His two girl squads get out and they pop my rhino on my objective and start shooting at the squad of sons.  One rhino swings up to contest my objective.  My horrors kill of his troops on the right flank and move to the objective, but the sons still wiff with the celestians.

At this point I've got the right flank, and he's got rhinos contesting the other two objectives.  Liam is ready to call it a game, but I say lets see how it plays out anyway since it will go fast.

In the end it goes too fast.  I know I was sloppy and managed to get the prince killed.  He manages to kill off my sons on my objective and I can't kill his damn rhinos.  His girls move to start killing horrors but going to ground saves my ass.
But then a turn 7!  I still can't kill the damn rhinos!  My sons finally do kill the celestians for the 'this doesn't matter all at this point' combat.
He opens up on the horrors but again going to ground saves there bacon from the exorcist and one squad of girls (I lost 1 out of 5) .  He realizes his only hope is to charge them through cover as I pulled the closest one for my casualty.  Amazingly my 4 guys with 8 attacks kill 3 girls including the sergeant, where I only lose 1 in retaliation.  Good luck continues with him failing LD and routing away.

In the end his rhinos are squatting on two objectives, of which only one has one of my scoring troops anyway, but my 2nd horror squad came through clutch in the end.

Afterward Liam pointed out how he should have really deployed all to one flank away from my DP and rhino as that turn 2 was pretty crippling.  I'm also not sure if getting out of the rhinos was best against my army which generally suffers against killing vehicles.  Overall though he fought back and made the came teeter on a tie until the last dice rolls, which make for an exciting game!

Another fun Friday night of gaming!

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