Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pictures of Progess

Just a few pictures of the progress on the BA army.

This is what I have ready for dipping (plus 5 are done).  Sorry for the fuzzy pic.

A picture of the old school Libby in what 'ready for dip' actually means.  Just basic colors with a few line highlights on the black bits.

Here are the 5 guys that are currently being worked on for 'pre dip' status.  Once they are finished I will be done with Assault marines for 1850.
After that I'll be off to work on the Priests, Vanguard, Sang Gaurd, and Dante.

The good news being that everybody is base coated, and I did the helmets already for the Vets so that I could attach their jump packs.

My hope is to get the 5 guys I'm working on and the priests done by this weekend, and get the Vets done by xmas when I'll be out of action for a few days of holiday merriment.  Then I can get the Sang Gaurd and Dante all done in the week before new years and then spend a day getting everybody dipped.  They'll need a few days to dry but then I can spray and base 'em hopefully before returning to work on the 4th.  Plus that leaves a few days for error if that gets blown out... or maybe I'll make a cool display board.  Or maybe I'll just knock out the last 5 Assault marines to have the full 2k done.  Who knows!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back to Business

So I've returned from a long business trip at last.  Sorry for the lack of posting but that's life.

I did get a game with Collins on Monday night just out of the blue.  He ran his CSM and I brought out my Tau for a fight.  The game was really rushed so he could make it home on time and it was corner deployment and single objectives.  Tie-a-riffic.  I could get into the details of the game but really I'm sure you can just imagine how it worked out just fine. :)

I've tried to squeeze in more work on the Blood Angels.  I got a little done before I left and more done this last weekend.  I'm trying to schedule out exactly how I'm going to get 1850 done before the Jan tournament.  I am taking time off, but I also have to basically scratch out 5 days for family holiday happy fun time.

Of course this brings me to my current conundrum.   I've built a BA list for 2k, figuring this would be a good list and I'd just trim from that to build any lower point list.

Librarian, Jump Pack, Blood Lance, Shield
3 Sang Priests w/ Jump Packs and Combi Meltas
5 Sang Gaurd w/ 1 Infernus Pistol
10 Man Assault Squad w/ Jump Packs, 2x Melta, 1x Infernus Pistol
10 Man Assault Squad w/ Jump Packs, 2x Melta, 1x Infernus Pistol
10 Man Assault Squad w/ Jump Packs, 2x Melta, 1x Infernus Pistol
10 Vangaurd Vets, PW, Lightning Claw, 2x TH, 6 Storm Shields, Jump Packs

There's 50 Descent of Angel Marines in all their glory.  Lots of Anti tank, lots of FNP, 4 Troop units, options all over the place to combat squad, choppy squad, and the VV to be able to really tie up deathstar units (I hope).

Even if it isn't the world's most competitive I think it will be a fun list with flavor.

So what to do about 1850?

I see two options:
1) Cut one of the assault squads to 5 man, drop a priest and add some PWs to Seargants.
Pros-  Still have the 4 troops (tho diminished a bit), VV still stay as survivable as 2k, and makes the two larger assault squads a bit more choppy.  Oh and I guess one less KP (unless we get a Faq stating priests in the FOC are only 1 all together).
Cons- Losing the priest means less redundant/bubble FNP.

2) Cut one of the assault squads to 5 man, drop two SS from the VV and the Infernus pistol from the Sang Gaurd.
Pros- Still have the 4 troops, I keep as much redundant/bubble FNP as 2k.
Cons- 2 Storm Shields doesn't sound like a lot but it takes out a lot of flexibility of the 10 man VV.  If I combat squad I basically either give each squad only 2 shields or push all 4 into one squad.  The infernus pistol off the Sang Gaurd means I only have Dante's BS5 pistol (and the libby's lance if he goes with them).  It's good but it doesn't make tank popping as certain as that extra melta would.

It's a pretty even break down I think.  Some match ups will just favor one build over the other I think.  I just don't know that one list stands head and shoulder over the other.

There are a bunch of other options too (cut Dante for a libby, or cut the sang gaurd to make the VV more choppy) but they all require buying other bits and kinda stray from the original list more than I was hoping.

