Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday 11/12 Games

So another Friday with a few practice games.  This time I brought my 1ksons out for some 2k battles.

DP, Wings, Warptime
3 Termies, 3 Combi Melta, 1 Fist
3 Termies, 3 Combi Melta, 1 Fist
9 Thousand Sons, Icon, Warptime, MB, Rhino
9 Thousand Sons, Icon, Warptime, MB, Rhino
10 CSM, 2x Plasma, Champ w/CombiPlasma, Icon Glory, Rhino
3 Oblits
Auto/Las Pred
Auto/Las Pred

Anthony decided to try another BA list.  It looked something like:
Termie Libby
5 TH/SS Termies
Furioso Dread
2 Jump Pack Sang Priest w/ PW
10 Jump Pack Assault, 2 Melta, Fist
10 Jump Pack Assault, 2 Melta, Fist
10 Jump Pack Assault, 2 Melta, Fist
5 Vanguard Vets w/ Different Weapons (Claws, SS, etc)
Storm Raven

We decided to take a wild crack at the missions book which we never use.  The mission we pulled just happen to be for Marines so we decided Anthony would fittingly get the Marine role.  It was a surpise attack where I could set up anywhere 12" away from the edge, and he could come in anywhere.  Marines always go first.  So ok at this point I'm going "ok interesting, let's see how this goes."  The mission is basically modified kill points (3 for HQ, 1 Troops/Trans, 2 everything else), which I have way more than Anthony.

BUT WAIT now we get our special rules for the mission.
I get Stubborn and Move Through cover.  Hrm, not so great for me.  First my 4 of my troops are fearless so Stubborn is near useless, and 3 of my units are slow and purposeful.  So ya a few benefits but more or less trash.
Anthony gets the ability to DS on turn 1 (lovely with all those JPs).

I do my best to play defensively but there's not a lot I can do other than bunker down.  I can't get shit for saves on my vehicles and I don't even have a chance to steal turn 1 in this mission so it's just a grin and bear it situation.

Anthony Deepstikes with one squad, walks 2 on the table, flanks with the Storm Raven and deploys termie deaht and Dread.  He keeps is Vangaurd in reserve.

The net result of that first onslaught was every rhino popped and both preds stunned/immobilized/can't shoot type results.

I'm missing a lot of pictures between the last and the next one but here's kinda what happened.  My oblits obliterated his deep strike sqaud.  Between bolters and horrors I was eventually able to kill all his troops, but not before lososing my oblits.  His termies killed my CSM but lost 1 to Plasma and the Libby died also.  My preds died.  His Vangaurd scattered and couldn't attack out of the stike, so my Prince assaulted into cover and with warptime up he just creamed them.

That just about brings us to this picture.

I've lost 3 rhinos, 1 CM squad, 2 Preds and Oblits to give up 10 kill points.
Anthony's lost his libby, 2 Sang Priests, 3 Assault Squads and his VV.  Since there is no BA faq its unknown how the Sang Priests work for KP so it was either 10 or 12.

I had one CSM squad that is tucked behind his Storm Raven and thanks to the 'MeltaLolz' rule they were unable to do anything to the Strom Raven so that sucked.  I probably should have just gone for the smoked dread.  His Storm Raven finally smoked my prince and his dread killed my termies.

His Termies had loaded up and moved away and I again DS termies to try to shoot.  Why not the dread I don't know.  More 'MeltaLolz' for fail, and I tried to assault with Daemons just to try to gain ground.

That's basically turn 5 end I think.  He's picked up 5 more KP so I've lost another 5 KP and am never going to kill his Storm Raven or dread at this point.  So 10/12- 15 depending on the ruling for Priests.  I think generaly concesses is they are each a KP since they are ICs, unlike Wolf Gaurd, who are just ultra bad ass dudes that are seargant-like in units.

It was uphill all the way for me, but I thought I gave it a good go.

Next up was Liam's mech sisters.  I couldn't really tell you his list other than to say I think vehicle wise I'm looking at 4 Rhinos, 4 Immolaters, and 3 Exorcists.  That's a lot of mech for my 'not great at killing mech' army.

We decided to burn the mission book, and rolled normal Spearhead and single objective.

He won roll off and set up first.  I set up with my DP behind rhinos as well as the oblits behind a rhino but next to area terrain.  I left my Preds in reserve figuring better to have them come for flanking action.

His turn one he advanced up, popped a ton of smoke on a wall of steel, immobilized one rhino and immobilitzed/stunned another with Exorcist fire.

On my turn my DP advanced, my one mobile rhino blasted forward, my oblits took cover and Lascannoned one exorcist.

His turn 2 he swung around my left flank with vehicles and brought a forth rhino around the right of the building.  He unloaded everything he had into my DP, and it took it all to bring him down. 

On my turn 2 I got one squad of horrors, 1 Termicide squad, and one Pred.  The pred cam in on the far corner and fired one lascanon to side shot kill his exorcist.  My termies came down and popped one ecorcist.  My thousand sons got out and shot up some girls but failed the 3 inches needed for assault.  My horrors were able to assault two smaller girl squads and did pretty well.

On his turn 3 he turned his last exorcist to deal with my pred and killed one Lascannon.  His left most squad of girls got in the rhino and there was lots of vehicle jockying around.  He shot the crap out of my forward 1ksons group but two lived.  He also popped my two rear rhinos.

On my turn 3 the Plasma CSMs unloaded on his rhino of girls and popped it and charged the girls.  My other terminators cam down to try to work on vehiclesand killed one rhino.  My last daemon squad stayed out.  My small sons squad got in my last rhino and my other 1ksons shot more girls.  I also had a pred come out but it failed to pop his white immolater, while my remaining pred failed to kill his last exorcist.

His turn 4 he shuttle more troops hulls around.  His exorcist popped my one pred, and his white immolater popped the other.  I think my plasma troops finally killed his girls, but a few girls were still keeping the daemons tied up in CC.  He killed my last rhino and shot a few 1ksons.

On my turn 4 my plasma squad immobilized and shook his white immolater.  I think my 1ksons charged a nd killed a girl squad.  Lesser daemons still tied up by one girl.

His turn 5 he shoots what little he has at my forward squad and is just enough to kill them.  He then poors fire into my remaining 1ksons squad and a few (including the icon) live.  He jockies one last immolater over to contest my objective.  The lesser daemons still fail to kill the last girl.

My last daemons come down and charge his rhinos to at least contest the objective but they cause a few glances.  My small sons squad warptime melta bombs a rhino and it explodes leaving only the sorcerer (doh).

Where I kind of screwed up was shot my plasmas at his contesting immolater and they immobilized it.  However that left me out of place as I totally balled up that no assaulting after rapid fire (too used to my slow and purposeful sons).  The lesser daemons finally killed the girl but only got a 1" cosnolidation so they failed my also.  The terminators did come in and thanks to the immobilization were able to pound the immolater to death.

We rolled for turn 6 and came up with an end of game roll.  Had it gone on it would have still been close.  I think I would have held my objective fine, but the longer it went on the more likely he'd clear my 9 lesser daemons and last sorcerer.   Still awfully close and a fun game!

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