Monday, November 22, 2010

I Have Been 'Hobbying' Also

So a lot of battle reports have gone up which is all well and good.  However that's not to say I haven't been working on the 'hobby' side with painting and assembly.

Before the tournament I had contemplated running my pods for 1850.  I've kind of reworked the list a bit and I had planned on using my 7th pod which needed painting.
New Pod on the left.  Yay, they match!

This last week was time to work on Chaos.  I haven't been much motivated to paint, but I did want to get some modeling done.

So the bulk of this week was assembling the CSM squad I picked up this last weekend.

I'm not entirely sure how I want to run this squad so I made sure to magnet the Champ (I'm not sold on his usefulness) and the Icon.  I'm going to glue the meltas down as I think they are just the way to go on the squad, but they and the bolters are not glued until I can get to paint on these guys some day.

I've mentioned this earlier that I wanted to swap my oblits for 'Terminator Sorcerer' type Oblits.  So actually two weeks ago I got 3 Lord models and worked on them.

The only tricky part was I wanted them to have Power Fists and the staff, and those are both the left hand.  So I decided to use the fists as they were and cut up thunder hammers and the staff and put them together.  A little pinning and I was good to go.

I already had two thunder hammers I had bought for old crappy metal termies I was never going to use so I pulled those off.  As I needed a 3rd I just went on ebay and bought a whole regular space marine terminator with TH/SS.

Now with the extra bits from that purchase as well as extra combi meltas from the Lords I could flush out my terminators from a unit of 5 to 2 units of 3.

Of course everything is using magnets so I've got all kinds of flexibility.

I'm hoping this weekend I can bust out the air compressor and get a base coat on all of that.  I'm a bit behind on my paint schedule I had laid out for myself several weeks ago.

Of course that's about to be made much worse...

"WHAT THE HELL" I hear you saying.  "Another army?  Are you daft man?"

So slow down, turbo, and let me explain.  What you are looking at is all 'not purchased' stuff.

The 10 guys on the right in crappy black paint (on the white plastic card as it turns out) are Templar Jump Assault guys and such that I've never used or repainted that I got in an ebay lot years ago.

All the rest is my brother-in-laws BA army that has been sitting in a box more or less doing nothing.

What you've basically got there is the making of a 1850-2000 point Descent of Angels Army.

What it needs is Bits.  And love.  And painting (maybe that falls under love).

Of course I know I wont stop there either, but that plenty enough excuse for me to get going.  It's also my way around telling my wife that I have yet another army because, well, its not mine.  I'm just borrowing it. :)

I figure this will be a good chance to try out the Army Painter colored primers and quick shade.  So I'll be doing some testing with that, as well as stripping paint off of these models.  I'll start with the ones my bro hasn't painted just to make sure he's cool with the new paint job.

So ya, 1ksons might be waiting for more paint for some time... DOH!

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