Friday, November 19, 2010

11/13 Bonus Game!

Ah, and you thought I was done with battle reports from last Sat but, no, there is more.

As the clock wound down about 6:10 there was a gent named David who had hung out all day who had drove down from Benicia who wasn't able to play because of space.  Since my wife was out with the girls and the kiddo was staying at the grandparents why not squeeze in just one more game.  :)

David had his Eldar and was thankful for a game.  I think he was just happy to play, even if he was kind of 'trying out' some things in his list and was going to play an ork army that just won 3 games.  But games are games and practice is practice.

David's list looked something like this:

Fire Dragons in Wave Serp
Dire Avengers in Wave Serp
Jetbike Gaurdians with Aultrach
2 Vyper squad
Swooping Hawks
Shining Spears
3 War Walkers
Fire Prism

Now as things would have worked out Fantasy took over for the night and had claimed the other tables, so I once again got the same city table which is kind of a shame.  We did move around the terrain a bit now and also (now that we've been informed how the store normally plays) called 'just the buildings' the 4+ cover/difficult terrain.

We rolled multiple objectives (ended up with 3) and corner deployment.

I won set up and chose to go first.  I once again put my 30 sluggas in reserve.
He put his force to walk in on turn 1.

My turn 1 and I advance everything forward.  Shocking I know.

His turn one and everything comes in and tucks behind the building.  If there was any shooting it wasn't anything to right home about.

My turn 2 and the boys come in and I move them and eventually run so that 1/2 the squad is in the ruin on the right flank.  My walkers, buggies, and kans advance under the KFF.  In shooting I think I manage stun on one or both Wave serpants.

His turn 2 and his Wave serpants blast up the left side and his DA and Farseer deploy.  The sentinals move up as does his Fire Prism.  On the top left flank his shining spears are moving up to try to get the BWs and his jetbikes form a wall in front of his Vypers.  His shooting from the guided DA and the Walkers kills about a dozen orks in cover.  Otherwise his shooting is pretty ineffective once again to KFF saves.

Oh and I forgot that his Swooping Hawks came down, dropped gernades and flew away.  That helped kill a few of those boys too.  I didn't think Hawks could leave the same turn, but didn't want to slow the game down either.

My turn 3 and I call the waagh.  This puts my up with his DA and farseer,  and that goes badly for him as I wipe the DA to a man, and farseer runs and gets away.  Sadly my consolidate is a 1, so no moving back into the safety of cover for me!

On the other side of the table my wagons again advance.  I think I death or gloried his shinging spears, or maybe I looted them but several died.  I decide to keep the Manz and the KFF mek in their respective  wagons and just go after his bikes with Ghaz and the Ard Boyz.  I can't quite get to the Vypers but such is life.  He kills a few Ard Boyz, the Ard boyz kill a few bikes and as it turns out they lose the guys that Ghaz was in base to base with so he doesn't get to swing and Krump.  Drat!

Now it's his turn 3.  I think his shooting is again pretty dismal.  I think he shakes the BWs.  He also deploys his Fire Dragon out to shoot at my Kans.  I think they end up killing one.  The good news is his shooting from the Guided walkers and I think his Swooping Hawks blast kills off the last of my 30 boys.  In combat Ghaz and co kill more getbikes.

My turn 4.  My lootas can't seem to but shake his fire prisms.  So I send over my BW to try to deathrolla the wave serpant and it makes its dodge.  I think the other one I might have immobilized.  The top buggie I think kills a shining spear.  Ghaz and co kill down to the last gaurdian (maybe the sarg) and he still sticks around.  The 2 kans assault the fire dragons and manage to survive the gernades and are able to actually wipe them out (I might have actually run them down!) and they advance forward a bit.
Its very hard to see but you can just see the base of the second Kan behind the Serp.
His turn 4 and his Swooping Hawks come down and blast my lootas but they stick around.  During his turn I look online and think I see a 'they can't leave the same turn' and mention it and he says oops I'll leave em down as I need them here anyway now.  No prob on my end.  His stunned wave serpant blast northward.  His Fireprism also shoots, think it whiffed.  His guided walkers shake/stun a bunch on my Kans but do manage to kill one.  I'm not sure what happened to his shining spears.  Either they were around or dead, dunno.  His last bike does die.

My turn 5 and I move my wagon with the Manz over to the top left objective.  I deffrolla the wave serpant, it manages to not dodge but is only stunned.  My buggie isn't able to help either, but one squad of lootas finally bring it down in a wreck.  The other lootas manage a stun on the Fire prism.  My shootas take some pot shots at his Swooping Hawks and I think kill 2 but they stick around.  Ghaz and the last ard boyz cream the vypers, and the explosion kills more boyz.  The las Kan is able to assault the immobilized serp and brings it explodes.

His turn 5 and he's got not much left to do.  The stunned FP blasts up to hope to get into contesting range at best next turn.  His Swooping Hawks move up and are contesting with my Wagon of Manz but there gernades can't get the fast moved Wagon.  His sentinals destroy my Kan.

At the bottom of 5 here's what it looks like.

There are Swooping Hawks contesting my wagon, they're just hidden behind it.
He roll and there's a turn 6.  Ghaz and co try to close in with his walkers and farseers.  I shoot his Swooping Hawks dead, and blow up his fireprism.

All he's got left his walkers and the farseer and the war walkers so the game is mine.  But for the sake of argument his war walkers blast the hell out of the last of the ard boyz.  Then his farseer charges Ghaz for epic confrontation.

He mind wars ghaz and manages to wound him.  Ghaz only lands two wounds and he makes 2 4+ saves.

I do a bit of shooting at he Walker quickly and only kill 1.  He mind wars again and this time 3 wounds, but I make 1 Invul.  Angered Ghaz then pops the farseer.

We roll to see if there was a turn 7 but nope, game ends.

David was thankful for the game, but the speed at which I was able to get to him with the wagons, opened topped, Ghaz's Waagh caught him off guard.  He thought his bikes were safe, and once they and his DA got into combat on turn 3 he knew winning was over since he only had two troops.  At that point it became about going for the tie, but with the two lootas squads I just still have a good amount of firepower.  Especially when you really want lots of str 7 shots on those Serps to try to put them down for good.

A fun game to close the night out for sure.  Of course when I got home I looked up the whole Swooping Hawks thing and DOH yes it is in the Faq that they can come down and leave every turn.  So my bad David, good thing we did it ok the first two turns! :)

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