Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Hobby Updates

As always when I get done doing a lot of painting I get a little slack on much afterward.  The push to get the BA done was me such a state so not a lot of work is getting done.

It doesn't hurt that I picked up Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition and have been happily bashing new teams in what time I've had.

I did manage to get a bit of work done that wasn't horribly labor intensive.

This is the beastmen sprayed a flesh color:

And most of the Lizards sprayed a blue.

I also managed to borrow a green spray to hit the terradons and the cold ones.  That just leaves the slann, the stegadon, and the chameleons.  The slann I will probably hand paint since he is just one models though I think I'm going to pick up some grey for stone work and his plaquine.  The Stegadon I'm not really sure on color yet but am thinking a dark red, either the army builder dragon red or I'll bust out the airbrush since it is only one model.  The Skink Chameleons I want to do in a bright green, so that means airbrush for them over a white primer for sure.

Speaking of the chameleons I also did a bit of green stuff work to some skinks to make them 'more like chameleons.'

Are they perfect, no.  Did I just save $60 using models I already have, yes.

So I will call that a win and move on to other stuff.

My brother in law also unearthed a bunch of gaming stuff that he gave to me to sort through.

Sorted it looks like: Fantasy Chaos stuff, Fantasy Orc stuff, 40k Ork stuff, more Marine stuff, lots of terrain stuff, and garbage.
 Slightly more organized...
And various terrain bits...

There's more in there but a lot of it I can't use.  The ork stuff is cool but I just don't really need more, though getting another Ghaz, boys, and buggies is certainly neat.  Some of the terrain is perfect as is, but a lot of stuff is stuff that is clearly 'to build terrain' and I will see if I can do something with that.

I did find the old doombull and a brayshaman in his bits, so those are two cool finds that I can put to use right away.  Oh and two template sets which is nice since I keep losing flamers, and a bunch of dice which are handy as well.

Friday, January 14, 2011

BT Faq Update: Just Wow

So just a quick post to say the BT Faq is updated and man it is welcome.

Some important notes:
-Storm Shields are bumped to 15 points but now work as in C:SM
-Smoke works as in C:SM
-PoTMS works as in C:SM

There are many other clarifications in here about badly worded rules and that is all much appreciated.

What I'm also is happy is that there are no further clarifications about my drop pod assault.

So my TH/SS marshal is a bit more expensive, and I may really be convinced to put some termies in a pod.

The smoke and PotMS are good rule updates, but with a pod list I only have smoke on the dread so meh.  PotMS is better on the pods now but it still probably doesn't convince me to use Deathwinds... added that they are now AP- also.

Hopefully this pretty thorough FAQ which I am pretty happy with getting means a new BT book is bumped to even further down the road.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1850 Tournament 1/8/11 Game 3

Game 3: Peter's Bike Marines
Peter is another great dude at the LGS whom I have played a couple of times.  He's picked up a few friends unused bikes and made himself a very threatening army!

(I'm a little sketchy on how close this is now that has been a few days.)
Command Squad, 4x SS, 4x Lightening Claws, 2 Flamers
6 Bikers, 2 MM, Fist, 1 MM Attack bike
6 Bikers, 2 MM, Fist, 1 MM Attack bike
6 Bikers, 2 MM, Fist, 1 MM Attack bike 
3 MM Attack Bikes
Vindicator w/ Siege Shield
Vindicator w/ Siege Shield
Vindicator w/ Siege Shield

We're on to Dawn of War and Kill points.  I finally win a roll off and choose to go second.  He decides to just roll on turn 1.  I decided to not combat squad anything as that puts us both at a low 9 kp.  My unit of 10 marines with the priest get Red Thirst.

Turn 1 he rolls on the board.

Turn 2 he advances up, keeping a wall of vindis around his bikes and troops to protect his command squad.  It leaves me very little room to DS near the command squad and I'm not sure Dante's squad can shoot through those Storm Shields.  He pops smoke on the Vindis.

My turn 2 and everything EXCEPT the vets come in for me.  Well ok, I say to myself, I have got to kill those vindis or my life will be in ruin.

