Monday, January 10, 2011

1850 Tournament 1/8/11 Game 1

So at long last I took the newly complete BA down to the LFS 1850 tournament on Saturday for a fund day of gaming.  We had 17 players and the break down look like this: 2 CSM, 2 SW, 2 DE, 2 Daemons, 2 Marine Bike armies, 1 Salamander Drop Pod army, 1 BT, 1 GK, 1 BA (woot!), 1 Tau, 1 Necron and one Eldar.  A pretty good mix but it was the second event with no IG, and no bugs is a first in a while, and no orks but I seem to be the most common 'ork guy' even though I bring them out on rotation.

I took the list I had been using since I didn't feel like rushing through more painting despite my concerns about lacking a Honor Gaurd squad loaded with flamers.
Libby, JP, Shield, Blood Lance
2 Priests with JP & CombiMelta
5 Sanguinary Guard, 1 IP
10 JP Assault Marines, 2x Melta, Sarg w/ IP & PW
10 JP Assault Marines, 2x Melta, Sarg w/ IP & PW
5 JP Assault Marines, 1x Melta, Sarg w/ IP  & Melta Bombs
10 Vangaurd Vets, 6x SS, 1x PW, 1x Lightening Claw, 2x TH

Game 1: Michael's Necrons
Michael has moved out this way a few months ago and I think I've seen him at an earlier tournament but not chatted.  He was a really great guy and had decided to bring out the Necrons just cause they were done and ready and his SM army was under some serious construction.

His list looked something like-
Lord w/ Gear (but no orb)
Destroyer Lord w/ the evil save denying weapon.
10 Immortals
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
5 Scarabs
Tomb Spider

What can you say.  Old dex doing the best it can.  The armor denying sythe is ugly, but Dante put some voodoo on him and that certainly took out some of the bite.

Multiple Objective with 5 objectives and long table edges was the game.  He won the roll of and made me go first.  I kept everything for DoA and only combat squaded the Vets.  Only one combat squad of vets got Red Thirst.  3 ICs went with the Sang Gaurd, one Priest went with 1 10 man assault unit.

His deployment looked as such.  He kept 2 Warriors squads in reserve to walk on the board.

His turn 1 he moves up a bit.
My turn 2 and everybody but my priest-less 10 man comes down.  The 5 man I put toward the back as a back up for objective holding.

The one sang guard wouldn't sit on the hill so he's a little close to the monolith.  They shot at the Destroyer Lord who was attached to the Scarabs and I think I removed one Scarab base.

My 10 man squad with priest shot 4 meltas at the monolith and managed to immobilize it which (thanks to a recent game with Anthony) I knew how to take advantage of blocking that damn door.

My one Vet squad assaulted and killed the Tomb Spider and the scarab it had spit out earlier.  I was kinda hoping to tie up combat to not get shot at but alas. 

My Red Thirst Vets charge a 10 man warrior squad and only put 3 down.  It now looks like this.

His turn 2 and he gets one squad of reserved warriors in the game.  They walk in to shoot at my Vets that killed the spider.  His Mono sucks up his other warrior squad engaged with my other Vets and they also contribute to killing those vets.  His Lord with Immortals telaports away and one destroyer team moves off to the far flank and all those squads combine fire to kill that 5 man vet squad.  His other destroyer squad shot at me but caused no wounds with saves and FNP.

His Lord charged my VV and I worked down some scarabs and his lord killed my scrub Vet.

My turn 3.  My last squad of Assault guys come down next to his left most Devastators and Melta/bolt pistol them to death.  My IC/SG squad charge into his unit that came out of the portal and vaporize them and are now blocking the door.  My 10 man squad works on his immortals and kills maybe 2 and puts a wound on the Lord by they hold fast.  

End of top of 3 and it looks like this.
Now that's my last picture as we really started moving the game along because we had spent a lot of time setting up and chewing the fat (as they say).  So here's the brief run down.

His turn 3 and he gets his last warriors, and they combine fire to try to do something to the IC/SG squad but come up with squat, as do his backing up Destroyers.  His Immortals teleport back toward my table edge and manage to shoot down 2 guys from my 5 man squad.  My vets kill of his lord and scarabs but lose a guy.

My turn 4 Dante splits off to charge one warrior squad killing 2 and taking no wounds.  His the remaining IC/SG squad fail their 3" assault through cover.  My small troop squad hop behind the hill, the 10 man squad hops in front to screen them and either pursue the immortals next turn or move to another objective., and the vets move to block the portal door.  My 10 man squad charges his Destroyers and kill two but one sticks.

His turn 4 his lord with immortals move up to shoot my small troop squad and kill one.  His unengaged warriors move away from the IC/SG group and shoot to do not a thing.  Dante kills a few more warriors and his Destroyer dies.

My turn 5 and I know I'm getting to his break point but only about 15 minutes left to go.  I screw up and move both the Vets and SG to kill his unegaged squad with a multiple charge.  I should have left the vets to do their job as gate keepers and just gone at it with the SG crew.  The other 10 man starts moving to an objective but they'll only get there with 2 more turns since the close one has a mono parked on it.  My other squad moves up to another objective and my now 2 man troop tucks into area terrain to try to hold an objective.  Dante and the SG kill off one warrior unit, but the other does take enough wounds.  At this point he has like 14 models and is phase out is 12.  Damn so close!

His turn and he takes advantage of the portal to vacuum up his last warrior squad and damn if they aren't on an objective now.  His immortals tele to the area terrain and I pray for two 1s but none show up and he vaporizes my two guys.  At this point the game is tied one objective each.

We roll for a turn 6 and there is.  I simply charge his unit on the objective with Dante, the SG/IC squad, and the vets and quickly phase him out to get the full points for the game.

Michael was a great guy to play and though it was game one it still had a nice casual feel to it.  Nercrons are certainly old and showing their age and I knew that he was going to be uphill with not much armor/FNP denying gear (minus the nasty sythe).  Still he almost had me at the end since I blew that assault in cover and ditched guarding the door.  Lessons to be learned hopefully for the next time I see Necrons across the table.

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