Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11/13 Game 2

On to Game 2 from Saturday's event.

Here I got to play Cameron (boy I think his name was Cameron) and his Black Templar!
It looked something like this:
Emp Champ, AACNMTO
5 Terminators, 3 Claw, 2 Th/SS in LRC
10 Troops in Rhino
10 Troops in Rhino
5 Assault Marines with various weapons and shileds
Speeder MM/HF (those are the dragons in the pics)
Vindi w/ Potms
Vindi w/ Potms

The mission was single objective each and corner deployement.

He won the roll off and set up as such.

I then set up as such, leaving my 30 man squad in reserve.
Turn 1 he advanced up.  One rhino was tucking around a building, but everything else smoked.

My turn 1 I wedged around a bit.  We had called the WHOLE base of those building terrain.  I much later found out the store plays 'jut the building' as terrain.  So that made things awfully tight for me.  My lootas just shoot the close rhino and pop it and the marines sill out.  I think my buggies also stun his right most vindi.
On his turn 2 he moves up with his left rhino, his squad advances, as does his central vindi, speeders and LR.  I think his Vindi kill a bit of Lootas but not enough for a route check.  My vehicles survive a ton of fire power thanks to KFF.  However his assault lads have Melta Bombs and they are able to down the Meks wagon and the explosion kills 5 Ard boyz.
My mek left the ard boyz and jumped in Ghaz's wagon which moved up a bit.  We're basically both not wanting to send out the Ard stuff from the transport.  In my turn the left most lootas pop his rhino.  The other lootas shoot the marins and kill 1 or 2.  The Kans try to shoot at the the speeder on the building and stunned it.  My buggies were able to weapon destroy and immobilize his right most vindi.  His marines I had shot managed to fail a LD check for righteous zeal and fell back just a bit.  My 'Ard boyz assault and cream his jump pack lads.

On his turn 3 he inches his LR and Vindi up.  Both squad advance as much as they can, but they are well out of assault range.  His other speeder moves up to try to kill the wagon but fails.  His vindi scatter, his LRC doesn't do much.  In all the turn is really uneventful.

My turn 3 is much better.  My 30 boyz come in and they start up the right flank to move to the objective.  My ard boyz start moving to the left just in case they need to shore up the shoota boyz on my objective.  I tank shock the LRC and wreck it and his mob of death gets out to the right (less one TH that dies in the .  Ghaz gets out on the right hand side, the Manz to the left.  The buggies move up the right to deal with his useless Vindi.

On my shooting the Lootas on the left shoot his advancing sqaud and kill a few, the zeal up a few inches.  The lootas on the right immobilize his Vindi.  The Kans down the speeder that is in between Ghaz and the Termies/Champ and he manages to lose one TH/SS in the explosion.  The buggies fail to hit the near dead Vindi.  I call the Waagh.  The Manz are on top of the 2nd crusader squad, and Ghaz is all over his termies.  The ard boyz use the waagh to continue moving toward my shootas.  The 30 boyz are able to move up more.  The Manz assault the crusaders and cream a ton and lose one, the remaining marines die to fearless saves.   Ghaz wades into the termies and champ...
And nothing wounds him and he kills all the termies.  The champ takes one fearless wound.

His turn 4 and things are looking way uphill for him.  His last crusader squad is able to move up and assault my lootas and route them.  His Vindicator also pops my BW which makes the KFF mek hop out.  His last speeder flies down behind my big ole mob of boys and flames like 8 of them down.  In combat the EC again fails to wound Ghaz and Ghaz takes him down.

At this point he is ready to call it a game.  On the left hes got 6 or so crusaders that only have the option to go after my shootas, but I've got around of shooting at him with the shootas and the lootas.  Plus I've got ard boyz that will also be moving to be very close to the objective on my turn.  My Manz can probably advance on his Vindi, ghaz may be out of reach.  The kanz will turn around to try to shoot the speeder and my boyz will advance to his objective and try to kill his vindi with glances.  It would really be a rough turn.

Plus there's plenty of time for turn 5 or more.

So the game is called and we chat about tactics for BT and the like and lament how uber SW and BA are and it's off to game 3!

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