So I DOA myself...
And then I shoot.
That's a 5 to show the wrecked Vindi.
His turn 3 and he lays down some shooting and assaulting.  His Attack bikes and one troop squad shoot at my non priest assault squad but his meltas chunder but I still loose 3 but they stick.  He assaults them and I lose 2 more but kill two bikes (or two wounds) and I think combat ties.

Another squad manages to pick off a scrub from my 5 man unit.

He moves his command squad and Khan into cover and DOH his apothacary kills himself.  He flamers but the priest keeps everyone happy.  In assault he kills everyone but the sarg and the priest (who he couldn't reach) and I think I put one wound on Khan leaving him 1 (with Dante's hex in effect).  This is my red thirst squad so I put 4 saves on each but make them all with FNP helping out once more.

He decides to take advantage of hit and run to give himself some better position.  I'm certainly looking thinned out a bit.

My turn 3 and the vets come down.  I get brave but they land nicely, and my other positions prepare for assault where I can have a priest helping every combat.

The vets have Furious Charge and that of course saves their bacon.  In the end I wipe out the squad while my other small units tie up his troops.

The IC/SG bomb charge the other combat area and just chop them down.  I think one unit is killed and the other unit breaks off the table.  I get tiny consolidation.

His turn 4 and his last unit is tied up in combat.  We fight he loses one or two.

My turn 5 and the vets move in to clean up the last of that combat.

This ended up in a landslide but I didn't think it would have been.  I'm not sure if taking Khan's hit and run was the best move as I am not sure I would have decided to charge all those SS comand bikes.  With all those claws and little in the way of invul they could have owned me.  Or maybe I would have dropped enough wounds on them anyway.  Hard to say.  Maybe spreading the vindis out would have helped as they have the potential to just shatter my army.

Either way I got the full 1850 VP along with the win.  Dave fell to Scott's wolves which he knew KPs were going to be a problem for him.  Michael's SW also struck victory over Jason's eldar.

This means Mike's SWs took first, Scott's SW took second, and I took 3rd as I was a mere 20 VPs behind Scott.  He had me dead to rights that draw game though so I was pretty happy.  Jason cleaned up on the painting prize.

With my $30 gift card I picked up the citadel game mat:

We didn't really have a nice table for fantasy as the tables we have are rubber and the tray's don't slide well so we've just been playing on the bare wood.   So I'm looking forward to basing some scenery to flush out a nice fantasy table.

Another fun tournament and I'm quite pleased with the performance of the DoA BA list!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1850 Tournament 1/8/11 Game 2

Game 2: Scott's Space Wolves
I've played Scott a number of times over the couple of years I've been going to the LGS.  The last time we met in Oct where my Orks were able to eek out victory over his SWs.  This time his list looked even tougher and our games are always tough games so this was going to be a great match.  If I recall it looked something like:

Rune Priest JotWW
3 Wolf Gaurd
8 Grey Hunters in Rhino
5 Grey Hunters in Heavy Bolter Razorback
5 Grey Hunters in Heavy Bolter Razorback
5 Thunderwolf Calvary, 1x SS and 1x Fist 
5 Thunderwolf Calvary, 1x SS and 1x Fist
12 or so Fenrisian Wolves
6 Long Fangs, 5x Missiles
6 Long Fangs, 5x Missiles
6 Long Fangs, 5x Missiles

We seem to be just going down the book mission and deployments so this time 2 objectives and corner deployment.  He wins the roll of and makes me go first.  I put my objective way in the back corner behind a hill out of LOS.  I again split the Vets and again one unit gets Red Thirst, and I make the IC/SG bomb.  I put everything to DoA in later, but I really hesitated in putting my 5 man unit to 'hold' my objective.  It would be out of LOS and could just sit there the whole game, but I decide to put my full weight into trying to kill him off his objective and stop him from ever getting over there.  As it turns out my first instinct would have been better in the end.

He puts his Long Fangs all out, two on hills and one in a dry river, and puts his rhino with his Rune priest on the board.  He puts his 2 GH in Razorbacks, both TWC, and FWs in reserve to assist as needed.

Turn 1 he moves up the rhino and pops smoke and braces for impact.

Sadly that's the only picture I got of this game.  It was intense and fun but I totally forgot about the camera which is a shame as it was a great game.  I will try to summarize each turn from what I can remember, but lord knows some of this is probably off but it certainly should capture the epic-ness of the game.

