Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday Update

Yep, been a few weeks since an update.  That's what happens with happy fun holiday time.  Lot's of last minute shopping, followed by 5 days of family christmas celebrations, and spending time with the wife and kid a bit since we're all off work.  Good times.  Of course there's still always room for a little warhammer.

First off Santa brought a few things for my this year.  Well not really Santa, very kind family members... but I digress.

Yay, the new hobby board.  I already have my paints semi orgainized on my desk.  However this let's me just pull down the paints I'm using at the time.  Plus the fact that I can just pick this up and put it up out of the kiddos reach if needed is great.  The cutting mat is a nice touch too.  I'm still using my glass for my brushes but I'll probably drop the $5 for the GW one that fits eventually.

I had also asked for a little terrain.  I just think we could start using a little variety.  While terrain is something that can be made for cheap I have just come to accept that my terrain building skills are lacking.  Whatever I try to make just doesn't look very good, and in addition it is not durable at all.  All that tau terrain I started I never really completed AND it is just falling apart.  So I'm happy to get this hill and I think I will just slowly add bits of terrain that can be purchased as it looks good and will stand the test of time.

I also was given a $50 gift card.  Yes I have already spent it, but more on that later.

Of course I've been working on the Blood Angels too.

I'm hoping tomorrow I will get the basing done for these guys.  They look good.  Not great, but for the fact that the army has been done in about a month how can you complain.  They still look good on the table.

I'm just finishing up Dante and the Sanguinary Gaurd.

That looks a little ominous but that will help with the dipping which I will also try to knock out tomorrow.  That way those magneted bits dry while haning in the right direction.

We had a 40k day on Thursday and it was great fun.  I brought the 1850 BA and got my first 3 games with them.  Aside from watching one game fall apart due to a full assault squad with a Priest lose combat to 5 fire dragons, followed by failing leadership and running away (to cost me the game) I did learn more about the army which is great.

-The 5 man assault squad is more or less a throw away unit. 
-5 man Vangaurd vets (at least how I had them) are ok if you need to take out non-choppy units, but really can't take tough targets alone.  However in the 10 man config they can just mow through most opponents.
-Don't forget to use Dante's 'Screw Your HQ' power at the begining of the game.  I remembered Red Thirst but forgot this one.
-Feel no pain rocks, and really rocks on Sang priests.  They ate all kind of fire and though I wouldn't say they rocked the fact that they took so much firepower helped the rest of the army considerably.

The few downsides for me were:
1) I didn't play an objective based game which has me concerned and
2) I didn't play against a horde.  Bugs and orks might be a problem as I lack templates and flamers.
3) The second game didn't allow for deep striking, and the 3rd game had screwy deepstrike rules.  So I'm still not 100% sure how that will go for me, especially on the lgs heavy terrain boards.

I would probalby change a few things up for 1850 (cut the 5 man assault, trim some VV options for a flamer heavy honor gaurd squad) but with only a week left to go I'm just going to run with what I've got.

On the fantasy side of things I found my old box of miniautres from the late 80s era.  I had looked for this back when I was thinking about starting fantasy but couldn't find it.  Upon further cleaning of the garage it has been found.  I've been thinking of building up another small army just to have some variety and I find it helps me understand the rules as well at what units are actually 'better' when you really learn two armies.  So I was excited to dig through this box of lost treasures.

Now I remember that it had been a bit of an ecclectic collection.  There were some lizards, a couple of chaos kinghts, even a few chaos dwarves.  Realy cool to look at but none of those could even be considered a full squad and who knows exactly what my motivation to purchase guys was exactly (pretty much what you might expect of a 12 year old).  As for anything that could actually be considered a 'start' of an army there were only two options. 

Skaven:  There were about 40 plastic single pose skaven, with a handful of special weapon teams.  Now the weapon teams are cool, and $10-15 a pop so that's kinda handy.  However the clan rats/slaves were probably $30 worth of Island of blood miniatures.  So really I probably have something that can be replaced for about $60-70.  Plus I would still need to buy 100s of plastic rats, and would I really even care to use these 40 if I had 100s of other much better looking ones?  And would I ever really paint all of that?  Answer: NO!

Beastmen:  Now on the beastmen side of things there were probably 80 or so 'maruaders' which I think were just a beastmen type unit in a generic chaos army back then.  Many of them had the same pose (actually exactly 2 poses of 15 guys and then a dozen or so other spear and club guys), and there were a few command squads.  After mucking about this is what I put together.

That's two 18 man squads of Gors, which is a core unit.  Now in small games that's probably pretty good, and if I want I can always instead make it one big unit.  Plus they have the extra hand weapon option which is just perfect.

Now that's about $100 worth of core, plus I had extra guys to mess with and that I could use as various heros and the like.  I even had a minotaur I could use as a hero, though I've now seen he is ridiculously small compared to the new plastic minos.  I also have some kind of giant which I could use as any of the beastmen rares if I wanted to just bump up the points.  So I decided I could flush this out a little.

Remember that $50 gift card?  Yep that went to this, plus another $120.  That got me a squad of minotaurs, a squad of ungor raiders, then a beastmen hero and a Mino hero.  Oh and two charriots which are the two larger bases.  I've yet to put those together.

Now I need a little magic too.  So I pulled out two other old maurader models and with a few bits we've got some acceptable shaman.

So there you go.  $120 out of pocket and a 1500 point army.  I'm not saying that it is any good, but hey it is something to play.

I took it over to Anthony's before our 40k event for a couple of quick games against his piece-mealed chaos.  While I lost horribly both times I got the feel of them and am already thinking of some of the changes I can make with certain configurations and magic equipment to make them better.

I'm sure at some point I'll add to them also, but for now it's just a nice option to mess around and I can pop it to 2000 easily with that giant and other mino I have if I really wanted.

That's about it.  So I've made up with lack of postings with an incredibly long post. :)  I'll try to toss some updates as I get the BA ready for the LGS tournament on the 8th!

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