Friday, January 14, 2011

BT Faq Update: Just Wow

So just a quick post to say the BT Faq is updated and man it is welcome.

Some important notes:
-Storm Shields are bumped to 15 points but now work as in C:SM
-Smoke works as in C:SM
-PoTMS works as in C:SM

There are many other clarifications in here about badly worded rules and that is all much appreciated.

What I'm also is happy is that there are no further clarifications about my drop pod assault.

So my TH/SS marshal is a bit more expensive, and I may really be convinced to put some termies in a pod.

The smoke and PotMS are good rule updates, but with a pod list I only have smoke on the dread so meh.  PotMS is better on the pods now but it still probably doesn't convince me to use Deathwinds... added that they are now AP- also.

Hopefully this pretty thorough FAQ which I am pretty happy with getting means a new BT book is bumped to even further down the road.

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