Monday, January 3, 2011

Last Day of Holiday

So today was the last day of my holiday break.  I was also free of the wife and child so that left lots of time to work on hobby stuff.

First up I finished up my chariots.  I didn't glue the riders on or the 'cart' down since I want to primer these seperately.  They are really loose tho so I think I'm going to have to get some primer for the beastmen ASAP.

I also finished basing the BA with the exception of the golden boys since they are still drying.

And what are they doing on that black peice of foam board you ask?  Why that's the begining of a display board.

I figured out where I wanted them and then used a rotary cutter to make the circles.  This was the smallest the circles would go which might be a little big, and it didn't cut through entirely also.

So that meant getting out an exacto knife and just trimming them out.

Then that went out to get some wood glue and some flock.  It fits nicely in to a little dry erase board I picked up, and there is a thing sheet of metal under the construction paper.  I've got magnets on the way for the bottom of the BA so they should stick nicely.

It's hard to see in this picture but there is a piece of wood in the back which kind of acts like a keystone.  If I remove it I can take all the layers of the 'sandwhich' out if I want to swap the paper or put another piece of foam board in there.  I did leave room for a few extra circles if it turns out I do want to cut a few for 2k (and then maybe I'll fill them in with blanks or objective markers).

Right now the glue is drying and it looks a little darker than the guys bases.  Maybe that was the wood glue or maybe it is just still damp.  I'll see tomorrow and then place some rocks and static grass just to break it up a bit.  Then I await magnets for the models and I should be ready for Saturdays LGS tournament!

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