Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Micro Art Studio Chaos Bases

So as I finishing up my first batch of 6 horrors I noticed something I wasn't quite happy with on these new models.  At the base of each horrors is a bit of stone, sometimes a skull.  This is to help mount the horror as usually it is only 1 small point to glue the base.  

The problem is the clockwork bases I'm using for my thousand sons army.  The rock and skulls look horribly out of place.  I thought about trimming it off but then the point/joint would probably be weak.  I thought about trying to trim/greenstuff/mold it into something else.  I also just tried to paint it to see if it would look ok.

But really the answer is no it doesn't look good.  And that's on one of the whacky bases with lots of bits.  On some of the bases that the are just tiles or gears and it would look really out of place.

So after much debate I decided that for my Summon Lesser Daemons I would try a different resin base.  So after the games on Sat I looked through the wide selection of Micro Arts Studio bases and decided I would go for the Chaos Bases they produce.  This would give a rock like base that I could match up with the Horrors and being Chaos-y they would look alright for these models. 

Here's one painted:
And here is what it looks like with a little greenstuff work to make the base of the horror fit nicely.
So there you go.  5 guys are done and on these bases, and the one guy needs to be pulled of the other base.  I'm a little bummed the whole army wont have matching bases but I think with just the horrors having unique bases I will just mentally write it off as them being summoned from the realm of chaos (or something).  Such mind tricks help me sleep...

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