My turn 2: Everybody but Dante comes down which is bummer.  My 10 man without priest I try to put in position to pop his rhino and take some cover from missiles by being behind a hill, but they scatter on top of the hill in plain view of the LF.  This is my worst scatter of the day.  Rather than take long range shots and the smoked rhino they run down the hill to get some cover saves.  My VV squads both scatter a bit, but are able to charge the unit in the river.  The units on the hills require 3" to move up through terrain and I'm not will to risk it.  The cream those long fangs.  My other two troop units  focus on his long fangs on the right.  Sadly my 10 man squad loses 1 to difficult terrain and my 5 man loses 2.  In return I kill 3 long fangs.

His turn 2:  He gets out one TWC and both Razors of guys.  His Long Fangs shoot but don't do much.  His guys hop out of the rhino and JotWW really hurts my troops killing 2 (one is the sarg) and when they charge I manage to hold on with only two guys.  One razorback is on my left flank, the other is right out with the Vets and they too hop out to put weight into the vets but with FNP and Shields he can't dent them.  His TWC charge one 5 man vet squad and I think he kills one and I do none, but I hold.  I'm already impressed how the Vets have held up those bajillion attacks.

My turn 3:  Dante comes down.  I probably make a tactical error and place him behind the rhino and try to gauge 6" behind so I can lay down 2 IP shots, 1 Combi melta, and Blood Lance.  That leaves me about 15 inches or so away I'm guessing.  I figure he will kill off my last 2 guys and with a middling consolidate roll and having to roll through hopefully wreckage or difficult he'll be too far to charge.  The rhino blows (tho his priest shuts down my lance) and leaves wreckage, but when he wipes my two guys he gets 5" consolidate so I'm nervous.

My other big assault squad creams the long fangs, but the priest hops in with my 3 guys to try to shoot his nearby razor but fail to do anything.  My vets are able to hold up with the TWC with no wounds exchanged, and my other Vet squad combo charges his long fangs and 6 man unit.  I think he loses I think 3 to my 1 but both units hold.

His turn 3:  He fails to get his other TWC or wolves into the game which give   He rolls a 5 for difficult terrain so now I know he can charge me.  His priest shuts down my shield and he meltas 2 guys dead.  In the charge he can place his fist with Dante, and tho I valiantly kill a few guys in the end I think I've only got the Libby and one SG.  Ouch.
The good news is that again my Vets take no wounds (and cause no wounds) with his TWC.  FNP for the... well draw.  My vets kill a few more bodies but again everybody holds.  He's redirected his other razor to head toward the fight, so the good news is he's only got one troop in the middle of the board with no transport that could head for the far objective.

My turn 4:  I move my last bigger Assault squad off toward my dying SG squad but keep them behind a hill as I expect his unit will be free next turn.  I figure since I'm faster I can at the least catch him from trying to make it to my back objective (though there would need to be additional turns for him to reach it) or double back to his objective.
Meanwhile my remaining small squad with the remaining priest joins the battle with the vets engaged with the long fangs and GH.  This time we put some hurt down and his long fangs finally are killed to a man.  This leaves my small squad (now down to 2) unengaged to jump down and try to grab some cover and FNP whilst the vets are still at with a few last GHs.
Lastly I think my vets with his TWC lose a guy again making me down to 3, but again they make their LD check to stick around.
Lastly my libby manages to kill his HQ, but then my squad is wiped and takes a small consolidation back toward the action.

His turn 4: His TWC and wolves come into the game.  The TWC go to assist his dying GH squad, whilst his GH in the razorback now get out to assault my small squad of troops.  FNP and my saves come up big and meanwhile I kill off his small GH squad and a few of his 2nd GH squad.  He loses combat by a few.  His remaining GH and wolves make their LD, but the TWC do not, and I can't catch them so they flee off the board.  I try not to pee myself with excitement.
He moves his remaining GH squad up toward his objective though it is looking a little sad after a few rounds of combat.
Once again he manages to kill one Vet with his remaining TWC but the remaining dude holds the line, probably well shouting 'suck my blood sucking balls you hairy mofos' at the top of his lungs.  At least that's how I imagine it going...

