Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Few Games

Yep, been a bit remiss on getting to the blog.  The Thanksgiving holiday will do that to you.

I wanted to throw a few quick pics of a couple of 1850 games Anthony came up to my place a  couple Saturdays ago.  We wanted to get some painting done, but we also tossed down to relatively quick games.
Anthony wanted to try his BA out and I figured I give two different 'style' opponents by breaking out my Tau and my Orks.

Anthony used his similar list from the previous week with heavy borrowing from my Templar.

7 Termies th/ss
Libby Dread Shield and Lance
2 Priests with Combi Meltas and PWs
10 Assault w/ JP, 2 Melta
10 Assault w/ JP, 2 Melta
10 Assault w/ JP, 2 Melta
Storm Raven

First I brought out my Tau.

Shas'El MP/Plasma, MT
3x Crisis MP/Plasma, MT
3x Crisis MP/Plasma, MT
10 Kroot, 7 Hounds
10 Kroot, 7 Hounds
6 Firewarriors
8 Pathfinders, Devilfish, SMS, MT, TA, DP
2x Piranha, 2x Fusion, 2x TA, 1x DP, 1x TL, 1 Seeker
2x Piranha, 2x Fusion, 2x TA, 1x DP, 1x TL, 1 Seeker
Hammerhead, Railgun, SMS, DP, TL MT
Hammerhead, Railgun, SMS, DP, TL MT
2 Broadsides w/ A.S.S., 1 Team Leader with Target Lock, HWMT, 2x Shield Drones

We played on Anthony's game board with jsut a few extra bits of terrain.

We rolled multiple objectives and they were put about.  I think I got to chose to go second.  He put everything to DoA, Deep Strike, or reserve themselves on the table.
I set up trying to bubble wrap as much as possible. 
In retrospect it may have been better to just take a corner, but I don't know it would have mattered much.

His turn 2 and I think he got 2 combat squads and 2 combat squads with the priests and his Stormraven which had Meph and the Libby Dread.  One squad with a priest landed on my guys but were just put in reserve.
I think he ended up killing both pirahna and maybe a kroot or two.

My turn I try to lay down some firepower.  Even with pathfinder hits I think all I manage is a immobilize on his storm raven.  I think I kill his one far combat squad with focus fire that was out of range of the priest.

The next turn I think he gets about everything but his termies.  I think again one squad landed off and went back into reserve.
This turn is just ugly for me.  He pops my hammerhead, routes one crisis team, and is mowing through my kroot even though they stick in combat.

I think we play a turn 3.  I just see if I can do anything, and I think it is unimpressive.  Maybe I shoot down his one squad with the priest but I don't think I even manage that much. 

His turn and he gets that last combat squad and they stick.  He does some shooting kiling more.  Meph is on my lines.  We call it a game.

I knew that would be an uphill battle but man I didn't know how uphill.  I don't know if I had just turtled if it would have been better.  Or maybe given the choice go second but stay in reserve, but then risk coming in piecmeal.  Unlike my drop pods the BA jumper list is pretty mobile, so they are able to catch a lot of armies out there.
Next up we pulled out my orks.  I ran my normal 1850 list.  We rolled corner deployment and single objective.  We both placed our objectives deep and I was up first.

Here is my deployment.

The only thing Anthony did different this time is only combat squad one Assault squad.

This is after two turns of movement.

This time he landed 2 combat squads, 1 10 man squad with priest, and his termies.  One combat squad shoots at the Kans and one explodes.  His other two Assault units route the lootas.  His termies deviate deep into my corner.

On my turn the Lootas keep running.
Run away!
His one 5 man squad is creamed and I try to lay down some fire on his termies.  I may have killed one.

I don't really have a fantastic recollection of the next turn or so.  I know I immobilized my own BW in terrain which sucked and I had to hussle boyz in and out to get going back to my rear objective.
Turn 4 his Storm Raven finally comes in and deploy Meph and the Dread.

If I recall the ard boyz were stuck in with his assault squad for my turn 5, and then his termies charged and killed a lot but we were all stuck in there.  Or maybe Ghaz came out and killed some I don't recall.  I just know the Manz were cowering in the wagon.

On the other side of the field my large boy squad was being whittled down by his dread on his objeictve.

The game ended on 5 with a draw since we were contesting on both objectives.  Shocking I know as it seems the two objecrtive game ends in draws more often than not.
I found my self really out of position with Ghaz since I wanted to leave him open for Meph.  I should have probably just gone all out for his objective and hoped things could 'hang' on mine but oh well.

Fun games, and more good practice for the both of us.

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