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1850 Tournament 1/8/11 Game 2

Game 2: Scott's Space Wolves
I've played Scott a number of times over the couple of years I've been going to the LGS.  The last time we met in Oct where my Orks were able to eek out victory over his SWs.  This time his list looked even tougher and our games are always tough games so this was going to be a great match.  If I recall it looked something like:

Rune Priest JotWW
3 Wolf Gaurd
8 Grey Hunters in Rhino
5 Grey Hunters in Heavy Bolter Razorback
5 Grey Hunters in Heavy Bolter Razorback
5 Thunderwolf Calvary, 1x SS and 1x Fist 
5 Thunderwolf Calvary, 1x SS and 1x Fist
12 or so Fenrisian Wolves
6 Long Fangs, 5x Missiles
6 Long Fangs, 5x Missiles
6 Long Fangs, 5x Missiles

We seem to be just going down the book mission and deployments so this time 2 objectives and corner deployment.  He wins the roll of and makes me go first.  I put my objective way in the back corner behind a hill out of LOS.  I again split the Vets and again one unit gets Red Thirst, and I make the IC/SG bomb.  I put everything to DoA in later, but I really hesitated in putting my 5 man unit to 'hold' my objective.  It would be out of LOS and could just sit there the whole game, but I decide to put my full weight into trying to kill him off his objective and stop him from ever getting over there.  As it turns out my first instinct would have been better in the end.

He puts his Long Fangs all out, two on hills and one in a dry river, and puts his rhino with his Rune priest on the board.  He puts his 2 GH in Razorbacks, both TWC, and FWs in reserve to assist as needed.

Turn 1 he moves up the rhino and pops smoke and braces for impact.

Sadly that's the only picture I got of this game.  It was intense and fun but I totally forgot about the camera which is a shame as it was a great game.  I will try to summarize each turn from what I can remember, but lord knows some of this is probably off but it certainly should capture the epic-ness of the game.

My turn 2: Everybody but Dante comes down which is bummer.  My 10 man without priest I try to put in position to pop his rhino and take some cover from missiles by being behind a hill, but they scatter on top of the hill in plain view of the LF.  This is my worst scatter of the day.  Rather than take long range shots and the smoked rhino they run down the hill to get some cover saves.  My VV squads both scatter a bit, but are able to charge the unit in the river.  The units on the hills require 3" to move up through terrain and I'm not will to risk it.  The cream those long fangs.  My other two troop units  focus on his long fangs on the right.  Sadly my 10 man squad loses 1 to difficult terrain and my 5 man loses 2.  In return I kill 3 long fangs.

His turn 2:  He gets out one TWC and both Razors of guys.  His Long Fangs shoot but don't do much.  His guys hop out of the rhino and JotWW really hurts my troops killing 2 (one is the sarg) and when they charge I manage to hold on with only two guys.  One razorback is on my left flank, the other is right out with the Vets and they too hop out to put weight into the vets but with FNP and Shields he can't dent them.  His TWC charge one 5 man vet squad and I think he kills one and I do none, but I hold.  I'm already impressed how the Vets have held up those bajillion attacks.

My turn 3:  Dante comes down.  I probably make a tactical error and place him behind the rhino and try to gauge 6" behind so I can lay down 2 IP shots, 1 Combi melta, and Blood Lance.  That leaves me about 15 inches or so away I'm guessing.  I figure he will kill off my last 2 guys and with a middling consolidate roll and having to roll through hopefully wreckage or difficult he'll be too far to charge.  The rhino blows (tho his priest shuts down my lance) and leaves wreckage, but when he wipes my two guys he gets 5" consolidate so I'm nervous.

My other big assault squad creams the long fangs, but the priest hops in with my 3 guys to try to shoot his nearby razor but fail to do anything.  My vets are able to hold up with the TWC with no wounds exchanged, and my other Vet squad combo charges his long fangs and 6 man unit.  I think he loses I think 3 to my 1 but both units hold.