My turn 5:  I feel like I've just had a swing of great luck, and though I know I'm on the back foot I can see glimmers of hope.  My 8 or so Assault guys charge into his reduced GH squad and are able to chop them down and now sit on the objective (though I think I've got like 2-3 guys).  My last vets, small squad, and priest are engaged with his wolves and last GH.  I focus on the GH to kill them down removing his last troops, but in return I lose my final small assault squad and just have 1 priest and 2 vets in with his wolves.  However the luck finally runs out for my lone vet going toe to toe with the TWC and he dies and frees them to run wild.

His turn 5:  I think his shooting alone from the two Razorbacks is able to bring down my last troops on the objective.  The TWC are primed to get in the last combat since the wolves haven't been able to close totally around the last two vets.  They charge in and once again one vet dies, but my priest and last vet stand true and even kill a few wolves.  I don't actually remember who won combat or whatnot but everyone held tight.

He rolls for turn 6 and pulls a 2 to close the game.  Once again the dice have favored me on when the game should end, as I can only imagine he would have killed my last two models in two rounds of combat which would have been a solid and well earned L for me.  :)

So this truly fantastic game comes down to a draw.  I've managed to get near 1000 VPs, but I gave up  about 1650.  I think I made some tactical errors, and Scott had some critical dice failure at key moments.  I don't know what was worse but it certainly made for an exciting game.   So now Scott and I are both sitting with 1 Win and 1 Draw but he has a little over 3000 VP to my 2850.   He goes on to table 2 to fight Dave who has 2 Wins.
Here's a pick of their game under way.
Meanwhile table 1 has the two other undefeated generals with Jason's Eldar taking on the other Mike's SW list on the snow tabled I just played.

Table 1 game 3 in action.
That means I go on to fight Peter's Biker army (who also has 1 Win and 1 Draw) on table 3.  The only way I can actually place first is if table 1 pulls a draw and have lower VPs than me in the end, and Scott beats Dave but picks up far less VP than I do in a big win over Peter.  However with Kill points draws are seldom, so at this point I know I'm realistically hoping to either slide into 2nd/3rd place, or baring that have Jason's eldar place as that would remove him from winning Best Painted Prize which I think I might have a shot with his army out of the running.

Of course that's all counting on a win against another fast list with heavy meltas and 3 Vindis! DOH!

Monday, January 10, 2011

1850 Tournament 1/8/11 Game 1

So at long last I took the newly complete BA down to the LFS 1850 tournament on Saturday for a fund day of gaming.  We had 17 players and the break down look like this: 2 CSM, 2 SW, 2 DE, 2 Daemons, 2 Marine Bike armies, 1 Salamander Drop Pod army, 1 BT, 1 GK, 1 BA (woot!), 1 Tau, 1 Necron and one Eldar.  A pretty good mix but it was the second event with no IG, and no bugs is a first in a while, and no orks but I seem to be the most common 'ork guy' even though I bring them out on rotation.

I took the list I had been using since I didn't feel like rushing through more painting despite my concerns about lacking a Honor Gaurd squad loaded with flamers.
Libby, JP, Shield, Blood Lance
2 Priests with JP & CombiMelta
5 Sanguinary Guard, 1 IP
10 JP Assault Marines, 2x Melta, Sarg w/ IP & PW
10 JP Assault Marines, 2x Melta, Sarg w/ IP & PW
5 JP Assault Marines, 1x Melta, Sarg w/ IP  & Melta Bombs
10 Vangaurd Vets, 6x SS, 1x PW, 1x Lightening Claw, 2x TH

Game 1: Michael's Necrons
Michael has moved out this way a few months ago and I think I've seen him at an earlier tournament but not chatted.  He was a really great guy and had decided to bring out the Necrons just cause they were done and ready and his SM army was under some serious construction.

His list looked something like-
Lord w/ Gear (but no orb)
Destroyer Lord w/ the evil save denying weapon.
10 Immortals
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
5 Scarabs
Tomb Spider

What can you say.  Old dex doing the best it can.  The armor denying sythe is ugly, but Dante put some voodoo on him and that certainly took out some of the bite.

