Monday, November 15, 2010

1850 Tournament 11/13 Game 1

So as it turns out my wife had plans Sat my inlaws wanted to watch the kiddo so I was free to go up to a LGS in Concord for an 1850 event.  I'd never been up that way but my last opponent from the previous weekend had said 'its fun, come up' and since things on the home front almost miraculously worked out I figured why not. 

I got to the store about 20 minutes early and found out they only have 6 tables so only 12 spaces and I was number 8.  I think 2 people had to be turned away which kind of sucks.  The store looks to have the terrain and the fold out tables, just not the 6x4 boards.  I think they could squeeze another table or two in the game space, but it would certainly be tight.

The guys playing that I met (and re-met from the week before) were also nice and easy going guys.  I'd say it is a bit younger than Game Kastle as I would guess most of the guys are in their early 20s, but who knows and it isn't important to me.

I want to say there were 3 Gaurd players, 1 BA, 1 BT, 1 SW, 1 Tau, 1 DE, 2 CSM, and one other marine I didn't identify along with my orks.

The missions were all 'by the book' but had 2 'bonus' points that I was told were simply for tie breakers.
-Did 1/2 your troop choices survive.
-Did you make it to turn 5.

I guess with a smaller group they run into ties and these just become a way to discourage slow play and make simple delineations for ties.

The boards they had all looked good with a good amount of terrain with nice variety between tables.

Game 1: Michael's BA List
Honor Gaurd with Stuff :)
Furioso Dread
4x 10 man Assault Squad, 2 Melta, Fist in Rhinos
Storm Raven

The game was killpoints and long table edge deployment.  He set up to go first with his Dread and HG in the Stormraven and Meph tucked behind a LR.

He blasted up on turn 1.

On my turn 1 the Lootas Destroyed the Stormraven, and my BWs wrecked two rhinos.
On his turn 2 Meph and one squad shoot  my BW with Ghaz.  They only manage a weapon destroyed and a shaken or two.  I believe his Dread assaulted and wiffed, and another squad shot my Meks BW and managed and immobilized.  On the other side his 3 assault squad shot my kans and killed one, then charged them.
He actually proceeded to wreck Ghaz's wagon in CC, the  Meks BW explodes (killing 5 Ard Boyz) and killed one Kan.

My turn 2 I split Ghaz off and move him through the wreck just fine, and the Manz pull left to assault his squad.  The buggies move around left to shoot at his rear rhinos.  I think my Lootas and buggies tried to lighten up his assault squad a bit.  My shootas moved left to assault his squad that had my Kan tied up, and my sluggas moved up to try to waagh up to his rhino on the top right and assist the shootas.

The Manz cleared out his Troops and I think lost one guy.  Ghaz and Meph I think traded one wound each.  The Ard boyz cleared out his other assault squad, and my other assault on the righ cleared out his guys and popped his rhino holding his last Assault squad.

On his turn 3 his Honor Gaurd moved up to my Manz and cleared them easily.  His Dread was able to route my Ard boyz, and his last Assault squad charge my big boyz squad (he put them up on the ledge there in the right for ease, but they are all in base to base) and wounds are traded.
On my turn 3 I shot a few honor Gaurd dead but they stuck, I had killed his 4th rhino, and my routing Ard boyz had not gone far.  My Kans managed to immobilize his dread and the lootas I think killed the melta off it.  In combat with his last assault squad more wounds are traded.  At this point I think Ghaz and Meph are still drawn at like 2 Ws each.
At top of four  Michael is ready to call it.  His Dread is near useless and soon to be very dead to lootas + Kan fire over the next few turns.  His Assault with his last squad is not likely to overcome my large squad of boyz, and I have Shootas that are going to charge in on my turn.  His Sang gaurd could indeed manage to kill the lootas, but then they too will be open to be shot.  We decide the only thing worth rolling is the battle with Meph/Ghaz and indeed he manages to kill Ghaz.

Still I had killed his 4 troops and 4 rhinos and Storm Raven.  He had killed Ghaz, Ardboyz, 2 BW and Manz.  Like I said he probably would have killed my Lootas with the HG (or he could go for the buggies but why), and Meph running around could have netted more, but his Dread and assault squad were as good as dead, the honor gaurd was likely going to die also, and Meph w/ 2 wounds was the only questionable thing left on the table.

We had about 20 minutes left but were told we would only have a 20 or so minute lunch.  I offered to play it out as it would have gone fast at that point.  However Michael conceded that his chances were slim and lunch was good so we called it a win for orks.

Next up: Black Templar!

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