His turn 3:  He fails to get his other TWC or wolves into the game which give   He rolls a 5 for difficult terrain so now I know he can charge me.  His priest shuts down my shield and he meltas 2 guys dead.  In the charge he can place his fist with Dante, and tho I valiantly kill a few guys in the end I think I've only got the Libby and one SG.  Ouch.
The good news is that again my Vets take no wounds (and cause no wounds) with his TWC.  FNP for the... well draw.  My vets kill a few more bodies but again everybody holds.  He's redirected his other razor to head toward the fight, so the good news is he's only got one troop in the middle of the board with no transport that could head for the far objective.

My turn 4:  I move my last bigger Assault squad off toward my dying SG squad but keep them behind a hill as I expect his unit will be free next turn.  I figure since I'm faster I can at the least catch him from trying to make it to my back objective (though there would need to be additional turns for him to reach it) or double back to his objective.
Meanwhile my remaining small squad with the remaining priest joins the battle with the vets engaged with the long fangs and GH.  This time we put some hurt down and his long fangs finally are killed to a man.  This leaves my small squad (now down to 2) unengaged to jump down and try to grab some cover and FNP whilst the vets are still at with a few last GHs.
Lastly I think my vets with his TWC lose a guy again making me down to 3, but again they make their LD check to stick around.
Lastly my libby manages to kill his HQ, but then my squad is wiped and takes a small consolidation back toward the action.

His turn 4: His TWC and wolves come into the game.  The TWC go to assist his dying GH squad, whilst his GH in the razorback now get out to assault my small squad of troops.  FNP and my saves come up big and meanwhile I kill off his small GH squad and a few of his 2nd GH squad.  He loses combat by a few.  His remaining GH and wolves make their LD, but the TWC do not, and I can't catch them so they flee off the board.  I try not to pee myself with excitement.
He moves his remaining GH squad up toward his objective though it is looking a little sad after a few rounds of combat.
Once again he manages to kill one Vet with his remaining TWC but the remaining dude holds the line, probably well shouting 'suck my blood sucking balls you hairy mofos' at the top of his lungs.  At least that's how I imagine it going...

My turn 5:  I feel like I've just had a swing of great luck, and though I know I'm on the back foot I can see glimmers of hope.  My 8 or so Assault guys charge into his reduced GH squad and are able to chop them down and now sit on the objective (though I think I've got like 2-3 guys).  My last vets, small squad, and priest are engaged with his wolves and last GH.  I focus on the GH to kill them down removing his last troops, but in return I lose my final small assault squad and just have 1 priest and 2 vets in with his wolves.  However the luck finally runs out for my lone vet going toe to toe with the TWC and he dies and frees them to run wild.

His turn 5:  I think his shooting alone from the two Razorbacks is able to bring down my last troops on the objective.  The TWC are primed to get in the last combat since the wolves haven't been able to close totally around the last two vets.  They charge in and once again one vet dies, but my priest and last vet stand true and even kill a few wolves.  I don't actually remember who won combat or whatnot but everyone held tight.

He rolls for turn 6 and pulls a 2 to close the game.  Once again the dice have favored me on when the game should end, as I can only imagine he would have killed my last two models in two rounds of combat which would have been a solid and well earned L for me.  :)

So this truly fantastic game comes down to a draw.  I've managed to get near 1000 VPs, but I gave up  about 1650.  I think I made some tactical errors, and Scott had some critical dice failure at key moments.  I don't know what was worse but it certainly made for an exciting game.   So now Scott and I are both sitting with 1 Win and 1 Draw but he has a little over 3000 VP to my 2850.   He goes on to table 2 to fight Dave who has 2 Wins.
Here's a pick of their game under way.
Meanwhile table 1 has the two other undefeated generals with Jason's Eldar taking on the other Mike's SW list on the snow tabled I just played.

Table 1 game 3 in action.
That means I go on to fight Peter's Biker army (who also has 1 Win and 1 Draw) on table 3.  The only way I can actually place first is if table 1 pulls a draw and have lower VPs than me in the end, and Scott beats Dave but picks up far less VP than I do in a big win over Peter.  However with Kill points draws are seldom, so at this point I know I'm realistically hoping to either slide into 2nd/3rd place, or baring that have Jason's eldar place as that would remove him from winning Best Painted Prize which I think I might have a shot with his army out of the running.

Of course that's all counting on a win against another fast list with heavy meltas and 3 Vindis! DOH!

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