Multiple Objective with 5 objectives and long table edges was the game.  He won the roll of and made me go first.  I kept everything for DoA and only combat squaded the Vets.  Only one combat squad of vets got Red Thirst.  3 ICs went with the Sang Gaurd, one Priest went with 1 10 man assault unit.

His deployment looked as such.  He kept 2 Warriors squads in reserve to walk on the board.

His turn 1 he moves up a bit.
My turn 2 and everybody but my priest-less 10 man comes down.  The 5 man I put toward the back as a back up for objective holding.

The one sang guard wouldn't sit on the hill so he's a little close to the monolith.  They shot at the Destroyer Lord who was attached to the Scarabs and I think I removed one Scarab base.

My 10 man squad with priest shot 4 meltas at the monolith and managed to immobilize it which (thanks to a recent game with Anthony) I knew how to take advantage of blocking that damn door.

My one Vet squad assaulted and killed the Tomb Spider and the scarab it had spit out earlier.  I was kinda hoping to tie up combat to not get shot at but alas. 

My Red Thirst Vets charge a 10 man warrior squad and only put 3 down.  It now looks like this.

His turn 2 and he gets one squad of reserved warriors in the game.  They walk in to shoot at my Vets that killed the spider.  His Mono sucks up his other warrior squad engaged with my other Vets and they also contribute to killing those vets.  His Lord with Immortals telaports away and one destroyer team moves off to the far flank and all those squads combine fire to kill that 5 man vet squad.  His other destroyer squad shot at me but caused no wounds with saves and FNP.

His Lord charged my VV and I worked down some scarabs and his lord killed my scrub Vet.

My turn 3.  My last squad of Assault guys come down next to his left most Devastators and Melta/bolt pistol them to death.  My IC/SG squad charge into his unit that came out of the portal and vaporize them and are now blocking the door.  My 10 man squad works on his immortals and kills maybe 2 and puts a wound on the Lord by they hold fast.  

End of top of 3 and it looks like this.
Now that's my last picture as we really started moving the game along because we had spent a lot of time setting up and chewing the fat (as they say).  So here's the brief run down.

His turn 3 and he gets his last warriors, and they combine fire to try to do something to the IC/SG squad but come up with squat, as do his backing up Destroyers.  His Immortals teleport back toward my table edge and manage to shoot down 2 guys from my 5 man squad.  My vets kill of his lord and scarabs but lose a guy.

My turn 4 Dante splits off to charge one warrior squad killing 2 and taking no wounds.  His the remaining IC/SG squad fail their 3" assault through cover.  My small troop squad hop behind the hill, the 10 man squad hops in front to screen them and either pursue the immortals next turn or move to another objective., and the vets move to block the portal door.  My 10 man squad charges his Destroyers and kill two but one sticks.

His turn 4 his lord with immortals move up to shoot my small troop squad and kill one.  His unengaged warriors move away from the IC/SG group and shoot to do not a thing.  Dante kills a few more warriors and his Destroyer dies.

My turn 5 and I know I'm getting to his break point but only about 15 minutes left to go.  I screw up and move both the Vets and SG to kill his unegaged squad with a multiple charge.  I should have left the vets to do their job as gate keepers and just gone at it with the SG crew.  The other 10 man starts moving to an objective but they'll only get there with 2 more turns since the close one has a mono parked on it.  My other squad moves up to another objective and my now 2 man troop tucks into area terrain to try to hold an objective.  Dante and the SG kill off one warrior unit, but the other does take enough wounds.  At this point he has like 14 models and is phase out is 12.  Damn so close!

His turn and he takes advantage of the portal to vacuum up his last warrior squad and damn if they aren't on an objective now.  His immortals tele to the area terrain and I pray for two 1s but none show up and he vaporizes my two guys.  At this point the game is tied one objective each.

We roll for a turn 6 and there is.  I simply charge his unit on the objective with Dante, the SG/IC squad, and the vets and quickly phase him out to get the full points for the game.

Michael was a great guy to play and though it was game one it still had a nice casual feel to it.  Nercrons are certainly old and showing their age and I knew that he was going to be uphill with not much armor/FNP denying gear (minus the nasty sythe).  Still he almost had me at the end since I blew that assault in cover and ditched guarding the door.  Lessons to be learned hopefully for the next time I see Necrons across the table.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Magnetized Display Board Done

So I'm calling this one pretty done.

