Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Hobby Updates

As always when I get done doing a lot of painting I get a little slack on much afterward.  The push to get the BA done was me such a state so not a lot of work is getting done.

It doesn't hurt that I picked up Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition and have been happily bashing new teams in what time I've had.

I did manage to get a bit of work done that wasn't horribly labor intensive.

This is the beastmen sprayed a flesh color:

And most of the Lizards sprayed a blue.

I also managed to borrow a green spray to hit the terradons and the cold ones.  That just leaves the slann, the stegadon, and the chameleons.  The slann I will probably hand paint since he is just one models though I think I'm going to pick up some grey for stone work and his plaquine.  The Stegadon I'm not really sure on color yet but am thinking a dark red, either the army builder dragon red or I'll bust out the airbrush since it is only one model.  The Skink Chameleons I want to do in a bright green, so that means airbrush for them over a white primer for sure.

Speaking of the chameleons I also did a bit of green stuff work to some skinks to make them 'more like chameleons.'

Are they perfect, no.  Did I just save $60 using models I already have, yes.

So I will call that a win and move on to other stuff.

My brother in law also unearthed a bunch of gaming stuff that he gave to me to sort through.

Sorted it looks like: Fantasy Chaos stuff, Fantasy Orc stuff, 40k Ork stuff, more Marine stuff, lots of terrain stuff, and garbage.
 Slightly more organized...
And various terrain bits...

There's more in there but a lot of it I can't use.  The ork stuff is cool but I just don't really need more, though getting another Ghaz, boys, and buggies is certainly neat.  Some of the terrain is perfect as is, but a lot of stuff is stuff that is clearly 'to build terrain' and I will see if I can do something with that.

I did find the old doombull and a brayshaman in his bits, so those are two cool finds that I can put to use right away.  Oh and two template sets which is nice since I keep losing flamers, and a bunch of dice which are handy as well.

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