Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back to Business

So I've returned from a long business trip at last.  Sorry for the lack of posting but that's life.

I did get a game with Collins on Monday night just out of the blue.  He ran his CSM and I brought out my Tau for a fight.  The game was really rushed so he could make it home on time and it was corner deployment and single objectives.  Tie-a-riffic.  I could get into the details of the game but really I'm sure you can just imagine how it worked out just fine. :)

I've tried to squeeze in more work on the Blood Angels.  I got a little done before I left and more done this last weekend.  I'm trying to schedule out exactly how I'm going to get 1850 done before the Jan tournament.  I am taking time off, but I also have to basically scratch out 5 days for family holiday happy fun time.

Of course this brings me to my current conundrum.   I've built a BA list for 2k, figuring this would be a good list and I'd just trim from that to build any lower point list.

Librarian, Jump Pack, Blood Lance, Shield
3 Sang Priests w/ Jump Packs and Combi Meltas
5 Sang Gaurd w/ 1 Infernus Pistol
10 Man Assault Squad w/ Jump Packs, 2x Melta, 1x Infernus Pistol
10 Man Assault Squad w/ Jump Packs, 2x Melta, 1x Infernus Pistol
10 Man Assault Squad w/ Jump Packs, 2x Melta, 1x Infernus Pistol
10 Vangaurd Vets, PW, Lightning Claw, 2x TH, 6 Storm Shields, Jump Packs

There's 50 Descent of Angel Marines in all their glory.  Lots of Anti tank, lots of FNP, 4 Troop units, options all over the place to combat squad, choppy squad, and the VV to be able to really tie up deathstar units (I hope).

Even if it isn't the world's most competitive I think it will be a fun list with flavor.

So what to do about 1850?

I see two options:
1) Cut one of the assault squads to 5 man, drop a priest and add some PWs to Seargants.
Pros-  Still have the 4 troops (tho diminished a bit), VV still stay as survivable as 2k, and makes the two larger assault squads a bit more choppy.  Oh and I guess one less KP (unless we get a Faq stating priests in the FOC are only 1 all together).
Cons- Losing the priest means less redundant/bubble FNP.

2) Cut one of the assault squads to 5 man, drop two SS from the VV and the Infernus pistol from the Sang Gaurd.
Pros- Still have the 4 troops, I keep as much redundant/bubble FNP as 2k.
Cons- 2 Storm Shields doesn't sound like a lot but it takes out a lot of flexibility of the 10 man VV.  If I combat squad I basically either give each squad only 2 shields or push all 4 into one squad.  The infernus pistol off the Sang Gaurd means I only have Dante's BS5 pistol (and the libby's lance if he goes with them).  It's good but it doesn't make tank popping as certain as that extra melta would.

It's a pretty even break down I think.  Some match ups will just favor one build over the other I think.  I just don't know that one list stands head and shoulder over the other.

There are a bunch of other options too (cut Dante for a libby, or cut the sang gaurd to make the VV more choppy) but they all require buying other bits and kinda stray from the original list more than I was hoping.

Someday maybe I'll get a practice game, but until then I'll just keep painting for 2k I guess and hope I can figure this out in the next few weeks.

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