Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Orks Go to 2k Tournament 11/6 Part 1

So the LGS event on Sat was fun.  I think there were 24 people all together.  I want to say about 6 SW were there as the biggest representation.  No IG was a surprise.

I was paired up with a Deamon general named Mike who I played two years ago at Kubla.  We both had similar lists to what we played then with some modifications.

Hearld of Nurgle
14 Plaguebearers
14 Plaguebearers
14 Plaguebearers
14 Plaguebearers
Nurlge Prince w/ Wings
Soul Grinder
Soul Grinder

This game was the table quarter and modified killpoints.  We played on a pretty good table that was just loose terrain.

Where I chundered this game was right off the bat.  I won roll off and thought I'd go second thinking daemons didn't come down until turn 2.  Of course I was wrong set up, and then was reminded.  I didn't want to be cheeseball so I didn't ask if he'd mind me changing it (even though it meant nothing to his set up obviously).  I really could have used that turn one to get Ghaz more central in the board, thus making his threat much bigger.   I also just decided to put Snik out on the table since his infiltrating was pretty useless.
So his turn 1 comes and he gets the 'wrong' group.  1 PB w/ hearld, both Soulgrinders, and DP come down.

And of course a Soulgrinder pops Ghazs wagon.  Now I'm slogging and not central, and that probably cost me the game.
My turn one and my shooting is meh, I assault his Herald unit...

... and his SG...
...and hey might as well do the DP.  Of course it all goes poorly for me.

Basically the rest of this game consisted of lots of orks dying, his tally filling up fast, and me unable to really kill anything.  Here's a bunch of pics to see how it unfolds.
Epid coming down and running.
My boyz dying in droves.
More dying.
More dying.
Me desperately trying to get a KP (and failing).
Kurgath and PBs were able to take Ghaz down before he could finish off the bad boy.
And here's me pretty much dead.  I think my KFF mek and buggies are running around, and maybe one squad is still tied in combat.

In the end we called it at the bottom of 4.  I think i had killed one PB squad and one Soul grinder only.  He had killed most of my army.  It was just ugly, and I got 0 kp and he took the full 15.

It was still fun, but really the deployment error was very costly.  But such is life.  The game we played at Kubla two years ago was a Massacre in the other direction (and on table 3 round 3), so that oddly made getting beaten so soundly by Mike this time not feel so bad.

Knowing that I was pretty much out of the tournament meant the rest of the day was playing for fun, which in itself isn't the worst.  Plus there's always the chance of winning a raffle prize! :)

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