The only thing I could see doing is staining the wood but really mostly that's a pain and unless someone starts handing out points for presentation I'm not sure it's worth it.  The army looks good but it isn't going to beat out top painted armies regardless of frik'n stain.

The sheet of the metal and the rare earth magnets seem to work great.

The plastic guys all have one magnet, most metal guys have two, but Dante was really top heavy so he got a metric boatload.  These are a bigger magnet than I have used in the past.

Now I can't just flip this thing around or momentum will fling guys off but it's great for moving them around with out guys leaping to their death.  Plus I can just put the board in the car and the guys stay on nicely.

So that's that, pretty much as ready as I'll be for Sat.  I have a feeling I'm going to regret not having an honor guard squad loaded with flamers but oh well.... the emperor protects!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Last Day of Holiday

So today was the last day of my holiday break.  I was also free of the wife and child so that left lots of time to work on hobby stuff.

First up I finished up my chariots.  I didn't glue the riders on or the 'cart' down since I want to primer these seperately.  They are really loose tho so I think I'm going to have to get some primer for the beastmen ASAP.

I also finished basing the BA with the exception of the golden boys since they are still drying.

And what are they doing on that black peice of foam board you ask?  Why that's the begining of a display board.

I figured out where I wanted them and then used a rotary cutter to make the circles.  This was the smallest the circles would go which might be a little big, and it didn't cut through entirely also.

So that meant getting out an exacto knife and just trimming them out.

Then that went out to get some wood glue and some flock.  It fits nicely in to a little dry erase board I picked up, and there is a thing sheet of metal under the construction paper.  I've got magnets on the way for the bottom of the BA so they should stick nicely.

It's hard to see in this picture but there is a piece of wood in the back which kind of acts like a keystone.  If I remove it I can take all the layers of the 'sandwhich' out if I want to swap the paper or put another piece of foam board in there.  I did leave room for a few extra circles if it turns out I do want to cut a few for 2k (and then maybe I'll fill them in with blanks or objective markers).

Right now the glue is drying and it looks a little darker than the guys bases.  Maybe that was the wood glue or maybe it is just still damp.  I'll see tomorrow and then place some rocks and static grass just to break it up a bit.  Then I await magnets for the models and I should be ready for Saturdays LGS tournament!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday Update

Yep, been a few weeks since an update.  That's what happens with happy fun holiday time.  Lot's of last minute shopping, followed by 5 days of family christmas celebrations, and spending time with the wife and kid a bit since we're all off work.  Good times.  Of course there's still always room for a little warhammer.

First off Santa brought a few things for my this year.  Well not really Santa, very kind family members... but I digress.

Yay, the new hobby board.  I already have my paints semi orgainized on my desk.  However this let's me just pull down the paints I'm using at the time.  Plus the fact that I can just pick this up and put it up out of the kiddos reach if needed is great.  The cutting mat is a nice touch too.  I'm still using my glass for my brushes but I'll probably drop the $5 for the GW one that fits eventually.

I had also asked for a little terrain.  I just think we could start using a little variety.  While terrain is something that can be made for cheap I have just come to accept that my terrain building skills are lacking.  Whatever I try to make just doesn't look very good, and in addition it is not durable at all.  All that tau terrain I started I never really completed AND it is just falling apart.  So I'm happy to get this hill and I think I will just slowly add bits of terrain that can be purchased as it looks good and will stand the test of time.

I also was given a $50 gift card.  Yes I have already spent it, but more on that later.

Of course I've been working on the Blood Angels too.

I'm hoping tomorrow I will get the basing done for these guys.  They look good.  Not great, but for the fact that the army has been done in about a month how can you complain.  They still look good on the table.

I'm just finishing up Dante and the Sanguinary Gaurd.

That looks a little ominous but that will help with the dipping which I will also try to knock out tomorrow.  That way those magneted bits dry while haning in the right direction.

We had a 40k day on Thursday and it was great fun.  I brought the 1850 BA and got my first 3 games with them.  Aside from watching one game fall apart due to a full assault squad with a Priest lose combat to 5 fire dragons, followed by failing leadership and running away (to cost me the game) I did learn more about the army which is great.

