Monday, November 1, 2010

Pics from Friday 2k Practice Games

I don't really have the time to do a battle report for the 3 games (because, you know, I'm so busy playing Fable 3) and I actually have probably forgotten 1/2 of the games anyway.  I did grab some pictures so here are those! :)
 Anthony decided to run a BA proxy army.  Furioso and DC Dread in pods, DC in pod, 3 jump pack assault squads, Termie Libby with terminators and terminator priest in LRC, and another priest hanging with the assault squads.

 My run of the mill orks.

The table as it was set up for Friday.

We're on long table edge and there are 3 objectives.
 He decides to deploy two squads with his LRC of death out there.
I've tried to bubble wrap my units as much as possible.  In retrospect I should have just put the Lootas as far back as possible to keep them out of flamer distance.

His turn 1 and down come pods to flame away.  Both Lootas route.  1 will end up recovering, one is gone for good.
 His following turn and he's got termie death on my kans and shoota boyz.
 Shockingly it goes poorly, but I do manage to kill a few termies.
 My sluggas have Waaghed up to his DC that have come down.  My two wagons have rammed his pod and his LR to death and unloaded the cargo.  Which in the two turns of combat the pretty much wipe out fine.
 One load of cargo is up with his two Assault squads.  Dice were against him and he only manages to kill 4 ard boyz while I kill 8 marines.  They both routed, one of the board, one not far enough away to get 6" away so they route his following turn.
 On the other end Ghaz and Co are ready to go nuclear.
Every ork takes a wound, and I lose two Kans.  He's got a DC dread, one termie, and I think that's the Termie Libby left.

His other dread there is immobilized.  He's got one more Assault squad that is going to drop with his priest but with 3 objecitve game there's not much he can do.  Try to take out one of my troop squads and get semi mauled in turn (probably wiped by another unit).  Or try to bunker down one obejecitve and lose the other 2.  We call it a game.

 Next up we play IG vs Drop Templar we play 5 objectives in the kind of 'typical' pattern with corner deployment.

My picture taking was actually pretty good game one (helped it only lasted two turns).  From this point on my camera work is lazy.
 I think this is the bottom one turn one.  I hate mystics, I can't wait until they aren't allies.  I've got a dread mucking about his backfield that killed a banewolf, and he's got some other immobilized in the back field.
 I think this is after his turn of shooting.  I've still got my squads though all 3 are depleted.  The dread is gone.

After that my other 5 units land and it is all kind of ugly for him.  One speeder pops a LRBT.   I think another pops his forward chim, and the guys are shot to bits by my shooty pod of troops.  I think I pop the mystics Valk with the Marshal.  Another Crusader squad comes down and either it or the dread pop his a chim killing 1/2 the squad.  My other two squad on the ground charge and wreck two other chims and many IG can't get out of the wreckage and are killed.

He's still got a bit of firepower, but almost all of his troops are in bad bad shape or horribly out of position.  We discuss how his deployment really hurt him this game and call it.

Liam also came over with a new Chaos army to try out some new tricks (lesser Daemons, Nurgle Warptime prince).  We play modified Kill points (3 kp for HQ, 2 for elite/fast/heavy, 1 for Troops/Transports) and Dawn of War.  He had a big KP advantage over me with his 21 possible to my 31!
This is the only picture I got of this game, and its just after I deploy on the bottom of two.  All of my shooting stinks but I melta one Oblit to death.

This game was ugly and brutal the whole way.  I had way more KP on the table and Liam was up on me the whole time.  Then turn 4 and turn 5 Liam and Anthony pointed out I made every save.  I didn't really notice, but of course have no reason to doubt them.  By the end of turn 5 I think I was up by 3 kp but the game went to 6.  By the end of 6 I think I was only up 1 Kill point.  The game ended there.

Since there was so little left on the table we just played turn 7 and Liam would have tied it.  All he had left was his DP, but I think all I had left was a dread, two speeders, and 6 of my pods.

Another fun night of gaming.  I know I opened my fat mouth about 'damn I've lost this one' with Liam's game and of course I KNOW better than to say that.  Annoying, and still a bad habit I need to break.

While the Templar were fun and did fine I still think I'm leaning toward orks for Sat 2k Tourny at the LGS.  We'll see if next Friday we can get some more practice game in if nothing else for the benefit of the other guys.

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