Thursday, November 18, 2010

11/13 Game 3

So on to Game 3.  It was a great game and very tough, so I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I wish I had.  That also means I'm not going to have as detailed a report sadly.

I was up against pretty much the typical 'leafblower' build that's creamed his last two opponents.  I can't remember his name now (sorry) but the list was built as followed more or less.

Inquisitor w/ Mystics
Vets in Chim
Vets in Chim
Vets in Chim
Vets in Chim
2 Medusa in Squad

What I had going for me was this was Dow with mulitple objectives.  That meant avoiding the vendettas taking side shots after their scout move forward.  We also (for better or worse) were on the same table I had just played.

Bonus for me was I went first also!  I chose to put out my 30 sluggas and 20 shootas up in front.  I figured this would push him back and help me speed up closing with him.

He chose to put everything in to walk turn 1 and outflanks with his Vendettas.

I moved forward with the shootas and the boyz just kind of kept their conga line.  My BWs advance down the narrow paths with the kans nearby.  The buggies are on my right flanks.  I move the Lootas into cover in each corner.

His turn 1 everything comes in and turtles in the corner opposite my wagons.  I dont' remember if there was much shooting but I think not, or if it was it was ineffective.

My turn 2 I advance some more.  I think the right most lootas may have popped a chim or maybe just immoblilized it.  The Shotas are able to assualt also and I think the wreck one chim and immobilize another.

On his turn two his inquis in a vendetta comes out and he gets his choice.  He goes for side shots on Ghaz's wagon, but I make my saves.
He's also now dropping his miss Medusa's and Storm Eagles around but not much happens with my cover saves being hot also.

My turn 3 the wagons and Kans advance.  I think my lootas manage a shake on his Vendetta.  On the right the shoota boyz tangle with a squad in the open I think and wipe them.  My other lootas maybe stun a chim (or maybe that was the buggies).

His turn 3 and his other Vendetta comes in and must come in on the right flank.

I think he shot a buggie and immobilized it.  I think he laid a ton of shots into my shootas and they now break but don't go too far at all.  I also think one of his chims immobilized in the back field this turn.

My turn 4 the wagons are still doing the best they can to advance.  The Lootas on my right fail to do anything to his vendetta.  The lootas on my right shake and destroy all the lascannons on the vendetta behind them.  My shootas continue to flee but go not far again (I think they've gone a total of about 5 inches).  I think my buggies do wreck the chim in front of them.  I don't feel like I'm killing a lot but I feel in good position.

His turn 4 and his last Vendetta comes in my right flank.  He tucks right in the corner and shoots my ard boyz wagon and it explodes.  His other vendetta on the right flank  is also able to now shoot Ghaz's wagon and it wrecks.  More blasts whittle away at the ard boyz but cover saves are still doing well for me.  I think he's got another chim immobilized on the right but some guys from the top shoot out and destroy the rokkit on my immobilized buggie.  His vets on the right corner deploy and shoot horribly at the lootas, while his weaponless bird moves a bit.  He also takes his vets out of the chim I popped and puts a screen between Ghaz and the heavy support.

Turn 5 and things are tight now.  We've got about 20 mintues left.  I know I have to use the waagh and send ghaz into his Vet screen and cream them.  The Ard boyz continue to move and are sitting on an objective.  My shootas flee a very small amount again.  My remaining buggie tries to shoot at his stunned/weaponless bird but fails to do anything.

That's the first picture you can really see the full castle/turtle of his vehicles.

On my left  I turn the Kans around to shoot at his Vendetta behind my Lootas and they manage to immobilize it.  The lootas stun his other vendetta and it is simply shaken.  I've got a conga line with my 30 sluggas that is enough to claim 3 objectives. 

His turn 5.  His stunned vendetta moves up but is out of reach of contesting one objective.  His bird behind the lootas shootas at the lootas as does his squad, and I think he kills two.  His weaponless Vendetta blasts up to contest the central objective.

Now about this point the tourny organizer comes up and says (more or less) 'well its about 6 (the time to stop), but since you're play for first just keep going.'  Hrm... ok.  That's kind of not normal but... eh ok.  I'm just playing for fun.  But wow that means I have to start thinking about PAST this turn.  Well crap.  I start to panic.

His guys that got out of their chim on the right moved horribly through cover but shot at my weaponless buggie and kill it.  His other squad behind my lines and route it off.  He lays the last of his firepower between the manz/Ghaz and the ard boyz.  They take a pounding and I lose all my Manz and all but 4 ard boyz.  The ard boyz route and Ghaz is left standing.

Now if you take notice I've totally ballsed it up.  One of two things has happened and I just don't remember.
1) Either I had to call the waagh in his turn 4 for fear of being pinned with Ghaz.
2) I've totally forgotten my guys were fearless in the bottom of 5 and two very important squads shouldn't have routed.

I have a feeling it is the first one.  I'm pretty sure me forgetting about being fearless would have been totally rookie.  Of course looking back being afraid of Ghaz being pinned over what COULD have made my orks stick for this turn seems a risk worth taking.

EITHER WAY the 'ard boyz route a bit.  Its the end of 5.  I've got the 30 boys spread between the two objectives closest to my zone, and middle is being contested.

I roll for turn 6 even though its now 5 mintues past 'dice down' and ... the game ends!

Now had the game gone on what would have happened.  I would have done my damndest to down those two bids that moved flat out.  I've got 7 Lootas, Kans (that might possibly make assault), 3 rokkits and a rokkit buggie.  Could I down them both?  Maybe, but probably not.  Maybe one.

I'd probably have to give up on the right most objective.  I'd hope my ard boyz and shootas were 'routing' to basically contest.  I don't know if he could kill both squads and my two routing units with his vets on the ground.  Ghaz would have made mince meat out of his Medusa squad.  His Manticores should now be out of missiles.  His other squad of vets would have to move through cover and run nearly 11-12 to take the north right objective.  His guys behind my lootas would need to charge my lootas in cover with a big roll, and then wipe them, and get a huge roll to move up to contest the left objective.

So what am I saying?  Well it could have been anyones game on turn 6.  Turn 7 I might have been able to clear things up, or he might be able to assault me off objectives, but we'll never know.  All I know was in this game more than any other did I really miss Snikrot.  He would have sucked all the rest of my games, but I still wonder if I should find a place for him in my 1850 list (maybe instead of kans?).

We talked briefly as we packed.  He mentioned I made a ton of cover saves which I indeed did (again).  I do wonder if he had managed to pop the wagons earlier if that would have just made me hunker down on that that top left objective more, and how much the game results would have really differed.
Either way definitely one of the toughest games I've ever played and come out on top.  For my victory I get a $50 game card which I didn't really have something pressing to get so I figured...

... why not?  Having a squad of CSMs gives me some options, and I seem to always need more Boltgun metal and Chaos black.  I think they put something in there to dry them out super fast. :)

It was a fun group of guys and nice tables.  It took the sting out of the weekends before and with two to Game shop 1st places I feel like my orks can still hold there own.

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