Monday, November 8, 2010

Friday 2k Practice 10/5

I got in 6 solid games this weekend.  First I had some more games practicing for the 2k tournament, followed by the 2k event on Sat itself.  I'll first cover the friday games, then hit up the tournament another day (preview: I didn't win). :)

First up was Anthony's IG.  Pretty much a similar list to last week except he dumped the Manticore for a PSB in a Chim.

The game was Long Table Edge with 3 objectives.  This was also the 5 'choose your kill points' but I can't remember exactly what we picked.

I won roll off and went first.  Here was my deployment.
Anthony deployed, moved one of my Lootas backwards with the Assassin, then I advanced.  I think I managed a stun on a Chim.
Anthony swung round the flank, and his Valks (seen here as Land Raiders :) ) popped my Ard boyz wagon (but I made tons and tons of saves).

On my turn Ghaz and the Manz waagh over to one LRBT and chim, exploding the LRBT and wrecking the chim.
I also cleared out his guys that had deployed and was working on some vehicles in CC.
Some pics missing here but Anthony is able to unload on my boyz and they die/route.  He also get his Callidus who with the help of the PSB kill my Manz and ghaz routes.

In my turn Snikrot comes in and while not doing much to the Valk does immobilize and kill the big gun on the LRBT.  I think I Looted another Chim and not pictured I have kanz and buggies chasing his Valks.
I think this is about how it look at the end of 3.  I've got all my boyz spread between the 3 objectives.  I think he's got two badly out of positioned troops.  I think we've both got 2 of the named KP but I was about to kill his hellhound if I recall pretty easy.
Anthony figures at best case his valks come in and contest two objectives, and he kills off the rest of my buggies and stuff to get the full KP bits for 6 points.  Assuming I didn't kill anything else but the easy hellhound that would be a tie (1 objective for 3 points, 3 Killpoints).  However seeing as he would need his Valks to move right into my boys and I had all my lootas left it seemed unlikely he would keep them both, plus they were both Killpoints I had chosen.

So we decided to have another go with a new mission.

This was corner deployment and I think Anthony went first.  Here was deployment after his Valks scouted.
Then his Assasain bunched up boys to be hit by the LRBT.
Now there's lots of pics missing from here to the next one so I don't remember exactly what happened.  I think he popped Ghaz's wagon and for some reason decided not to LRBT the bunched up boyz.  I think he needed the extra shots to route off one Lootas sqaud.

I basically 'swapped rides' getting out my Ard boyz in cover and Ghaz hitching a ride with the Mek.

On his turn he once again popped the BW, and he worked on the Ard boyz.

In my turn I got Snikrot and he came in behind the wall of Chims.  I shot one Valk down and called the Waagh.
This put my Ard boyz up on a few chims as well as normal boyz on his PSB and LRBT.  I know I killed his command squad, but I think I also immobilized and weapon destroyed a number of other vehicles.
On the other side my boyz destroyed 2 weapons and immobilized his Valk.
His next turn his Callidus came out and started on Snikrot, they stuck around and he charged him killing more, but with fearless we were stuck.  He spent a lot of shots firing at the Ard boyz and wiped them out.  He also was able to kill off two manz and wounding a 3rd.
On the other side his Valk managed to immobilize a buggy, but the guys in base to base were able to finally bring it down in CC.
I don't remember if we played a little more or not but again things were looking bad for Anthony.  I had only given up 6 kp and he had given up quite a bit more (13 or so at that point).  Surely he would be getting more back but I still had a lot of boyz moving up one flank and Ghaz and co moving up another, plus some ranged Firepower where most of his units were fairly immobilized.  So we called this a game to let Liam get a practice game.

Liam brought a chaos list with a twist.  Something like:
DP wings Lash
3 Termies in LR (differently equipped guys)
1 Rhino of CSM
2 slogging CSM squads
3x2 Oblits

This game was Dawn of War with 5 objectives and kill the HQs.  Liam went first.  He set up one squad and his DP.  I put everything to walk on turn one.

Here's where Liam was just about done at turn one.
Here's me at the end of turn 1.
His turn 2 and what shooting happens is pretty ineffective.
My turn 2 I think I put 2 Wounds on the prince and advance.
Hi turn 3 he's able to move up with the LR, lash up my big squad of boyz, and charge with Abbadon and the terminators.  Abbaon whiffs with a 1, but the termies kill a bit of the boyz.
On my turn 3 my right hand lootas kill one oblit and one takes a wound.  Ghaz calls the Waagh to get up with his marines  his fist does some damage but I obviously kill a lot but he sticks around.
Combat continues with the boyz.  Abbadon and co kill more boyz, the fist kills one termie, and Abbadon needs to make some 13 or so 2+ saves and fails 4.  OUCH.
Meanwhile Snikrot who had come in and flamed a few CSM fails his assault through cover with 3 dice.
On his turn Ghaz and his guys fight more, but it goes better for me than him. He ends up killing the Manz and Ghaz kills the fist.

His guys tear through Snikrot but Snik keeps them tied up for a round.
The DP now assaults in with the boyz.  This also goes bad for him, as I think he took wounds on the prince, lost the normal termie, and had the champ termie left.  I'm still fearless.
On my turn that combat finally ends, leaving me a whole 6 guys.  I had moved over my shootas if they had needed to assist, or if nothing else to hold that objective.
His guys cleaned up Snikrot.
Pics missing here but Ghaz cleans up the other oblits and I think his lootas had killed his last oblit (but not before it early popped the ard boyz wagon.  My Kans had tangled with his rhino and CSM and I had them on the run with just one Kan left running around.  It was enough to keep them running away and they couldn't recover.
I think we called it a game at this point.  I had a good clip of ard boyz on two objectives and shootas on a 3rd.  A small squad of boyz could have hussled around, but it was kind of moot as he only had one troop left not fleeing and two oblits.  They weren't going to be shifting much around.  Plus table quarters and the game was in hand.

I'll say I felt like I had some clutch rolling and on several times my opponents did not.  I felt like the army was working pretty well.  Snikrot still wasn't totally great but he had not done horrible every game so whatcha gonna do.  Besides paint more lootas. :)

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