Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pictures of Progess

Just a few pictures of the progress on the BA army.

This is what I have ready for dipping (plus 5 are done).  Sorry for the fuzzy pic.

A picture of the old school Libby in what 'ready for dip' actually means.  Just basic colors with a few line highlights on the black bits.

Here are the 5 guys that are currently being worked on for 'pre dip' status.  Once they are finished I will be done with Assault marines for 1850.
After that I'll be off to work on the Priests, Vanguard, Sang Gaurd, and Dante.

The good news being that everybody is base coated, and I did the helmets already for the Vets so that I could attach their jump packs.

My hope is to get the 5 guys I'm working on and the priests done by this weekend, and get the Vets done by xmas when I'll be out of action for a few days of holiday merriment.  Then I can get the Sang Gaurd and Dante all done in the week before new years and then spend a day getting everybody dipped.  They'll need a few days to dry but then I can spray and base 'em hopefully before returning to work on the 4th.  Plus that leaves a few days for error if that gets blown out... or maybe I'll make a cool display board.  Or maybe I'll just knock out the last 5 Assault marines to have the full 2k done.  Who knows!

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