-The 5 man assault squad is more or less a throw away unit. 
-5 man Vangaurd vets (at least how I had them) are ok if you need to take out non-choppy units, but really can't take tough targets alone.  However in the 10 man config they can just mow through most opponents.
-Don't forget to use Dante's 'Screw Your HQ' power at the begining of the game.  I remembered Red Thirst but forgot this one.
-Feel no pain rocks, and really rocks on Sang priests.  They ate all kind of fire and though I wouldn't say they rocked the fact that they took so much firepower helped the rest of the army considerably.

The few downsides for me were:
1) I didn't play an objective based game which has me concerned and
2) I didn't play against a horde.  Bugs and orks might be a problem as I lack templates and flamers.
3) The second game didn't allow for deep striking, and the 3rd game had screwy deepstrike rules.  So I'm still not 100% sure how that will go for me, especially on the lgs heavy terrain boards.

I would probalby change a few things up for 1850 (cut the 5 man assault, trim some VV options for a flamer heavy honor gaurd squad) but with only a week left to go I'm just going to run with what I've got.

On the fantasy side of things I found my old box of miniautres from the late 80s era.  I had looked for this back when I was thinking about starting fantasy but couldn't find it.  Upon further cleaning of the garage it has been found.  I've been thinking of building up another small army just to have some variety and I find it helps me understand the rules as well at what units are actually 'better' when you really learn two armies.  So I was excited to dig through this box of lost treasures.

Now I remember that it had been a bit of an ecclectic collection.  There were some lizards, a couple of chaos kinghts, even a few chaos dwarves.  Realy cool to look at but none of those could even be considered a full squad and who knows exactly what my motivation to purchase guys was exactly (pretty much what you might expect of a 12 year old).  As for anything that could actually be considered a 'start' of an army there were only two options. 

Skaven:  There were about 40 plastic single pose skaven, with a handful of special weapon teams.  Now the weapon teams are cool, and $10-15 a pop so that's kinda handy.  However the clan rats/slaves were probably $30 worth of Island of blood miniatures.  So really I probably have something that can be replaced for about $60-70.  Plus I would still need to buy 100s of plastic rats, and would I really even care to use these 40 if I had 100s of other much better looking ones?  And would I ever really paint all of that?  Answer: NO!

Beastmen:  Now on the beastmen side of things there were probably 80 or so 'maruaders' which I think were just a beastmen type unit in a generic chaos army back then.  Many of them had the same pose (actually exactly 2 poses of 15 guys and then a dozen or so other spear and club guys), and there were a few command squads.  After mucking about this is what I put together.

That's two 18 man squads of Gors, which is a core unit.  Now in small games that's probably pretty good, and if I want I can always instead make it one big unit.  Plus they have the extra hand weapon option which is just perfect.

Now that's about $100 worth of core, plus I had extra guys to mess with and that I could use as various heros and the like.  I even had a minotaur I could use as a hero, though I've now seen he is ridiculously small compared to the new plastic minos.  I also have some kind of giant which I could use as any of the beastmen rares if I wanted to just bump up the points.  So I decided I could flush this out a little.

Remember that $50 gift card?  Yep that went to this, plus another $120.  That got me a squad of minotaurs, a squad of ungor raiders, then a beastmen hero and a Mino hero.  Oh and two charriots which are the two larger bases.  I've yet to put those together.

Now I need a little magic too.  So I pulled out two other old maurader models and with a few bits we've got some acceptable shaman.

So there you go.  $120 out of pocket and a 1500 point army.  I'm not saying that it is any good, but hey it is something to play.

I took it over to Anthony's before our 40k event for a couple of quick games against his piece-mealed chaos.  While I lost horribly both times I got the feel of them and am already thinking of some of the changes I can make with certain configurations and magic equipment to make them better.

I'm sure at some point I'll add to them also, but for now it's just a nice option to mess around and I can pop it to 2000 easily with that giant and other mino I have if I really wanted.

That's about it.  So I've made up with lack of postings with an incredibly long post. :)  I'll try to toss some updates as I get the BA ready for the LGS tournament on the 8th!