Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1850 Tournament 1/8/11 Game 3

Game 3: Peter's Bike Marines
Peter is another great dude at the LGS whom I have played a couple of times.  He's picked up a few friends unused bikes and made himself a very threatening army!

(I'm a little sketchy on how close this is now that has been a few days.)
Command Squad, 4x SS, 4x Lightening Claws, 2 Flamers
6 Bikers, 2 MM, Fist, 1 MM Attack bike
6 Bikers, 2 MM, Fist, 1 MM Attack bike
6 Bikers, 2 MM, Fist, 1 MM Attack bike 
3 MM Attack Bikes
Vindicator w/ Siege Shield
Vindicator w/ Siege Shield
Vindicator w/ Siege Shield

We're on to Dawn of War and Kill points.  I finally win a roll off and choose to go second.  He decides to just roll on turn 1.  I decided to not combat squad anything as that puts us both at a low 9 kp.  My unit of 10 marines with the priest get Red Thirst.

Turn 1 he rolls on the board.

Turn 2 he advances up, keeping a wall of vindis around his bikes and troops to protect his command squad.  It leaves me very little room to DS near the command squad and I'm not sure Dante's squad can shoot through those Storm Shields.  He pops smoke on the Vindis.

My turn 2 and everything EXCEPT the vets come in for me.  Well ok, I say to myself, I have got to kill those vindis or my life will be in ruin.

So I DOA myself...
And then I shoot.
That's a 5 to show the wrecked Vindi.
His turn 3 and he lays down some shooting and assaulting.  His Attack bikes and one troop squad shoot at my non priest assault squad but his meltas chunder but I still loose 3 but they stick.  He assaults them and I lose 2 more but kill two bikes (or two wounds) and I think combat ties.

Another squad manages to pick off a scrub from my 5 man unit.

He moves his command squad and Khan into cover and DOH his apothacary kills himself.  He flamers but the priest keeps everyone happy.  In assault he kills everyone but the sarg and the priest (who he couldn't reach) and I think I put one wound on Khan leaving him 1 (with Dante's hex in effect).  This is my red thirst squad so I put 4 saves on each but make them all with FNP helping out once more.

He decides to take advantage of hit and run to give himself some better position.  I'm certainly looking thinned out a bit.

My turn 3 and the vets come down.  I get brave but they land nicely, and my other positions prepare for assault where I can have a priest helping every combat.

The vets have Furious Charge and that of course saves their bacon.  In the end I wipe out the squad while my other small units tie up his troops.

The IC/SG bomb charge the other combat area and just chop them down.  I think one unit is killed and the other unit breaks off the table.  I get tiny consolidation.

His turn 4 and his last unit is tied up in combat.  We fight he loses one or two.

My turn 5 and the vets move in to clean up the last of that combat.

This ended up in a landslide but I didn't think it would have been.  I'm not sure if taking Khan's hit and run was the best move as I am not sure I would have decided to charge all those SS comand bikes.  With all those claws and little in the way of invul they could have owned me.  Or maybe I would have dropped enough wounds on them anyway.  Hard to say.  Maybe spreading the vindis out would have helped as they have the potential to just shatter my army.

Either way I got the full 1850 VP along with the win.  Dave fell to Scott's wolves which he knew KPs were going to be a problem for him.  Michael's SW also struck victory over Jason's eldar.

This means Mike's SWs took first, Scott's SW took second, and I took 3rd as I was a mere 20 VPs behind Scott.  He had me dead to rights that draw game though so I was pretty happy.  Jason cleaned up on the painting prize.

With my $30 gift card I picked up the citadel game mat:

We didn't really have a nice table for fantasy as the tables we have are rubber and the tray's don't slide well so we've just been playing on the bare wood.   So I'm looking forward to basing some scenery to flush out a nice fantasy table.

Another fun tournament and I'm quite pleased with the performance of the DoA BA list!

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