Someday maybe I'll get a practice game, but until then I'll just keep painting for 2k I guess and hope I can figure this out in the next few weeks.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Work on BA

So I've spent more time this week and last trying to get the BAs ready for some serious painting.  The big challenge is across all the bodies they are all in different shape.

First of all there are 5 guys from my brother in law that are in a 'near done' shape.

Since taking this picture I've basically cleaned them up and overpainted them to fit in with the style I will be using for the rest of these guys.

Then most of the rest of the guys required soaking and scrubbing.  So I first went to my stand by of Simple Green.

Simple Green did great on the metal Death Company.

However it didn't do as great on most of the plastic guys.

My own jump pack guys turned out to be all kinds of different.  The 4 black ones are over green, there were 3 white primered guys, and there was a blue guy in there also.

Some of his Red guys did not get much paint off of them.

And then there turned out to be two guys I had that had a deep red.  These guys must of had some protective coat on them because that red would just not come off of them.

Eventually after looking around online I found another suggestion.

So I grabbed some of this and soaked the guys more.  It is far more icky that simple green so gloves are required, but it did get a good deal of paint off the guys.  The black/green guys got down to just a little bit of black primer, the white guys cleaned up a bit, the blue guy went down the the grey plastic easy.  The red guys became easier to clean up but I still took a tool to clean them afterward. 

The deep red guys were the only ones that I just could not strip down.  Oh well, over paint it is!

Then it was off to get the base primer.  I took all the magnetized bits and set them up with some paperclips to try to keep them from flying everywhere.

Then I hit them with paint.

I also busted out my Crystal Blue primer that I plan on using for Lizardmen to hit the Librarian.
Beyond that I got my Dante and Sanguinary Gaurd and got those put together.  I've used magnets on the SG so I can change out a few arms and the heads as well (since I am not sure the death masks are worth it even thought I think they look great compared to the bare heads). 

So there we go with 50 marines.  I don't have the jump packs attached because painting the heads will be much easier without them.  I'd really like to try to get the heads painted and the packs attached before my trip but I'll only have a few hours on Friday night before heading out to the airport so we'll see.  But the army is well underway!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Attempt at 'Dipping'

So in addition to eating lots of turkey I've been plugging away at this BA army.  I wanted to show you my first attempt at doing some dipping and using this Army Painter colored primer.

So there were about 5 guys that were already pretty nice and clean and ready to pretty much get going.

So basically I just took him outside gave him a couple of quick coats of the Red primer.  And then did a very basic 'base coat' level on him.  All told that painting took about 20 minutes.

Now after talking to my brother he really liked having the swords with the yellow stripes he had done on a few guys so I went back and did that.  I also wanted to add some detail to the yellow knee pad.  Lastly I added a transfer to left shoulder just to give some detail there.  All that probably added 20 minutes to the guys as well.

So then you dip.  The first guy I actually held and dipped into the container.  I was surprised how thick it came out so I quickly grabbed my dip brush and wiped a good amount off of him.  The next four guys I just 'painted' the dip on as its quite thick and covers well.

Then I let them sit for two days.  They are really shiny during this phase and I was pretty worried what it would look like.  However after two days and a quick coat of the anti shine varnish and BAM they look great.  A little basing and wow I was impressed.  The only thing I did was add a quick dab of green to the eyes as they looked too dark for my tastes.

Now there are some parts where I can see the dip has gotten a little thick.  So going forward I now know that I can really clean a bunch of the dip off of these guys.  You can see it here on this guys bottom of the shoulder pad. 

So what do I think?  Well as I mentioned I'm impressed.  The results look pretty damn good.  Not as good as spending the 8-10 hours per Thousand Son I put in but for basically an hour a guy it is a huge time saver.  For other non-painters this is just a great product for sure.  Just know that whatever brush you used is basically ruined afterward.  I'm going to try to get a couple cheap brushes and do dozens of guys in a 'dip day' so I can just toss the brush afterward.  I also didn't wear gloves on the first guy and getting the dip off the hands was a pain.  So grab so dish gloves or whatnot to make that bit easier.  I could spend more time on detail and make these guys even better but really I think they are going to look great once the army is complete.

Here's the first 5 guys.  45 more bodies to go!